THREE $100 gift cards {big big giveaway}

today we’re giving away THREE $100 gift cards to three lucky ducks!

to enter–hop over to the website and ‘like’ your favorite item or two. then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which piece{s} you liked!

so fun! i hope YOU win!


  1. Love all of your pieces! but my favorites are the illuminate necklace and the key to my heart necklace. I hope I win! This would be the best Christmas present!!! πŸ™‚

  2. i would say my favorite is the my heart necklace. i gave my two sisters a copy of e.e. cummings’ poem and a copy of the movie In Her shoes a few Chrstmas’ ago. They are my heart. πŸ™‚

  3. I love everything on your site…I am waiting now for a silver spoon I ordered…my next purchase will probably be the bubble wand or star wand.

  4. The penant banner would make my house look lovely and any of your necklaces with my kids names on it would warm my heart.

  5. Is it still going on? πŸ™‚ I liked the open circle bracelet on Tuesday and forgot to come leave a comment, haha. It has always been my favorite since laying eyes on it!!

  6. I would love love love to win πŸ™‚ All your designs are incredible but I love the pearl by pearl earrings, the autumn’s song bracelet and I’m head over heels for the devoted bracelet πŸ™‚

  7. Really, i’d like everything if i’d have the time! πŸ™‚ but i”officially” like the open heart bracelet, and the brave love necklace. Your stuff is awesome and love it!

  8. my favorites: open heart/open circle bracelets

    heart banner – i ordered it for my entry and
    it should be here tomorrow. eek can’t wait!

    the custom magnets

    the wand which my little princess is
    getting for Christmas

  9. so, so fun! I liked the stocking ornament. how cute would one of those for each of our four kids look on our tree? my christmas list has only ONE thing on it, a necklace from your website. doesn’t really matter which one as I love them all. fingers crossed…

  10. I have always loved your jewelry and have many pieces myself as well as gifted them away. Love love love the star ornament and the bird decor wall hanging. Also love the tiny twig necklace! and this giveaway!

  11. I have wanted one of your necklaces LIKE FOREVER…as a mom to seven kids, I’d probably go for the Jumble of Charms one. But everything is lovely – thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I like the open circle bracelet! I already have the open circle necklace and so the matching bracelet is on my wish list πŸ™‚

  13. Tough decision! I don’t think there is one thing I don’t like. But my favorite is the Open circle bracelet. I would love to have one for Xmas with my childrens name on it

  14. Hey lisa,

    you are such an angel for doing this giveaway ….discovered this bog as a guest a month ago and believe me its the most comfortable i have felt since forever when gazing at your photography :1 every is heartbreakingly elegant and cozy things i need in my chaotic life

    love LOVE the through my lens necklace

    and teeny tiny initials necklace

    xoxo Nicole “JuJu”

  15. I have several of your necklaces…but I love your home decor items. I love the keepsake bowl and am loving the pennent banner. You should do wine glass charms!!

  16. if the giveaway is still open I love dewdrops necklace. I love it for myself but I really would love it for my mom for Christmas. Its simple and delegate just like she likes ; Plus i can personalize it. love your jewelry

  17. I love the family tree necklace and the open circle bracelet. These will be my next purchases. They will join my teeny tiny initials necklace and my cluster necklace! Love your jewelry and your blog!

  18. I want to “like” everything πŸ™‚ I narrowed it down to the “tiny twig necklace” & the “you are loved necklace”. Thanks for the contest and Merry Christmas.

  19. It ‘s hard to choose. I really think it’d be cool to get my hubby a leather cuff, but I also dig the tiny twig necklace.

  20. hi lisa,
    i love all your jewelry, but i have a love for bracelets. i love the devoted and large link charm bracelets. they are both amazing. thanks for the giveaway.

  21. First off, I love the “hope is the thing” necklace that I already wear almost every day! I’m such a fan of your jewelry!

    I’m torn between your sweetheart tree necklace and the open circle bracelet. I’m pretty sure if I don’t win the giveaway my monsieur will have some perfect birthday gift ideas for me! πŸ™‚

  22. I have been DROOLING over the devoted bracelet, so of course that was the first one I “like”d. And I think the Beautiful Necklace is incredible, so that was my next stop. And I couldn’t NOT like the Be Still necklace and the You Are Loved necklace! *Sigh* So much love… πŸ™‚

  23. I love them all! But right now, I’m liking the Feed Your Soul necklace! I’m training to be a Health Coach, so this is right in with my passions!

  24. I liked the illuminate necklace, the heart Christmas ornament, and the molded heart bracelet. Even though I just officially “liked” them on FB, I have had the molded heart bracelet on my Pinterest page of things I love FOREVER! πŸ™‚

  25. i love the illuminate necklace and i would have “dream big” put on it!! love your shop and blog! πŸ™‚ happy holidays.

  26. Your devoted bracelet is my all time favorite. I love it so much I bought an additional two for a couple of special people close to my heart. Everytime I wear I get compliments!
    Lisa Leonard is awesome!

  27. I love the jumble of charms necklace for my mom! She has 4 beautiful grandkids and with this necklace they each get their own charm.

  28. Everything is great–I am especially loving the little owl wall hanging πŸ™‚ Hope y’all are all feeling better!

  29. I like so many things, but my favorites that I “liked” for this were the open circle bracelet, the petite original necklace, and the my treasure necklace. All adorable!

  30. I totally love the silver leaf earrings. I will Give the card t my Mother for Christmas If I will I will <3. Thanks for the chance!

  31. i love EVERYTHING! always have! but i’ve had my eye on the together necklace and the devoted bracelet for the past few months!

    merry christmas, lisa!

