elevate conference 2014

Elevate blog conference was AMAZING! I had a blast. Can I tell you the truth? When I’m asked to speak at a conference I get so excited. Then as the conference gets closer I get SO NERVOUS. The morning of the conference I wanted to run and hide under blankets. But I put on my brave face and jumped in. This group of ladies was kind, honest and basically amazing. I made so many new friends. It was fabulous to spend a day connecting–not just on a surface level but actually getting to go deeper. So good for my soul. I have lots of pics to share with you!

That’s Cassaundra from The Blue Closet and Ashley from Little Miss Momma. Beautiful inside and out!

Me with Alissa from Diary of an Addict.

Chrissy from Let Me See You Sparkle and Stephanie from Life Created did a fun session on photography.

Fiskars was a sponsor and they gave each of us a pair of scissors which I was probably waaay too excited about. But aren’t good scissors just awesome?!

These garlands from Aidie’s Hideway are TOO AMAZING! And affordable!

Cell phone pics galore!

These bags!!! Just stop what you’re doing and go shop Sage & Harper. They are beautiful. And Ali, the creator is the SWEETEST. I love her.

My heart melted instantly melted with sweet baby Johnny.

New friends, old friends. Isn’t it wonderful to just get to know people? It stretches me but I love it.

These hoops by Blue Without You. I die. Love love love.

Smiles, dimples and again, a heart melted.

The warm glow of the sunset. I didn’t want it to end!

Alissa from The Printed Palette is an inspiration to me.

There were so.many.amazing women there. I wish I could tell you about each and every one and how they touched my heart and made me thankful to be part of this community. The conference fed my soul.

Have you been to a gathering or conference lately? Did it stretch you in good ways?


  1. Lisa, I just wanted to say again it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for letting me take a picture with you. It made my day as I’ve always wanted to meet you. I know it was brief and I probably made it so forgettable, but I won’t forget meeting you! You are an inspiration!:) thanks for sharing your heart and inspiring words with us that day.

  2. Beautiful recap of a beautiful day! So loved meeting you and especially being so inspired by you! Thank you for teaching us through your example and kindness.

  3. Oh Lisa thank you for putting up that photo of Audrey! It brought tears to my eyes. I loved meeting you and I was just amazed at how real you are and how easy it was to connect with you on a personal level. Thank you for being you, and it is so refreshing to know that even you were nervous!

  4. LOVED meeting you…loved your story and everything about your business.
    You are so inspiring 😉
    Thank you for sharing us on your blog

  5. It was so great to see you and hug you friend. I’m so beyond blessed by our friendship. xo
    p.s we need to have a girls weekend in SLO
    pps i’m totally borrowing that pic of you and I for my post. lol

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