Our big, big mother’s day giveaway!

Hello friends! Mother’s day is quickly approaching and we want to celebrate YOU! One lucky winner is going to get some seriously FUN stuff! We’ve created a prize package with a Fuji Instax Camera {instant photos–super fun}, extra film, a Voluspa candle and a $100 gift card to Target for some shopping. Whoohoo!! Fun, right? Read on to find out how to enter.

We want to hear what your favorite pieces are from Lisa Leonard Designs! You can enter multiple times through Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Make sure to leave a comment for each entry.

Head over to the shop and ‘like’ one or more products in our shop and post this message (be sure to come back and let us know by commenting on this post)…
I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: https://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

Pin one or more favorites from our shop on Pinterest and add the following comment…
I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard  Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: https://goo.gl/6YEYd #i<3LLD

Tweet the following…
I entered to win a #mothersdaygift from @lisaleonard Contest info on the #i<3LLD contest here https://goo.gl/94Es3 RT to enter!

Hurray! We’ll be announcing the winner on Mother’s Day. And if you haven’t shopped yet for your mom, grandma, sister or yourself, hop over to the shop and pick out the perfect gift!


  1. I “Liked” your darling Mama Necklace on my Facebook page and added the message.  I Love, Love your jewelry!!  The Mama necklace is one of my new favorites!!!  Love it!

  2. Shared my favorite piece on FB (Sterling sweetheart necklace) along with message!

    Thanks for sponsoring!

  3. pinned together necklace – i’ve recommended this necklace to our military friends – such a sweet gift!

  4. “Liked” and posted to FB about the Sterling Molded Heart bracelet… it would look so pretty with my open circle bracelet!

  5. I “liked” (actually love!) the Connected necklace and posted to FB <3 It would be a great Mother's Day or 40th Birthday gift for my bday in June =)

  6. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard – i pinned a bunch of things on pinterest

  7. I am in love with the bubble wands…..there is just something so fun about them that makes me smile:)

  8. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

    I love your "my dear" necklace and have since I saw Lindsay from the Pleated Poppy wearing it… a FAVE!

  9. Lisa- I love the This is Love Necklace for my mom… And the connected necklace for me! Beautiful pieces and this giveaway is incredible!

  10. Bird lover here. I pinned a bird necklace. Love, love, love ALL of your designs. My mom (and me too!) would be honored to wear a Lisa Leonard design on Mother’s Day!

  11. I pinned a bunch of my favorites over on Pinterest. Lisa, your designs are wonderful!

  12. I did all 3! I tweeted, I liked on FB, & I pinned! I love it all and can’t way to get my jumble of charms in the mail any day now!

  13. You make such beautiful pieces! I love the devoted bracelet, sterling ring and the jumble of charms necklace…so hard to pick just one.

  14. I posted on FB that I love my sterling family tree, I get so many compliments. I have also gotten from my husband a personal necklace made by you. Thanks

  15. My husband asked me to marry him by writing “will you marry me” in a heart on a tree… love the sweetheart tree necklace!
    Pinned it!

  16. Sterling chosen necklace – liked on FB!
    Our daughter is adopted, so this necklace is so special!!

  17. I just pinned the bits of my heart bracelet, dewdrops necklace, tiny twig necklace, and sun drop earrings. Love them all!

  18. I “liked” the mama necklace on fb. You are so talented, thanks for stepping out and sharing with all of us!

  19. Ooooh – Just LOVE your pieces, esp. the Sterling Family tree necklace… I posted it to FB (Head over to the shop and ‘like’ one or more products in our shop and post this message (be sure to come back and let us know by commenting on this post)… ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))
    I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD
    / Thanks for the chance!

  20. Liked the adoption necklace on your website! We are adopting from Uganda right now, so I can’t wait to me a first-time mom soon!

  21. I liked the Mama necklace and shared on FB, but I love all of your jewelry! I have the brave love necklace and get SO MANY compliments every time I wear it!