  32. Molded star ornament and the wand! I want to get both for my daughter for Christmas! I would LOVE to win, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  33. I think I like everything! haha! My favs right now are the devoted or molded heart bracelet and pennant banner. I think I would have mine say love and put in on my mantle all year! I love it! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  34. So hard to narrow down, but my favorites aew the itty bitty hearts necklace ans the crystal drop earrings. And I liked them on Facebook! πŸ™‚

  35. Love love the Rain or shine glad your mine because of all that we have been thru with my little guy it is soooooo true!

  36. So hard to choose from such beauties! I liked the Daisy Chain Bracelet, Cream Freshwater Pearl Earrings, and my favorite the Teeny Tiny Initials Necklace.
    Thank you! for the offer.

  37. it is all so beautiful! i especially like the you are love necklace and the tiny squares necklace. either would be perfect to wear at my upcoming wedding πŸ™‚

  38. My all time favorite is the “together necklace” because it reminds me of how precious family is and how through all the tears it has been only by His grace we have been shaped and healed.

  39. Love the “love” bracelet. Thought I knew love until my son was born this year…. now a whole new level of love!

  40. I love the laundry line necklace as well as the faith, hope, love necklace! I always get a ton of comments on my family tree necklace when I wear it. Such fun!

  41. Lisa, all of your designs are so beautiful!
    Especially love the “Whooo do you love” and the “believe”key fob. Thanks

  42. I love “pearl by pearl earrings” and the “vintage frame necklace”…love your jewelry and I always get comments about how unique it is when I wear a piece….makes me smile!

  43. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I liked:

    – Marked by Love necklace
    – Through my Lens necklace
    – Oval wall hanging

    Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  44. I love the dewdrops necklace & autumn’s song neklaces. But it would be hard not to get the stocking ornament for Christmas!!

  45. Oh! Such a hard choice! The necklaces are my fav — rain or shine {so glad you’re mind}, friendship, and be still are among my favs! Also the beautiful pennant banner! Perfect for upcoming weddings…. =)

  46. I love the “you’re the cream in my coffee” necklace and the “jumble of charms” necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I love the Marked by Love necklace. I would use the gift card to get this for a friend of mine who just lost her 14 year old daughter.

  48. I love the dewdrops necklace. I actually own one, but it’s still my favourite – and my girls argue over who will wear it when they get bigger (they’re 2 & 4)! I’d also love to see the windmill and love necklaces make a return.

  49. Can I like everything? πŸ™‚

    I LOVE the stocking ornaments and also liked the baby spoons- Hudson’s makes meal time so much cuter! I think I am going to have to grab a few more for friends who are having babies soon πŸ™‚ I also liked the pearl by pearl earings. So pretty!

  50. The dewdrop necklace has been”accidentally” left open in a window on my computer for a week… a girl’s gotta drop hints somehow! I am also obsessed with the tiny twig necklace. They are just so beautiful πŸ™‚

  51. Wow so many wonderful things!! I liked, if not LOVED:
    sun droplet necklace
    my treasure necklace
    through my lens necklace
    key to my heart necklace
    heartstrings necklace
    bouquet token
    pennant banner

  52. I liked the stocking ornament and the star ornament, I really enjoy giving these as gifts for the special little ones in my life πŸ™‚

  53. ‘Liked’ the Family Tree necklace for my girlfriend that’s been eyeing for so long…and just had her 4th baby. I’d looove for her to have it.

  54. Big, big thank you for the opportunity! Hard to narrow the choices but now that our family is complete, I would love to own the Family Tree necklace, I also love the Leather Cuff.
    x <3 o

  55. I’ve had my eye on the love bracelet for some time now. So simple and sweet! I think the pewter heart wall hanging would be a neat gift for my cousin’s wedding in April. You create beautiful things!

  56. I have a few of my favorite pieces already and wear them all the time. But I would love to add a stocking ornament and a star ornament for my two boys as well as the silver leaf earrings. Your items are always even more beautiful in person.

  57. it should be a “love” button! the molded heart bracelet is top on my wish list! i can’t wait to get it personalized with the names of my greatest blessings!

  58. I am super loving the Pennant Banner, the Pewter Heart Bowl, and the Rain or Shine so Glad you’re Mine necklace…and many more! πŸ™‚

  59. I love the custom cake forks, would love to have these at my wedding reception! And I love the teenie tiny initials necklace. πŸ™‚

  60. I “liked” (and wish to own) the Tiny Twig necklace, the Through the Lens necklace, the leather cuff and the By the Sea keychain!

  61. It is hard to pick one favorite. Lisa, all of your items are so pretty. I fall in love with something new each time I visit your site! On this particular visit, I loved the molded heart ornament and the new pearl by pearl earrings! <3

  62. I love the heart ornament, I have a second grandbaby coming soon and would love to put names on it for the proud parents. And I love the autumn song earrings, they are perfectly lovely. From a fellow SLO gal….

  63. I love the heart drop earrings! They would go beautifully with every necklace….it’s so hard to pick a favorite necklace because they are all amazing! But my current fav is Autumn’s Song. Thanks for the opportunity to win:)

  64. My nest will be empty this August when my youngest goes to college, so the heartstrings Necklace would make me happy and let me carry my babies with me πŸ™‚ or the Family Tree~it makes me smile!

  65. I love it ALL! Beautiful, beautiful pieces. But I am especially partial to the heart and pennant banners. I would keep one to hang over the fireplace and gift one to my sister-in-law! Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family πŸ™‚

  66. That would be the pennant banner is my most fave thing. Your work is soooooo beautiful. Also I would find something to give to my beautiful mother too if I won.

  67. I like the Beautiful necklace and I know I must have a little friend I could give that wand to…because I just love it!

