amazing numbers everywhere + *{new} numbered necklace


numbers, numbers, everywhere!

and so hip and modern.

{me likey!}




let’s start with melissa’s super creative ideas

over at the inspired room.

love love these numbered steps.

image from apartment therapy.




isn’t this the sweetest chest of drawers?

i pretty much love everything holly does

over at life in the fun lane.




perfect napkins for my next dinner party

(which i have no plans for, but wouldn’t that be fun?!)

genius idea from apartment therapy.




the classrooms at david and matthias’ school

have hooks outside to hang backpacks and coats.

and i think kids are assigned a number.

so streamlined.




i’ve told you about my amazing friend cathe.

endless ideas, i mean, amaaazing ideas

like her framed numbers.



so excited to introduce our new numbered necklace.

a simple, fresh design.

love it!




customize with your own numbers and names.

a great size for every day.



necklace comes with one tag for only $38!!

additional tags $22.

check out the new numbered necklace here.

* * *

spill, what’s your favorite number??


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Lovely idea – adorable!! Hmmm, my numbers are 28; 2; 11; 30 & 6

    i really like the numbered stairs & dresser drawers!!


  2. 7 !!!! years with 7 in them have been good to me! in 77′ I was given life 😉 in 97′ my first son was born and the BRONCOS played their winning season and went to their first superbowl and WON with #7 Jphn Elway LOL.. and then in 2007 my little Mason was born! 😉

  3. love the necklace…..
    and had to laugh at the stairs….we did the same thing at our cottage….on our teal colored steps using black stencils……love love love 🙂

  4. LOVE THAT! I’ve been the reason other people in my family have pieces of yours, but that looks like the perfect type of piece for an aunt!! 3 and 12 have always been my number because i’m the 3rd child and born on the 12th. but now it’s either gonna be 1 or 22. cause my niece was my very first and she was born on the 22nd. decisions, decisions. oh and i love those numbered stairs too. 😉

  5. My favorite number is 7 also….super cute necklace….I’m thinking I may have to have that!

  6. my favorite number {by far!} is 3 . . . or any multiple of 3.
    i love the new necklace. we often call our kiddos by their number. i think, though, it would be a bit over-the-top to have one with 6 tags {we’ve got 5 kiddos with one more on the way!}, plus i’m not confident that my neck would be strong enough to hold it up 🙂

  7. sweet 16, date of my birthday.
    and i like even numbers. i don’t know why.

    and dates/#’s have always been something i’ve remembered. i might forget half my grocery list, but if you ask me the date of when i got my driver’s permit, license, went to a prom, first kiss, first break up, when i moved, met michael…..i can tell you.

    this is cute. my sister has her adoption date coming up, maybe that # will be important to her. if so now i know EXACTLY what to get her.

  8. Love the numbers 3 and 5, which is odd because I don’t usually like odd things, I like things neat and even, but my favorite numbers are odd… Odd. ^_^

  9. 3 (and sometimes 2!)

    my birthday August 3
    hubby’s b-day July 23
    son’s b-day may 3
    daughter 1 b-day August 13
    daughter 2 b-day Sept 22 (we almost made it!)

    I love your jewelry! BeaUtiful! I recently purchased your “marked by love” necklace for a friend who gave birth to her baby full term and she was born still. You were amazing at getting the product to me in a timely manner, and I was able to give it to her just a couple days after the funeral. She has been wearing it every time I have seen her since.


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