  22. Just liked the adoption necklace on pinterest! We are adopting from Uganda right now, so I can’t wait to me a first-time mom soon!

  23. fun give away!

    i love all your pieces. really. but your original necklace is still my favorite…probably because i LOVE and WEAR mine SO MUCH!

    i pinned my favorite necklace. then facebook shared my pinning.

  24. I pinned the “petite family crest” necklace. I love your jewelry and have given it often as gifts…and I’m definitely going to get something for myself soon to celebrate the birth of our first baby in September! This will be my first Mother’s Day…thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  25. I pinned the itty bitty hearts necklace! Live that necklace, bought one for my mom, now I need one!

  26. Pinned, tweeted and Facebooked you! (Which I’ve done several times in the past three years!) Love, love, love your world.

  27. I pinned the bits of my heart bracelet. I can see why it’s so popular…simply adorable!

  28. The vintage frame necklace or the bottle of love necklace – honestly, I love 99% of your designs!

  29. Did I mention that I ALSO pinned the necklace of my dreams onto my Style Me Jade pinboard on Pinterest?? <3 I lurv you LL!!

  30. I pinned, too. Would have a very happy Mother’s day if I won that package (okay, I will anyway, but thanks again!)

  31. I love the Hope is the thing necklace so I pinned it! I’m not really sure how to give you the URL to that from my iPad… But my user name on Pinterest is Leana S

  32. I “liked” the “This is Love” necklace. Love the flowers. I have a necklace from you that I wear every. single.day. It is part of my school “uniform.” Would LOVE to win the camera for my daughter who is the mom to two darling little girls. Must go back and look at more jewelry! Thanks for the chance!

  33. I pinned on pinterest. I get so many comments on my necklace with my boys name on it. I love it

  34. i love everything but i dont have an account on any of the 3 things!! i still want to try and enter!! any way possible??

  35. I just love jumble of charms necklace. I’ve had my eye on it for a while and bought one like it for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I’ve been hinting to my hubby and I accidentally saw that he had a Lisa Leonard charge on his bank account last month. He’s been dying to give me my mother’s day gift. I know it will be awesome b/c it’s a Lisa creation, and I’ll be even more tickled if it’s this particular necklace!! We will see! (o:

  36. I tweeted! Love the “bits of my heart” bracelet and “my sunshine” necklace…they’d be wonderful to add to my collection! Really tho, I love it all!

  37. I posted on my fb page “Mom” heart
    love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

  38. I love the new “MOM” neclace with the adorable little flower on it! So perfect for Mother’s Day!!! 🙂

  39. I posted on Facebook and I love your jumble of charms necklace…I love all your stuff!!! Nothing better than having my babies names on my jewelry, greatest gifts ever:)

  40. Posted on FB:

    I love the “jumbles of Charms” necklace, Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

  41. I love the pieces of my heart bracelet and “Liked it” on the page.
    I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

  42. I love everything but i ‘liked’the mama necklace.

  43. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard: my dear necklace. So perfect to wear on Mother’s day! I liked it on Facebook too.

  44. I posted this yesterday but its gone now. I orderded this for myself with my nieces and nephews names on it and love it. It would b e perfect for Mother’s day.
    I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

    Love Lisa Leonard

  45. loving the bits of my heart bracelet!! I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

  46. I also shared your link and your oh-so-special blessed and lucky necklace on my facebook page! It would be perfect for my Sister-in-law! Thanks Lisa!

  47. I love the vintage frames necklace…pretty, feminine and reminiscent! Lovely! I pinned it to my fav products on my pinterest board. Your art and creativity is beautiful…I appreciate the he’art’ in you…;).

  48. I liked my favorite necklace, the jumble of charms one…which I am hoping hubby adds to this mother’s day as we had our sixth in Novemeber 🙂 My new fav is the connected necklace…love the edgy look of it!