  68. Hi! I liked your: “Single Tag Keychain”, and your “Through My Lens” necklace. I find your items very appealing, not only because they are cute, but they also appeal to me. You have such a wide variety! Not all things appeal to Adults and teens, and I must say, (being a teen myself) I found quite a lot of things I like!! Well done, & keep up the good work!!
    -Katie β™₯

  69. How Fun! I’ve had my eye on the petite family crest necklace FOREVER, so i’m sure I would get that first, and maybe throw in a bracelet or something i’m sure….

  70. Oh my… Love the molded heart necklace and the pennant banner:) always read your blog, love, and window shop. What a fantastic giveaway; thank you…

  71. I read your blog daily. I always admire your beautiful jewelry. My favorite piece is the Autumn’s Song Bracelet. It is beautiful with the silver oval links and dangles……….. I love autumn… birthday is in October! Thanks for such a great opportunity.

  72. I love the mr. and mrs. forks! πŸ™‚ They are adorable! I also love the wedding collar stays, a great gift for my groom to be!

  73. I really love all of your pieces. My favorite is probably the open circle bracelet and the petite family crest necklace. Love them!

  74. I love the twig necklace, it’s been on my list for a year or so! I also love all the ornaments, they would be so beautiful on our tree! Thanks for the chance!!

  75. LOVE so many things but if I had to pick one it would be autum song necklace or maybe the open circle bracelet. Or really anything it’s all beautiful!!!!

  76. Your jewelry is amazing!
    I think one of my favorite pieces is the leather cuff…I’d like to get my husband one that simply says “perseverance” for all that he’s been through. πŸ™‚ Sarah

  77. Oh my goodness…to name my favorite piece is too hard! BUT I’ll tell you a few! I LOVE the family tree necklace, sparkle/chandelier necklace, the clothes line necklace…oh goodness…so many! I REALLY hope I win!!

  78. I really like the “beautiful necklace” and definitely the “you are loved” necklace. BOTH represent the best things everyone should have in life!!

  79. I have loved the dewdrops necklace since it came out. Just been waiting for a good excuse to buy another Lisa Leonard necklace.

  80. It is so hard to pick a favorite. I do love the Custom Cake Forks. My little brother is getting married next month, it made me think of him. Merry Christmas, September

  81. I “like” the LOVE bracelet. But “like” seems just too little. LOVE is more like it! LOVE it!! Thanks for the chance for such a great give-a-way Lisa! And congrats on having such a big Cyber Monday! Happy Holidays!

  82. Can I say I love everything. Your creativity amazes me.
    I like the little wand the best, my daughter would just be tickled pink to have that. and for me the little hearts necklace would be just perfect.
    Hope you are all feeling better.

  83. I love the owl and the heartstrings. I’m always telling my granddaughters to be wise like an owl. And the heartstrings are perfect for me and my two granddaughters. I just love your work!

  84. My favorites are the Owl and “Marked By Love” necklaces, but I also really loved the bird shape necklace I had bought my bestie, but it’s no longer available πŸ™

  85. I Love the bowl..I need the bowl to remind me to BREATHE

    I love the bracelet that says loved…need it too

    and most of all I need the leaf earrings to match my leaf necklace..gotta match right??


  86. I love, love, love the molded heart necklace and bracelet! I also love the “hope is the thing,” “twig,” and “grow roots, sprout wings” necklaces. Thanks for an awesome giveaway! Fingers and toes super crossed over here!

  87. Love it all…but I “liked” the molded star Christmas ornament and the open circle bracelet. So beautiful, sigh….

  88. I ‘liked’ the Captured Heart necklace.
    All of your creations are so beautiful Lisa.
    I really enjoy your blog.

  89. i like and have always liked…loved…heartstrings necklace …i will cross everything i can for this one…xxx

  90. I love all of your pieces but some of my favorites right now are the small pearl hoop earrings and the free form earrings. Another fav is the autumn’s song bracelet.

  91. What’s NOT to like?? I’ve had my eye on the open circle bracelet & necklace…and the family tree necklace as we will be “adding” to our family in the future through adoption!

  92. Tiny Twig necklace is so darling, I keep looking at it every few weeks. The sun drop necklace is so nice and simple. Im going through a necklace phase right now!

  93. I *like* (read: love) the Be Still necklace – it’s always been a favorite and my sister-in-law gave it to me for my birthday! I also love the Keepsake Bowl and Pennant Banner (would love them for my home!)!

  94. so many wonderful things to choose from… very inspirational… I long for a piece of your jewelry… especially the family tree necklace! my family has been through a lot this year, some good, some not so good… but most importantly, the birth of my daughter – my family is complete and the necklace would be so wonderful to keep us close to my heart even when we can’t all be together!! love your product!
    (PS – my son – 3 1/2 was looking with me and he saw the “love” bracelet on the front of your page – he said, I wish I could buy that for you momma… aww… i wish he could too!!)

  95. I LOVE the heart string necklace…well, its one of many that I love. I have been trying to win a necklace for a long time- this might be my lucky day!

  96. I liked (loved) four necklaces: My Treasure; My heart; Always; and Loved. And I love a whole lot more!!!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! May the New Year bring you more love, joy and success!

  97. Your work is so unique and different. Artsy and classy. I “like” The molded heart necklace and the captured heart necklace. My girls names would make it even better!!!

  98. I have been lusting after the “teenie tiny initials necklace” for a least two years now. Need to put it on my list this year or order it and wrap it up and put it under the tree. I’ve been a good mom all year…laundry,lunches, dinner, taxi…

  99. I *love* the “Whoo do you love?” necklace as well as the family tree necklace. Actually…I love it all! πŸ™‚

  100. The illuminate necklace? Open heart bracelet? Ornaments? Teeny tiny initial necklace for one of my three bitty girls? Oh Lisa, to choose is impossible. Your work is divine.

