Last weekend was theย Snap! Conference in Salt Lake City. It’s targeted towards creative bloggers and it was an inspiring time together! There were fabulous speakers and also creative classes. I met so many amazing women and left encouraged. If you’re a creative blogger, I recommend attending next year!

The barn is where big meetings and meals took place–such a cool building!

Here’s the inside of the barn–with all the paper lanterns, it was magical.

Alissa from Rags to Stitches came along with me for my Studio 5 segment. We stopped and got cupcakes on the way.

Did you watch the Studio 5 segment? We had fun!

Utah in the spring is beautiful! The trees were blooming. There were tulips and daffodils everywhere. I love spring!

I spy a ‘falling leaves’ necklace on Sew Caroline!

Above is a pic of me during my keynote. Tauni asked me questions and I shared from my experience and my heart. It was a sweet time.

A waffle truck? Yes, please!

Jessica from The Mom Creative using a miter saw. Impressive!

So good to see old friends. Some of them I haven’t seen in a couple years. Love these girls!

Jessica and I explored Salt Lake City and saw the temple. I’m not Mormon, but it was breathtaking!

I found an old devotional that I brought back forย Steve. It was published in 1830! I loved the worn cover and brown pages.

It’s good to be home but I’m not here for long. We travel to LA for doctor visits and then next weekend I’m off to Kansas for a craft weekend with Meg. Insane but so fun!!

Have you been to any good conferences lately or is there a conference you really want to attend?