Make the light come in! {our new living{room}

Can I tell you something? I realllly want new couches. But it’s not in the budget. So instead of moping, I decided to freshen up our family room with what I already have. I rearranged a couple chairs, got 2 new throw pillows and found a rug seriously marketed down at World Market. The result is making me HAPPY! It feels fresh and new.

This room gets lots of great light, but the dark brown sofas and wood trim were dragging it down. Eventually I’d like to replace the sofas with a lighter color and paint all the wood trim white. But for now, adding in lighter accessories and some fun patterns is brightening up the space.

This is the room where we cuddle, watch movies, build blog posts, play on the iPad and hang out. It’s where we tend to be.

We love our gas fireplace and we use it often on chilly evenings. Those candleholders on either side of the green mirror were a thrift store find. I’ve been debating about what color to paint them–finally I just hung them as is. And I really like it. {I still need candles!}

The aqua chair was a thrift store find that I recovered. You can see the before/after pic here. Wow, right?!

The printed cotton cover over the side of the chair is from urban outfitters. And the rug is from World Market.

We bought the fireplace screen from Pottery Barn a few years ago. The glass heats up to very hot temps and I didn’t want David or other kiddos to get burned. It keeps kids a safe distance away from the hot glass.

The black and white pillows are from Ikea and I looove the way they feel!

That gorgeous cream afghan was handmade by my mama! It was a Christmas surprise and I love it!

There’s Matthias kicking back in a corduroy blazer and socks on the iPad. That’s how we roll!

I’ve been pulling up the blinds and it visually opens the space and allows more light. Light makes me happy!

Old books add lots of texture and color!

If you follow me on instagram, then you know I found this disco ball for $2 at a thrift store last week. I was specifically looking for things that would brighten the room–and this is perfect!

I want to paint these built in shelves and the tv nook white–but for now they are wood and filled with lots of colorful objects.

The yellow lamps add a surprising punch of color and fun to the room. I found them at Target.

And old soda crates under the coffee table are the perfect spot for random toys–like hero factory and lego bits.

I wanted to capture a quick pic of us in our brightened up living room–so I set up the tripod and hit the timer and this is what we got. This pic makes me so happy and thankful! It’s not about new couches or having everything perfect. It’s about being together and living life in a real {and imperfect} way, don’t you think?


  1. Love, love, love your living room!! I was wondering where you got your pillows on your aqua chair and where you got the wooden thing that you have your remotes in? Thanks!!

  2. We have concrete floors, and I really want wood flooring. I’m not very good at not moping about it. But it’s not in the budget. 🙂

    After seeing an IG pic of your living room I thought the brown
    couches looked fantastic with the cheery accessories you’ve added to the room. It looks cozy and bright.

  3. That’s a great room, Lisa. You should definitely frame your family picture and put it in there somewhere. I love all the colors and the way you styled the shelves.

  4. Love your room and especially that channel-back chair! You’re brave to choose light & bright fabrics, especially with kiddos around. I had a very similar chair from my grandparents that I would guess dates to the 20’s. Picture a rose-colored damask, well-worn and with some stuffing missing where a beagle pup had a little too much fun :-). After years of storing it in my basement and thinking I would recover it, I passed it along to my sister who reupholstered it in a microfiber. I’m so glad it’s beautiful and useful again.

    (And Lisa, your blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for writing.)

  5. i couldn’t agree more!

    I am finally moving to a new place (after my kids and I living with my mom for 2 years) and I really want new things, but its not in the budget to replace what I already have — so this is a good reminder, to just freshen up what I have – make it my own and not let the past and old memories affect the now!! I plan to get new pillows, and add LOTS of color – lots and lots of color!!

  6. I love what you did to brighten the room. So cozy. However, what I love the most is how you look with your hair pulled away from you face!! It’s VERY flattering!!

  7. So love the look! a few of the same elements in my home. But I do need a freshened up look.
    By the way, where did you get your coffee table? I am on the hunt for something similar. Thanks!!

  8. You know, your room an home is lovely just they way it is. You certainly have a knack for enhancing and decorating. Love it!

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