  101. I really like the pieces of my heart tokens. I want to add some of them to napkin rings that I found at the local thrift store (but I need to find a way that doesn’t involve the horrific hot glueing of Lisa Leonard beauty to napkin rings…) and making my very own usable art.

  102. Hi,
    I love all of your things but with a gift card, I would have to find a way to send the devoted bracelet to a good friend. I need a way to celebrate her friendship….

  103. I “like”/”love” the treasure jar necklace. My sister and I love to spend time together making jam. We call ourselves the jamin’ sisters. What a wonderful gift the necklace would make.

  104. I have the “Through My Lens” necklace that hubby is giving me for Christmas and it is beautiful in person.
    Last December 9th my 8 year old daughter lost a classmate and friend to hepatoblastoma (rare liver cancer) last December 9th. The Mom through her daughter’s donations sponsored a Dr. Seuss night giving books to children, she gave Roasary beads to each child for their first communion and even a Halloween goodie bag. The school just dedicated a garden bench in her memoriy. On that day my daughter came home crying telling me how sad she was to think her friend was no longer here. If I win I would use the money to buy a necklace for this special Mom. I liked the Faith/Hope/Love neckalce for its simplicity but think the Togetherness necklace personalized would be a special piece because of all they have been and continue to go through and yet still do for others through their pain.

  105. oh pick me, pick me! I lost my necklace with my kiddos names’ on it! I would choose to replace it with the captured hearts necklace or the heartstrings one- both so pretty!

  106. I like the treasure jar necklace and I think I would order a banner…..just not sure which one. Maybe “merry” or “peace.”
    I might get something for my sisters and mom….. I know they would be surprised!

  107. It would be hard to pick a favorite but the lovebird wall hangings rate pretty high. I ordered each of my grandchildren one this year as a Christmas tree ornament. There are spectacular. The love bracelet is next on my wishlist.

  108. What I don’t want would be easier,hehe!!! Love the through my lens necklace. Love, love, it. Thanks for the chance to win. Hope, hope, hope.

  109. I have loved the Devoted bracelet since the moment I saw it. Perfect! I’m also a fan of the silver leaf earrings. Simple and beautiful!

  110. I love the “high in the sky” necklace. My two sweet little boys point out every star they see because they love barnstars πŸ™‚ It would be nice to have a just a little momento to remember these fleeting days… and they would think it is just so cool!

  111. Haha! Lisa this response is intense! And awesome! πŸ™‚

    I liked the’devoted’ bracelet and the ‘my treasure’ necklace… πŸ™‚

    I love everything you make! πŸ™‚

    Blessings – Megan

  112. i’ve long admired the “devoted” bracelet. i also love dainty jewelry so the “sun droplet” necklace speaks to me. it says “BUY ME, REN! BUY ME!”

  113. I love the daisy bracelet and the circle earrings. I am desperate for some classic jewelry. I love all of your stuff!

  114. I absolutely love the single tag necklace, it’s simple and so elegant. I would put the word “believe” on the tag. I also think the high in the sky necklace is a stunner. I love stars.

  115. I’ve had my eye on the open circle bracelet (to match my necklace) for a while. I also like the magnets – so cute.

  116. Hi Lisa! I heart the energy of Love in your beautiful pieces and your ‘My Treasure’ has always been my favourite and I posted it to Facebook.

  117. Oh can I choose?! Well the pennant banner is one item I’ve been trying to save up for. It is such a gorgeous piece to have in your home with so many possibilities for what it can say. I also ‘liked’ the feed the soul necklace because it is just so true & lovely.

  118. Hi Lisa! Thanks for this big, big giveaway! There are so many things to “like” I couldn’t choose just one! One thing I wanted to “like” I couldn’t find on your site, the work of the year necklace. That is my all time favorite. But I sure am in love with my newest additions. Thanks again!

  119. Wow! This IS a big giveaway. I’ve always loved the Sweetheart Tree Necklace–its so unique. And I also think the Pewter Heart Wall hanging is lovely. Thanks!

  120. I love everything really…… but, to narrow it down – the molded heart bracelet, the sterling ring and through my lens necklace are my absolute favorites! Thanks!

  121. What don’t I love!7 I love all the necklaces that can be personalized with my kid’s names. I would spend hours trying to find the just right ft if I won!

  122. I love the “Grow Roots, Sprout Wings” necklace, and the “Hope Is The Thing” necklace (I have that poem painted on a platter in my dining room!).

  123. I love the bracelets–all of them! Not sure which one I would pick just yet..for now I’ll just dream! I also love the “through my lens” necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  124. I love the cluster necklace, the sweetheart tree necklace, and the devoted bracelet.
    Your pictures from Thanksgiving were so beautiful! Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend πŸ™‚

  125. “Liked”

    Molded Heart Bracelet
    Autumn Song Necklace
    Devoted Bracelet

    Any one of those would make my day merry and bright!

  126. I love the aqua stone earrings, pennant banner, and teenie tiny intials necklace. I love everything you make though!

  127. I “liked” the Marked by Love and the Open Circle necklaces.
    I think they’re just perfect and I’d love to have them for my birthday (I’m turning 30 this year) πŸ˜‰

  128. Wow. It’s really hard to choose! The things I ‘like’ most right now are, the daisy chain bracelet, and the through my lens neckalce, but really…I like everything. πŸ™‚

  129. Wear my molded heart necklace everyday and adore it! Would love to hang the pennant banner in our living room. Thanks!!!

  130. So many favorites! The pearl by pearl and aqua stone earrings are awesome. I LOVE the autumn’s song and cluster necklaces. And the matching autumn’s song bracelet is delightful! Oh my, I think I’ve got to add to my Christmas list! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your jewelry with us!

  131. Love the BELIEVE key chain – what a great way to be reminded even when in your car or opening your front door. I also love the Family necklace – fun, laughter and tears. yeh.