  49. I liked hope is the thing necklace! my friend has this tattoo on her inner bicep – love it! xox

  50. I liked the sterling silver leaf earrings. I wish I would have asked for these to go with my new bracelet I’m getting for mother’s day. I can’t wait!!!

  51. I liked the Blessed and Lucky necklace on facebook. I LOVE my Family Tree necklace my husband bought me for our anniversary at the beginning of April!

  52. I pinned one of your favorites, necklace with kids names on it, on Pinterest….thanks, you’ve started a tradition in our family!

  53. My favorite piece in your collection is the “Loved” necklace, which I bought for my daughter in April for her birthday.
    Thanks for the chance to win, stay blessed and Happy Mother’s Day!

  54. Posted on FB. Have bought several pieces for myself and for gifts . . . everyone of them are a big hit. Next on my wishlist . . . the thin sterling cuff bracelet, for me!

  55. I liked the itty bitty hearts necklace on fb and posted the contest info with it… What a sweet giveaway, thanks!

  56. I love the devoted bracelet…. already have a few necklaces so this would round out my collection 😉

  57. I liked the three heart bracelet. I own several pieces from your collection and love them all.

  58. I have ‘liked’ and commented on Facebook on your gorgeous ‘sterling blessed & lucky necklace’ – while wearing your ‘My dear’ necklace! Thank you!

  59. i like the bitty hearts, with my children’s initials. that would be a sweet mother’s day gift. i liked Lisa’s page on FB

  60. I love all of your designs, but my favorite is the
    My Treasure necklace. Thanks for this fun contest
    and a chance to win.

  61. I love the petite original necklace. I bought 3 circles 2 years ago and have each of my children’s names on them. One daughter who is in heaven, one daughter here and one son here. It is a great way as a mom to share that I AM a mother to my three children… even if one is not here on earth. I am also pregnant with my fourth child… and I will be ordering a 4th circle to add to it with her name on it. I wear my necklace almost every day and it is my favorite piece of jewelry of all. I call it my moms necklace.

  62. i loved many Mother’s Day pieces @ lisaleonard. I liked the sterling dewdrops necklace and pinned one as well!

  63. I’ve added three of my favourite pieces to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in three separate posts. I have a feeling I got one of them for Mother’s Day – a package arrived in the mail with your return address!

  64. So many to choose from, but I think that I would like to be fun and pick the camera necklace…I think it’s called, through my lens, very fun!

  65. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard: The “Vintage Charm Necklace”. It’s quaint, it’s whimsical and it’s utterly charming.

  66. i pinned the ‘celebrate mom necklace’ as a favorite piece. anything with that little flower catches my eye!

  67. I posted on Facebook about the Daisy Chain bracelet!!! I’m a proud owner of multiple Lisa Leonard pieces!

  68. I pinned the molded hear bracelet … I’ve lusted after it since it pemiered! I may break down and buy it for myself!

  69. I still love the Through My Lens Necklace that I bought for my daughter and I like the Bits of My Heart bracelet.

  70. I posted on FB about my favorite piece…the molded heart bracelet! Wear it everyday! Thanks!

  71. Love the This is Love necklace. Own the By grace alone, would love to add that to this necklace!

  72. I love the Mama necklace 🙂 Hoping Daddy was smart and ordered it a few weeks ago, in time for Mother’s Day!

  73. I pinned the heart necklace on Pinterest. I would love to have this one! I love all of your work!!!

  74. I pinned the mama necklace. I love them all but this one is one I would love to receive on Mother’s Day morning. Great work!!

  75. I also pinned the heartstrings necklace on Pinterest and posted the comment! Thank you!

  76. I just went on and “liked” the heartstrings necklace, because I have it and it’s my favorite! I get asked all the time where I got it!

  77. I pinned on Facebook the connected necklace with the 2 hearts. I love this neclace! It is very simple but with a very important message. I would love to have this necklace! (along with alot of others!! :))

  78. I pinned the teenie tiny necklace on facebook. I would love to have this with a pearl on it and an initial for my 2 children.(a & g)

  79. Oops, my appology, I liked the necklace with the coffee cup on Facebook but do like the Celebrate Mom Necklace on your blog.

