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June 3rd | decorating



we have an antique cupboard and the finish was so damaged.

steve really wanted to get rid of it, but i saw potential.

and since it wasn’t a treasured heirloom, i bought a pint of aqua paint.

{but even if it was a treasure heirloom, something had to be done!!}




i went ahead and painted over the hardware

since lindsey said it was okay.

then i sanded the hardware a bit to let the metal show through.

and i sanded the corners of all the edges and doors.

and i already linked the inspiring buffet over at

hooked on houses because her painted buffet makes me so happy!




i mentioned last week, we are moving into a new home mid-june.

i am trying to purge and freshen and reuse stuff we already have.

and i found the most amazing buffet on craigslist.

i can’t wait to share it with you!


and i’ve been frequenting my favorite decorating blogs…

the nesting place

a soft place to land


smile and wave

life in the fun lane

inspired room

life in grace

* * *

are you working on any home projects?

what’s your favorite decorating blog?

22 Responses

  1. Julie says:


    Funny, but we just repurposed a dresser over Memorial Day weekend. Now i’m thinking I need to sand the edges a bit! :) Thanks for the post…I LOVE it!

  2. Dana says:

    so cool! I’m repurposing an old drop side dinner table into a craft table. Aqua would be fun.hmmm….

  3. sarita says:

    i found a cute little school chair(what a great story to finding it ). i sanded it – painted it white – added some purple and yellow paint to accent it – sanded it to distres it – put it in front of my house – found the CUTEST teapot flower planter at walmart – got one dark purple pansy to put in the pot – and it is just so very cute – just what i pictured! makes me smile every time i see it. love the aqua dresser – great color! congrats on the new house. prayers for your sons surgery that God will give you peace and strength during this time. and that the drs will know exactly what to do.
    thank you for a wonderful blog.

  4. Taylor says:

    i am LOVING loving loving this… so beautiful

  5. Paige says:

    I am! I am working on painting an old interior door with glass panes in my kitchen that leads to our basement. It is a great old door with a crystal door knob. I’m thinking a bright yellow. Hope to get to that this weekend. Nice job, Lisa. The aqua color is perfect! Can’t wait to see pics of your new home.

  6. WOW! LOVE this color–so soothing, yet stunning. really makes a statement!

    about moving: be RUTHLESS with the purging; you won’t miss anything after it’s gone!!

  7. Melissa says:

    Wow, this turned out really great, Love It!!

  8. Rosanne says:

    Love the blue…I am dying to paint something and lighten things up around here. My favorite blogs are Velvet & Linen and The Willows.

  9. Philippa says:

    Wow, I love that, especially the painted hardware! It looks fabulous Lisa. Gorgeous colour. Projects in our home, well we tend to be a bit slow doing redecorating projects inside – this is because we always seem to be outside on our 5 acres doing something. My MAJOR project for this winter is to extend our main garden outside our house by aroumd 15 or so feet! This requires us to de-turf and then dig the soil, finally rotary hoeing it as fine as we can so I can plant it. I SO love making gardens. I recently painted our living room a glorious shade of manuka honey (it just glows in the winter sunlight) which matches our two botanical fabric covered three-seater sofas and our deep red wood burner. I have major plans for our bedroom which looks out on the garden through a sliding door – it will be everything french – simple and elegant! Oh can’t wait – though it could be around 4 years away…

  10. I agree…happiness is found in a can of aqua paint! one of my favorite colors!

  11. Paige says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this project.

  12. Kristin says:

    So pretty! I’m really wanting to makeover the majority of our house. Trying to do that on a very small budget is challenging, but I’m hoping to pull it off!

  13. Claudine says:

    I love this! I have been scheming all winter to spruce up our buffet with this exact color — but it is one project on a list of many to tackle this summer!

    Do you mind sharing what color you used?

    While it is not specifically a decorating blog — I am inspired for my home by Amanda Soule at

    Thanks for your lovely blog Lisa!

  14. Cait says:

    Right now my big home project is packing everything so that I can move in August. I know I’ve got a while to do it, but I’ve got a very busy month this July, and I don’t want to leave everything to the last minute.

    I’m a big fan of the Pioneer Woman (, who has a nifty Home & Garden section on her site.

  15. Desiree says:

    just redid my bullitin board…. love my new simpler look .

  16. Cathy says:

    Happiness in a can of aqua paint? I laughed out loud when I read that post this morning! And when I read it out loud to my husband he realized why I read your blog. This past weekend I painted my grandmother’s hutch in turquoise (including the hardware…because Lindsay said I could!! really!) and paired it with a brown sofa and mustard curtains…I made everything work that I had and purchased a couple of new pillows to tie all the colors together. Love, Love, Love. The turquoise piece makes the room pop and although I’m convinced that some people won’t ‘get it’….I love taking the risk and the room makes me smile! Thanks for the blogs and the links…I’m with you!

  17. blogofjoan says:

    love love love the aqua paint. i want to do the same thing with a cabinet i have. if i do it, i’ll take pictures. what was the paint brand and name? thanks.

  18. Holly says:

    love it..looks great!

  19. Linda says:

    Nice job … it looks perfect and it really brought a nice look to the hardware … I have a little hallway table I’d like to paint – years of abuse – may do it pewter – it’s in my bathroom right now which by the way is turquoise! Can’t wait!

  20. you are too funny! i love that you gave new life to an old piece!

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