  132. I like 3 things I would choose are necklace and here is why
    First one I would want is:
    1. The ‘teeny tiny initials’ because it stands for myself – m k

    Second one I would want is:
    2.’Feed Your Soul’ because one needs to nourish yourself first emotionally, spiritually and physically so that you can then share with others so that they can grow and flourish.

    Third one I would want is:
    3.’Illuminate’ – so that I can shine and show my
    and give my best to the world, letting people see who I am and that which I have to offer.

    When I feel good about who I am, it makes me feel good to help you feel good about who you are as my sould shines through.

    As the song say, “SHINE SHINE SHINE, LET IT SHINE!”

  133. The fall leaves necklace is on my favorites list right now, as I am such a fan of fall, and am admiring the changing leaves….

  134. I Liked the Heart Strings necklace on Facebook. It was one of my prized possessions and was lost on a trip. Hope I win!

  135. I have given several pieces to my daughters but one I would especially like for my sister is the Family Tree necklace or the Sweet and Simple Birdie Necklace. She has several bird feeders in her back yard. She lives in North Georgia and I’m in Florida. She’s been through a breakup in her life this year. Thank you for your website.

  136. I liked the mason jar necklace…I will always LOVE that necklace and hopefully some day soon I can get it! I also love the pennant banner and the sweet little wand.

  137. I “liked” the “Feed Your Soul” necklace! It’s on my Christmas list, in addition to the “Lucky” horseshoe necklace. I’ve forwarded my husband your special cyber Monday/Tuesday codes…fingers crossed!!

  138. I liked the brave love necklace! My mom and sisters have that one. Now, I’m having a baby in a couple months and would love to put her name on that!

  139. I like the Tiny Twig necklace and the Silver Leaf earrings, and so so SO much more, but that’s good for a start πŸ™‚

  140. Like the tiny squares necklace but love the open circle bracelet to match my open circle necklace. I get so many compliments on my necklace!

  141. I already have the molded heart bracelet on my wish list. πŸ™‚ I am wearing the matching necklace right now. I love all of your jewelry and get so many compliments.

  142. If I could more than “like” I would!

    So I love the Chosen Adoption necklace, the Faith Hope Love necklace and the Devoted bracelet.

  143. Lisa, your jewelry is so inspiring! I love the “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul- Emily Dickinson” necklace. The rest of the quote says, and never stops at all. I love that quote and always repeat it to my students. Thank you for your kindness and the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  144. Just finished christmas shopping on your site and came over to check out your blog!! Little to my knowledge your were busy giving away gifts yourself…maybe I can win a gift for me since I was busy buying for others!! πŸ™‚
    I have my eye on the pennant banner frame, pieces of my heart magnets and the oval magnet board! Thanks for the chance!

  145. Love love love EVERYTHING!! I do have to say I am particulary fond of the pennant banner frame and my treasure necklace. Both of which are on my list for Santa! :)))

  146. I love the branch necklace, the love bracelet and the ring. My diamond fell out of my wedding ring so I really miss wearing it. No telling when it will ever get replace. But your ring with our names on it would make me very happy. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  147. Love the sterling ring, the keepsake bowl, and the captured heart necklace. my hubby got me the necklace last year for Christmas and I may need to hint to him again this year ;0)

  148. I own my favourite piece (the family tree necklace) but would love to add to my collection!! I would choose the open circle bracelet or the thin silver band bracelet – both are adorable and my wrists are jealous of my neck!!

  149. I dont know did you recived my likes????????
    I like all the things you make, but the one (two) that I like the most is “my treasure necklace”……….and..”through my lens necklace”

  150. HI Lisa. I liked you on facebook. I read your blog each day. I am crazy about the sterling ring. I have been thinking of getting this ring and putting my hubby’s name and my name on it. My hubby survived a heart attack this year and we are so thankful to have him in our lives. I thought this ring would be perfect for us:)

  151. Oh goodness! There are just too many things that I “liked”! I LOVE the heartstrings wall hanging and also the molded heart necklace!! So many beautiful things! πŸ™‚

  152. I liked the Open Circle Bracelet and the Silver Leaf Earrings. Beautiful! My absolute favorites are the Autumn’s Song trio… And I’m getting them for Christmas πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  153. I like the following necklaces most: sun droplet, through my lense, you’re the cream in my coffee, forever and autumn’s… But to be honest, the decision wasn’t easy :-). And thanks for the chance to win!

  154. My favorite necklace is My Treasures! It makes me remember the days of catching lightning bugs with my mamaw! And I also like the Hope is the thing necklace! I actually like a lot more than those two, but I’m at work and figured I better stop, lol.

  155. How to choose a favorite Lisa Leonard design?! I have been on the site for the past couple of months trying to decide which one I want for Christmas and which one I want to get a special someone. I love the “jumble of charms” and “high in the sky,” but the one I liked on Facebook, is the “itty bitty hearts.” I think that’s the one I’d want with my babies’ initials. So cute!!!

  156. I would love to get the “brave love” necklace. I love it and “liked” it on FB. LL jewelry is so beautiful – I have one necklace already and would love to add to my collection!! πŸ™‚

  157. it’s so hard to choose….. I would have to say my favs are the “whoo do you love”,”through my lens” and “open circle” necklaces.
    Everything you design Lisa, is beautiful!

  158. I love the Open Heart bracelet! Every time I see Lisa wear it in pictures, it makes me smile. It’s a reminder of what happens when we have children – our heart opens up to love these little blessings!

  159. Where’s the L.O.V.E. button when you need one?!? I “liked” the owl wall hanging, the twig wall hanging, and the Autumn’s song necklace! I hope I win, I hope I win!!!!! πŸ™‚

  160. I really love the Brave Love Necklace! I am getting it for my mom for Christmas and I’m going to have my name and all my siblings’ names stamped around the edge! I can’t wait to give it to her!

