change lives with just blogging! {world vision partnering}



some of my friends are in the dominican republic right now

raising awareness for kids that need to be sponsored


can i just say how amazing it is, that blogging can change lives??


we are partnering with these bloggers and world vision

to help get these kiddos sponsored!


(limited quantity available, so hurry!)



read here for more info

check out these blogs to follow their journey in the dominican republic.

jessica, amanda, andrea, briana, jill

and please, consider sponoring a child

not only will you get a free necklace {nice!}

but you will literally change a life.

how incredible is that?!


please use this link to receive a necklace when you sponsor a child…

click here to sponsor a child!


  1. We sponsered two girls the same ages as our two girls. One is 5 and lives in Rwanda and the other is 7 and lives in Honduras. Thanks for the reminder…we have been saying we were going to do this for months.

  2. Lisa, I am so honored to sponsor Karol, from Colombia and Nerlin, from Honduras on Mother’s day! I am so blessed to have 2 healthy children and what a way to celebrate Mother’s Day by extending love to these two precious children. I started crying when I saw their little faces! Thanks for partnering with World Vision! I am a fan of your jewelry and would have probably never sponsored had I not seen you were partnering!! Thanks for extending the invitation! May God richly bless you!!

  3. Lisa,

    Thank you for partnering with World Vision… we have been able to sponsor an additional child this week as well~ I appreciate your efforts to help children and “get the word out” about meeting individual needs worldwide. What a privilege to be “hands and feet” to the Gospel.

    Have a blessed Mother’s Day!


  4. Hey, Lisa. Thanks so much for what you’re doing to help out with WV. A few weeks ago, I was privileged enough to sponsor a beautiful girl through Jessica’s blog post. I’m so blessed to get to know this child and also to help her. Thanks so much!!!

  5. Thanks for doing this, Lisa. We sponsor two other kids through other organizations, and it’s so rewarding. I decided to sponsor my first child through World Vision, thanks to you. I choose a little guy from Ecuador, where I taught English after college. And he was born the day my second baby, who was wanted for two years, went to heaven through a miscarriage. We are still hoping to add to our family, but little Jorge in Ecuador will always remind me of my little one who is living with Jesus.

  6. Lisa,

    What a wonderful promotion. It just gives me goose bumps reading through all the comments above from the individuals who have sponsored children. I’ve grown up with knowledge of World Vision and now as an adult I’ve often thought about sponsoring a child and because of you and your friends today was the day. I’m now the proud sponsor of 9 year old Iamdra from the DR. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Yay! I wrote a comment a couple days back that I was trying to sponsor through the website, but was having some challenges (as I’m from Canada)…..but finally today, I have been set-up with my sponsorship of Arlet from Dominican Republic!!
    I am so glad I read your blog post, which led me to World Vision, which led me to Arlet : )
    Thanks Lisa!
    *really hope I still get a necklace, even though I had to go a round-about way of sponsoring through the website! in the end though, all that matters is that I was able to sponsor one of the children in need! thanks again.

  8. My fiance served his 2 year mission in the Dominican Republic (we’re LDS) so I have heard countless stories about the wonderful people there and the hardships they continue to endure – We have planned a trip there this summer and I’m so excited to interact with them and I love that this has given me another chance to spread my roots. Not only does this necklace remind me of Jose, the child that I’m fortunate enough to sponsor, but it reminds me of the countless people that Morgan was able to touch while serving there and the relationship we have as a couple. It only grows stronger when we serve others. Thank you so much, this really is so exciting

    p.s. All of my mothers (my mom, step mom and future mother-in-law) all got (different) necklaces from your store – my mom has already opened hers because she is far away and a little impatient!! but she is IN LOVE. thank you so much!!


  9. We also sponsor 2 children from Nicaragua through World Vision! Thank you so much for supporting the corporation and these beautiful children who have such great need! You are such a lovely person. <3

  10. I enjoy your beautiful pictures nearly everyday, but your post about World Vision touched my heart in a new way. Thank you for using your blog as a place to refocus us on what we can do to help others. Your blog and another I enjoy ( both wrote about sponsorship. I’d been praying about what I could do to help others – so the timing was perfect. I am happy to now be the sponsor of a young girl from Uganda. God Bless!

  11. We are sponsors to two children from Guatemala through World Vision….in honor of my daughter who was born there. The updates are amazing to recieve….i love how every year, we receive their little handprints and an update on their communities; we keep all the updates in a notebook. It’s a wonderful thing to do to show your child how it’s truly our responsibility to help others…

  12. I have been wanting to do this for a while and yesterday Andrea and her son’s T testimony moved me to finally getting this done.