  80. I “pinned” the jumble of charms necklace – this would be perfect for my Aunt who has four girls!

  81. I “pinned” the my treasure necklace on Pinterest – I own this necklace and LOVE it!

  82. I “liked” the jumble of charms necklace and posted it to Facebook – I love all the different shapes and how each charm is different!

  83. I love the jumble of charms necklace (I just got mine in the mail today!).
    I “liked” the jumble of charms on Facebook and pinned it on Pinterest.

  84. I “liked” the mama necklace and posted it to Facebook! SO sweet!! They only call us “mama” for so long… aww!

  85. I love everything you’ve ever done! (totally NOT exaggerating). The first thing I ever bought from you was a dog tag necklace for my best friend with our nicknames on it. But, my favorite thing will always be the Gwyneth Rose necklace that you did for Tricia & Nate. Not just because of what it represented, but because it’s how I found you!

  86. I liked a product on your webpage – wow, so beautiful. I love the “mama necklace”. I am mama here at home, and that name means so much to me. What a gorgeous piece.

  87. how to chose just one…i love the necklack with the hearts with childrens names on them!!! just love everything though!!!

  88. Liked your ‘daisy chain bracelet’ and ‘bits of my heart bracelet’ on Facebook.

  89. I find it so hard to just choose I thing I love. My first choice would have to be a jumble of charms so that I could match the charm to the child, closely follwed by the lovely heart braclet. Thanks for the chance to win & happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

  90. I looooove the Family Tree pendant. My husband gave me one for my birthday a couple of years ago, and I wear it all the time!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

  91. One of my most recent favorites is the “autumn’s song” necklace, as well as the connected (two hearts) necklace. Maybe its because I don’t have kids or grandkids so I’m not as big a fan of the customization ….. at least not for now. Maybe one day 🙂 I do love LLD, and hopefully will be able to purchase in the future, when I get a job!

  92. and I pinned my fav necklace, I love them all but REALLY love your design on this one, Lisa…

  93. I posted on my FB page that I “Like” This is Love necklace. It’s just so beautiful, Lisa.

  94. I am not a facebook-er, but I want you to know how much I adore every piece. I still can’t decide which one to order that represents my family – tree, or charms. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  95. I love the My Treasures necklace. My Mom is so wonderful and worked hard her whole life and definitely deserves some surprised this Mother’s Day 🙂

  96. I liked the vintage frames necklace on Facebook. Everything is so beautiful it’s really hard to like just one thing!!!

  97. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard — the open circle necklace. Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD

  98. I also “liked” the sterling my heart necklace. I love All the new pieces! And I love seeing your stuff in magazines. Also, it was from a distance but I’m pretty sure I saw someone here in Boston wearing the Tiny Twig necklace!!

  99. I “liked” the sterling captured heart necklace. I posted it on facebook with “I have this piece with grace, joy and love stamped on it! :)”

  100. I ‘liked’ the Molded Heart Bracelet on your page. (I actually LOVE it but there’s no ‘love’ button!) haha

  101. I love everything, but my absolute favorites are the connected hearts, open circle, Autumn Song, and the coffee cup. Gorgeous!

  102. Hello! I love all of my Lisa Leonard jewelry. I pinned the tiny twig necklace because it seems like as a mom I represent the branch for my little birdie!

  103. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/6YEYd #i<3LLD
    I pinned several pieces to my board"My Style"

  104. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard ..the Daisy Chain Bracelet!

  105. I “liked” the Jumble of Charms necklace – has been on my mental wish list for OH SO LONG! Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I like the family tree necklace my husband got me for my bday–it’s my 3rd LL necklace. One I don’t have that I like is the ‘you’re the cream in my coffee’ piece..so cute!