  161. Well I like the molded heart necklace and the heart banner. I like a lot more but decided to focus on the two things I like best. πŸ™‚

  162. Well, let’s see. I love the magic wand. I love the stocking ornament. I love every single necklace. I love the heart bracelet. I think I may love you. (just kidding, Lisa, but there really isn’t anything I don’t love from your store!) thank you!

  163. I loved the entire Autumn’s Song collection – earrings, bracelet, and necklace! All of them are oh so so pretty πŸ™‚ I also love the camera necklace and the key to my heart necklace… let’s put it this way, i’d probably wind up buying half the things in your shop if I could πŸ™‚

  164. I’ve always loved the Hope is the Thing necklace but I like that I am able to like it on FB. =) I also liked the Tiny Twig & Be Still necklace. (FB name KerriFletcher)

  165. I “liked” the hope is the thing necklace! It is absolutely stunning. A friend recently sent me a card with that poem written in it. It came at a time when I really needed it and lately, I’ve been repeating “hope is the thing” to myself a lot.

  166. I liked the tiny twig necklace and the heart banner (both of which I have been admiring since you first released them!).

  167. I love the beautiful necklace! I recently received it as a gift from my daughter Becky for my 60th B’day! It helps remind me of my beauty – inner beauty! It was my first Lisa Leonard jewelry:) I also love the Family Tree, with all the names of those special people in our lifes. Thank you for the awesome giveaways.

  168. I like the “Devoted Bracelet”! So pretty! Everything in your shop is so lovely!

    Thanks Lisa and have a beautiful day! πŸ™‚

  169. I Google +1’ed the blessed & lucky necklace and the rain or shine {so glad you’re mine} necklace. I don’t have a facebook page so I hope that’s ok…I know, I’m so 20th century. πŸ™‚
    Many thanks for the giveaway! I hope your season is full of prosperity, good health and peace…cheers!

  170. the rain or shine necklace, my treasure necklace, devoted bracelet, and LOVE the hope is a thing necklace
    ahhh I LOVE IT ALL! πŸ˜‰

  171. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “I Love You” bowl. It would be amazing to have to start furnishing my to-be-fiamce and I’s apartment this next Fall we are getting togethers. It signifies us!

    I also think the Illuminate necklace is so darling. <3

    You're work is absolutely stunning Lisa!

  172. I love the autumn songs earrings. I also love the ring that u can personalize! Lisa you make beautiful, inspiring jewelry!

  173. I love all of your creations, but the necklaces that I adore the most are the family tree necklace and autumn’s song necklace. I have always wanted to get the family tree necklace for my mom (I think all moms should have one!) and the autumn’s song necklace is simply beautiful and reminds me of one of my favorite seasons!

  174. I “liked” the petite family crest necklace, the tiny twig necklace, and the pearl by pearl earrings. Love so many of your creations! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  175. Thank you for the giveaway, Lisa. I love your art. I “like” the Family Tree necklace (love it!) and the Joy banner. Beautiful!

  176. I love the custom cake forks and the collar stays – I am always losing my husband’s stays when I launder his shirts….I bet if he has these I would pay more attention!! Awesome products….as usual!

  177. Love Everything!!! But if i have to choose just one it would have to be the Family Tree Necklace….I have been wanting to order one but with 1 daughter in college and the other 1 will be there soon, its just not in the cards right now – but someday!!!

  178. i NEEEEED the “FOREVER” necklace, so when he’s makin’ me crazy i can remember forever is a long time and we’re in it together.
    ‘THROUGH MY LENS” necklace is another must have, i swear I miss 1/2 of REAL life because I’m so busy watching it through my camera lens. i DO scrapbook the pictures and am proud to say they don’t just sit on a memory card.
    another faboo thing i MUST have it “HEARTSTRINGS” wall hanging… who DOESN’T like stuff with their name on it…

  179. Honestly, I “like” (I mean love) everything…but right now I’m completely smitten with and “liked”your love bracelet and the penant banner.

  180. LOve all your stuff. But since I had to pick I Liked the magic wand and the pewter heart bowl. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  181. I love the “high in the sky” necklace. My father passed away 10 years ago, and before he died we named star after him, so stars always make me think of him. Love it!

  182. I have to agree with others that you do such great work, it was hard to pick a favorite. I went with the small circle necklace as it was a gift when my son was born and the star orniment as that is what I’m getting him for christmas this year!

  183. I love the Treasure necklace and the Through my lens necklace. I think you are sooo talented. It was so hard to pick just one or two. I want them all!

  184. I liked the bouquet token. It would be a special touch to a wedding bouquet or in my case the flower arrangements I put together for myself!

  185. I “like” so many of your things it is hard to narrow it down, but I really LOVE the autumn song necklace, the “hope is” necklace, and the stocking ornaments!

  186. I liked but I LOVE the Through My Lens Necklace and I also liked the crystal drop earrings. The kids went in on a necklace for our mom for mothers day and she wears it every day and I LOVE it, have wanted one of my own ever since!!

  187. I like the sterling ring adn molded star ornament. We have a new baby and the ornament would be perfect for her first Christmas!

  188. So hard to ‘like’ just a couple of things — I love them all πŸ™‚

    But — since I had to narrow it down… I ‘liked’ the sun drops earrings, devoted bracelet, and the dew drops necklace.

    πŸ™‚ Thanks for a fun, and easy way to enter – giveaway πŸ™‚

  189. my fav is the sweet heart tree necklace for me and my high school sweetheart…married 14 years…also LOVE the molded heart bracelet and the autumn’s song necklace. LOVE it ALl….xoxo

  190. oh i love it all. my top picks, in no particular order are; open circle bracelet (been asking for this for a year, may have to by it myself!), autumn song bracelet (since moving to hawaii i am missing on fall, this is a perfect reminder of my favorite season), and last the cluster necklace (it is like having a cluster of sunshine around your neck!) blessing for this fun and busy season of joy!