  13. We sponsor a little guy through World Vision in South is my prayer that we can sponsor more this year…
    Love the necklace 🙂

  14. hey Lisa! So I just sponsored Ariana in the DR…! Kind of of crazy! Like a few others that have commented this is something I’ve always wanted to do and planned on doing but never did. So super cool to get to be a part of this. This little one’s smile lit up my heart when I saw her 🙂 God has been showing me how big His world is and how He’d like me to enlarge my very tiny territory. Thank you for being part of my journey through this world! Much to love to you and yours… xoxo… Megan

  15. Thank you so much, Lisa. The necklaces have been amazing. Watching the ladies wear the necklaces and oohing and aahhing over them has been reminding me of the verse in Proverbs about binding love and faithfulness on your neck. Thank you for letting us show them faith, hope and love.

    Thank you!

  16. This is something we’ve been considering for a while and you have us the push we needed to do it. We just sponsored Mayelin, she is the same age as my 9yo twins. We’re all excited to do this as a family!

  17. Hi Lisa, We sponsor a child, Abidan, and I was just mailing out TODAY the increase in our sponsorship amount. Crazy coincidence. Will this count? I love the necklace and am such a fan.

  18. God Bless you for what you are doing! We sponsor three children through World Vision. We love them very much, pray for them always, and they all are a huge part of our family. Thank you for your kindness, help, and blessing others in so many ways!

  19. Have tried to sponsor a child from the Dominican Republic this morning, however, as I am from Canada, it is not allowing me to do so??! Have sent in a message, so hopefully I will be able to take part on this wonderful opportunity to help a child in the DR.

  20. What an absolutely beautiful thing you are doing with the necklaces. My husband and I have sponsored a child through World Vision since our first year of marriage. Through job losses and economic hardships, it’s the one thing we refuse to quit doing. We sponsored Malita in Mozambique until she was married and therefore ineligible for sponsorship. We now sponsor an adorable little boy.

    Your post today is inspiring.

  21. Hi Lisa – thank you for your blog post today! I have always thought about doing this, and your post with links was impetus for me to get it done. I just sponsored sweet Ana in the Dominican Republic and am happy to be doing this. Blessings to you!

  22. We sponsor two kids via Compassion Intl. which is also a good charity. I have heard great things about World Vision too. One of “our kids” is from the Dominican. I have been there and wow, do they need some hope!

    Thanks for helping out this way!

  23. Hi, Lisa – I just sponsored Sael this morning. I am very excited to be able to give in honor of all the blessings my family and I have been given! 🙂

  24. Hi Lisa, I have sponsored Yojaibel who is 14 (pretty close to the age of my younger son) and also has a close birthday to him. I am very excited over this because this is something that I have always wanted to do and had not up until now. Thanks for the opportunity and for making it so easy. Love your blog and jewelry. You have inspired me to keep taking photos of whatever inspires me and also to go with the flow every day!

  25. Lisa,

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! Yesterday when we handed out some of your necklaces to the woman and girls of the DR, the smiles on their faces lit up-you would have thought we were giving them diamond necklaces worth thousands and thousands of dollars. So thank you… and thank you to all those who have decided to sponsor children. You have no idea how much of a difference you are making in the lives of these people…

    Bless you,


  26. I just sponsored Soldivelis in the DR. She will be 14 this July and is in in teh 6th grade. My daughter will be 15 in July and is finishing her Freshman year. The cultural differences are amazing and an eye opener. I pray I was quick enough to receive a necklace but the greatest gift will be the love I will get to share with Soldivelis.

    Thank you for lighting the fire under my butt. 🙂

  27. I sponsored a child a few months ago from the Dominican Republic. He is near and dear to my heart. One reason is because he shares the same birthday as my due date … though we lost our baby.

    It’s coming up!

    Happy Birthday to Emmanuel on June 6th! Love you buddy!

    Lisa – I think it’s great you’re doing that. I LOVE your heart!


  28. Just sponsored Faulin in the DR! I’ve been there before – I love that country. It’s so special and the people are full of joy! I would have done it anyway but I have to admit that necklace is gorgeous and I am excited! 🙂

  29. Thank you for this. I just sponsored Estefani in the DR. I selected her because she has the same birthday and is the same age as my daughter. I will be able to involve my daughter. It might be a little easier for her to understand since they are the same age.

  30. Just sponsored Carolai in the Dominican Republic! Thanks for sharing the info of these women who are down there making a difference! I hope my monthly donation changes little Carolai’s and her families life for the better!

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