  107. I liked the “Little Lady” necklace on my Facebook page! (So cute!)
    Happy Mothers day to all of the lovely mothers out there–
    and to my own beautiful role model in my life, Mom.
    God is so good for blessing me with you, Mom!

  108. I love the Jumble of Charms Necklace–and I would have our Grandchildren;s names on it–so pretty…

  109. love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard The “celebrate mom” necklace. Would love to have it with my son Greg’s name stamped on the back w/ his birthdate 5/1/73. My baby boy is 39 today and the Sunday he came home from the hospital was my first Mothers Day.

  110. pinned the key to my heart necklace! I already own the mommy necklace (older version of the mama) I love it & would love the key to my heart – my kids & husband hold those.

  111. Pinned several of your pieces on the Stuff I like board. Twig necklace, Daisy bracelet (love), Mothers Day cross necklace. Wanted to pin that cutie in the glasses on the first page of your website. Love him too.

  112. I love the mother’s day necklace. love your shop – awesome. thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  113. I liked them on Facebook! My mom and sister have since become customers since I started buying your jewelry. Oh and my husband, too! And I just got the coffee necklace for my mom for her birthday last weekend. LOVE love your designs! This is my go to place for gifts and everything 🙂

  114. I pinned the Celebrate Mom Necklace on Pinterest too. (Along with many other LL pieces. I love your work. LOVE IT!)

  115. Oh gosh so many, Connected Necklace or Marked by Love. Maybe a bracelet, Devoted. So hard to choose just one!

  116. I just love the “my treasure necklace” and the “through my lens necklace”.
    And yes, I would also so much love to win this gorgeous price! Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. I pinned the sterling sweetheart tree necklace on Pinterest! My sweet boy gave this to me before he left for the summer. I love it so much!

  118. I pinned the Autum’s Song bracelet and the leather cuff…so many beautiful things to choose from! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  119. I liked the charms necklace. I just bought my first piece from you as a gift for a “true friend”

  120. I tweeted (@perfectiynormai), FBed, and Pinned your Bits of my Heart bracelet (absolutely adorable!). All of your things are adorable. 🙂

  121. I just pinned the teenie tiny initials necklace because I just LOVE it so much! I have my two kids initials engraved on them & wear it everyday. Thanks for your beautiful & simple pieces Lisa! Just ADORE your pieces!

  122. I LOVE the “bits of my heart” bracelet as well as the heart necklace for mom and the necklace with children’s names, etc. I LOVE THEM ALL!! You are so talented!
    I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set! Contest: http://goo.gl/SnOSA #i<3LLD
    I do not know how to enter though…….not very computer savy!


  123. Hello! I’m a big fan of all your creations. It is hard to choose just one. I publish on my Facebook page one of my favorites, the jumble of charms necklace.

  124. I love, love, love the Mama necklace—-I am Mama to 9. I hope to see it for Mother’s Day. Would love to be the Big Giveaway Mama!! Thanks.

  125. I love this Mother’s Day piece from @lisaleonard Find your favorite piece and like it to win a Mother’s Day gift set!

    I sure hope I I am a wrapping a necklace on Mothers Day!

  126. my new fave — THIS IS LOVE necklace! i have the FEED YOUR SOUL necklace and receive many many compliments every time i wear it! i’ve posted, pinned, tweeted and commented : )

  127. Followed you on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and pinned, tweeted and (tried to, though I don’t think it worked) liked on facebook. I love, love love the daisy circle bracelet! But more importantly, how did I not know you had a blog? I will be following dedicatedly from now on! 🙂

  128. I love the connected necklace piece. I pinned it & used google+ to share it with friends & family. Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas out there! This will be my first Mothers day with out my mom… missing her so much.

  129. I FB “liked” the ‘bits of my heart bracelet’. It’s next on my Lisa Leonard wish list! 😉

  130. I pinned and liked the Mama Necklace under my name Natalia Pari McNamara and tweeted about it as @NatiMc. Good luck everyone! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!