  191. Hard to choose just a couple but I chose the mini open circle necklace and the autumn song necklace. But really there should be a ‘love’ button for me to love them all!

  192. I like the Whoo Do You Love necklace because I am pregnant with my first child and am having a boy and naming him Owen, as well as doing an owl theme in the nursery. I also love the Sweetheart Tree necklace because my husband is the most wonderful man!

  193. :):):) oh plllleaseee let me be lucky!!!
    I liked the “whoo do you love? wall hanging” and the “pennant banner” πŸ™‚
    I also liked the “illuminate necklace” and “you’re the cream in my coffee necklace” πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the HUGE giveaway!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  194. This would be the best giveaway to win! I’ve been pinning for the molded heart bracelet ever since you debuted it. I’d love to have that beauty on my wrist. Thanks for the chance!

  195. My favorites are the open heart necklace, the itty bitty hearts necklace and the dewdrops necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. Lisa,
    I like the following and would love to have it for Christmas….I am going to hint to my husband to get me one of the following:

    Open circle bracelet
    Crystal drop earrings
    cream freshwater pearl earrings
    pearl by pearl earrings.

    My wonderful daughter bought me the fall leaf earrings and they are beautiful, everytime I wear them, which has been everyday, I get comments about how nice they look…..My daughter is getting married in July of 2012, and I would love to get her the freshwater pearl earrings or the pearl by pearl earrings for her big day!!

    Thank you for your blog also, love to read about your wonderful sons!!

    Have a great day…


  197. I liked the camera necklace and thin metal cuff. I know just what I want it to say. I am dreaming about it now! Thanks for the generous give a way

  198. Looooooooooove ‘hope is the thing’ necklace!………….But can you go past the beautiful Christmas Stocking for the tree???? Thanks for the chance Lisa, your work is stunning.

  199. I love them all! But my favorites are the Molded Heart necklace and the Pearl by Pearl earrings. I gotta love the coffee necklace too…anything with coffee on it is for me :).

  200. I absolutely love my customized dewdrop necklace. It’s such a blessing because of its simple, yet beautiful design and the meaning of the words I chose to be on it.

    I also like the “captured heart necklace,” the “thin sterling cuff,” and the “sterling ring!”

    Thank you for making such beautiful and meaningful work. (And thanks for this kind opportunity!

  201. I love the devoted bracelet…it would be perfect for my mom. I also love the sky high necklace…really enjoy the star charm on it.

  202. I love everything on your site. And my sister in law loved the Through the Lens necklace that I got for her. I also love the Heartstrings Wall Hanging and could definitely find a place for it!

  203. My wife really is loving the devoted bracelet. Winning this would really brighten her day. Thanks for a chance to win.

  204. So hard to choose!!! I liked the lovely “Hope is the Thing” necklace and the bubble wand which I already purchased for a stocking stuffer!!!


  205. I love the “Hope is the thing…” necklace – my favorite poem!!
    And I can’t stop thinking about all the places I would hang the pennant banner.

  206. Oh, I don’t even know how to choose! Love so many of the necklaces. And, the silver leaf earrings are wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  207. I “love” the Through My Lens Necklace. I’ve been “stalking” that necklace for months…I need to just break down and buy it! I also “love” the pennet banners…very cute in my son’s room.

  208. I love Lisa Leonard jewelry. I liked the adoption necklace, since I’m an adoptive mom of 2 little girls, the camera necklace because I’m a little obsessed with photography, and the vintage frame necklace, just cause I’ve been wanting to spoil myself.

  209. I love the open circle bracelet…it’s on my wish list for my hubby! Also really like the vintage frames necklasce and the oval magnet board. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  210. I dearly love just about everything. But I bought your open circle bracelet for a friend and she really loves it. It is so beautiful. And I like the molded heart Christmas ornament. I collect them and now have a tree full of ornaments that remind me of the special moments in my life! Thanks for the chance to win something!

  211. I “like” the leather cuff, High in the Sky necklace, and sterling ring. If I win, I will add the names of my babies born last Christmas Day and gift myself with a sweet tribute to them!

  212. I love the Together Necklace. The words on it are perfect and just speak so well. It describes our year. I found your site from Angie Smiths book and was looking for the Audrey necklace. Do you still make it? I’d like to get one for our late daughter Hailey. Thank you.

  213. I love so many, but as a mom of 4 the “itty bitty hearts” and “brave heart” necklaces are my favorites. Such a beautiful way to cherish your kids and hold them close to your heart always. I want to give my daughter the “I hold your heart in mine” necklace for christmas this year!

  214. You have such beautiful jewelry! I have always loved and wated the thru my lens necklace!! love it!!! The autumn bracelet is so pretty too!
    thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  215. My favorite “hope to have one day” item is the “My Treasure” necklace. I also “liked” that piece and two others: the “itty-bitty hearts” necklace (this a favorite new mommy gift πŸ™‚ ) and your “autumn song” earrings (beautiful!).

  216. Lisa, thank you for having a giving heart! I would love to add a bracelet or ornament to my LLD collection.

    P.S. My daughter found a heart shaped leaf this morning on our way to school, and I told her it was a reminder of you to me and how you appreciate the simple things in life. πŸ™‚

  217. I would love to have the family tree necklace & the open circle bracelet!!! What an awesome giveaway, I am keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  218. I “LOVE” the devoted bracelet as well as the sun drop earrings! Really though, I love all of your designs! I have a couple of pieces already (Family Tree necklace and Molded Heart bracelet), and will continue to add to my LLD collection. πŸ˜‰

  219. I LOVE the teeny tiny initials necklace because I received it recently for my b-day from my husband. I wear it everyday!!!! I also love the twig necklace and the open circle bracelet.

  220. SO hard to choose, BUT….I love:
    Tiny Twig Necklace
    Molded Heart Necklace
    Sweetheart Tree
    Heartstrings Wall Hanging

    …just to name a few!

  221. It’s hard to decide which ones are my favorite so i narrowed it down to three: the pearl earrings, the silver leaf earrings and the devoted bracelet. In reality I love it all!

  222. Couldn’t just “iike” few things….. loved it all! Making a trip over to visit Danielle and hopefully see the warehouse and see a few of the items up close πŸ™‚ hard to decide …..

  223. wow tough to “like” just 1 or 2 items, i love so many i would love love love the pennant picture frame for our wedding picture!

  224. The open circle bracelet will be my next purchase! I get MANY compliments on the pieces I already have..captured heart necklace and the ring!

  225. I just love everything you make! An anniversary package is on its way to me soon from my husband! We are adopting a little girl soon, and I’d love something personalized with a “A” for her name, too.

  226. I love it all, but my new favorites are the heartstrings wall hanging and the molded star ornament, great new items this season. Thank you for sharing!

  227. I’ve been in love with the “whoo do you love” owl for a few months. It would be perfect with our family name!

  228. I love your bracelets and ornaments. I’m very lucky to have one of your necklaces (bloom) and gets so many compliments when I wear it!

  229. I love what you did to your website! It looks wonderful! And seriously, only choose two favorites? I’ve dreamed of your open circle necklace since I first saw it, and also love the devoted bracelet. Both beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

  230. I love it ALL. I check your site every day and decided today to buy a gift for my daughter. I know she’ll love it. My favorite one is the treasure necklace.

  231. It was difficult to make a choice, but I liked the Woohoo-necklace (I LOVE owls!!) and the My treasure-necklace. That last one is my favourite. But I love everything you create, it’s amazing!

  232. Wow oh wow! This would be awesome!

    I liked the Key to my heart necklace and the Heartstrings wall hanging. All of it is beautiful!

  233. I love both the new Christmas ornaments and the molded heart bracelet…and the…and the…and the….what DON”T I like….

  234. My favorite will always be the Whoo do you love necklace, but I would like to add the My treasure necklace to my collection.

  235. I liked the molded heart necklace, the illuminate necklace and the molded start ornament. That’s for the fun giveaway!

  236. Lisa, there are so many beautiful designs. My favourites are ….and I have 4….Keepsake Bowl….Pennant Flag Banner….Feed your soul necklace and true friends necklace. Thanks for being so generous..Merry Christmas

  237. I love the stocking and star ornaments! So Sweet. At some point in my lifetime I would love to know why I adore owls –so of course, my favorite it he owl.

  238. I love your large pewter heart wall hanging with velvet ribbon. I bought it for my husband one year for my husband for our anniversary. It is hard to pick a favorite, everything is beautiful!!

  239. I “liked” the Joy banner and the Keepsake bowl, but I truly LOVE everything you do, Lisa! I have many pieces of your jewelry and give your pieces as gifts often! I would love to give even more πŸ™‚

  240. Hi! Put some things on my wishlist. I love the Autumn’s song necklace, be still necklace and would love to get the rectangle keychain for my dear hubby. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  241. I looked around and “liked” the Whoo Do You Love? wall hanging! While there, I “liked” a lot of other stuff but the wall hanging is my fave!

  242. My favorites are the tiny twig necklace, “whoo” do you love and the sweetheart tree necklaces. What a GREAT giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  243. It’s so difficult to narrow down; I love the “rain or shine {so glad you’re mine} necklace”, the “high in the sky necklace”, the “be still necklace”, and the “itty bitty hearts necklace”.

    The quality of your pieces is so nice, Lisa. Thanks for offering the chance to win a gift card!

  244. I love your work and keeping up with your blog. Your outfits have inspired me to branch out a little myself! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I LOVE the tiny twig necklace (speaking of branching out!), the family tree necklace and the heartstrings wall-hanging! I’m sensing a theme here. Thanks for letting us have a peak into your world and sharing… Happy Holidays!

  245. I liked the “Feed your Soul” and the “Beautiful” necklaces! I have been tossing around buying the “Beautiful” necklace but saw your post and decided to comment!


  246. Pick me! Pick me! Such a huge fan. I love my open circle necklace. I would like the devoted bracelet and a keepsake bowl with “Home is where the <3 is" inside.

  247. Yay!! What a *fabulous* giveaway!! My two favorite things right now are the Daisy Chain bracelet and the Pennant Banner. I’d love to own them both! : )

  248. I have been saving for the pennant banner for a couple of months already – I would love to have it say blessed – as a daily reminder that even though things are challenging now we have been so much to be thankful for!

  249. Wow, with all your fabulous pieces it is really hard to choose my favorites. But I would say my top three are the custom magnets, the cluster necklace and the leather cuff. I would be a dream to win the gift-card so I could order all three things.

    Happy Holidays!!

  250. I love the pennant banner, the chandeliere necklace is lovely and the frame necklace as well. Its really hard to pick out just three. I wish I were rich and could get them for all the lovely ladies in my family.

  251. I love the bracelet that says “love”–it is beautifully written along the long line–very creative! I also love the yellow necklace! Yellow is my favorite color and I think it could doll up any necklace!

    1. Sorry I meant to say “outfit” for the last word. I also love the Be Still necklace because it reminds me of my dad in heaven. I think that is how he feels and I should take more time to be still and feel his sweet influence!

  252. Love the Molded Star ornament and the Heartstrings Wall Hanging. I’ve got family on the brain since I’m expecting our second baby any day!