an everyday shopping moment to make it lovely

seems like i have to run to the grocery store at least a couple times a week. tuesday, david and i stopped by to pick up a few things we needed.

to be honest, i don’t mind grocery shopping, i just mind carrying the groceries into the house. but the shopping part is fun! so many yummy things.

and david is a great little shopper. he just hangs out in the cart and helps me as i stock up on lots of veggies {for daddy} soy yogurt {for david} fruit snacks {for matthias} and english muffins with marmalade jam {for me!}

as soon as i get home from the grocery store i start making the next shopping list–we are always running out of milk or eggs or bananas!

i’m perfectly happy with a grocery store valentine and grocery store flowers. i’m easy to please.

grocery shopping-love it or leave it?


  1. Hi Lisa! Wow, and I thought I was the only one in the world who enjoyed grocery shopping! I love Trader joes, Grocery Outlet (cause I’m always lookin for a bargain), then the big shopping comes from Sams club. I enjoy meal planning, shopping, preparation and cooking. People say I cook like a chef, but although I do like to try new different dishes, I think I cook pretty ordinary! I am pretty frugal, but I can easily stock up on items by using just a little ingenuity, and creativity. Love your pics 🙂

  2. Sad to say I hate it because it makes me think of cooking, which I’ve never liked either. If my mom had taught me, maybe I’d like doing it more. Although, I am trying to do more meal planning and cooking now for my health. I still hate to grocery shop, but learning to “like” the meal thing more. Can’t believe my kids survived all those years of fish sticks, mac and cheese and tacos. 🙂

  3. we shop 2x a month. it’s too expensive to shop in our neck of the woods so we hit winco in fresno.
    i do not like it, i selfishly want to shop in pretty grocery stores, with baggers, who will also load my car, BUT when i get my selfish self out of the way i praise God, for groceries we can afford (there was a time we couldn’t). praising Provider every time.

    btw- you can make anything look pretty. love your pix!

  4. Now that my girls are on their own I make lots of short trips to the local deli, produce place, etc…hardly ever need to go to the local Publix. But when ever my husband asks me to go pick up one or two things I have to warn him that the one carton of milk or OJ is probably going to cost $100.00! haha because I can’t get out of there without finding lots of other things I “need”. And I really don’t mind putting things away,,,because then I know where it all is!

  5. I don’t mind it as I do mine online, a few clickety-clicks and then magically it arrives at my door – no driving, carrying, just putting it away in my kitchen. I can live with that 🙂 x

  6. I love grocery shopping! I make a list, clip my coupons to save tons of money, and I head out to buy some yummy stuff. I love cooking so I look forward to buying groceries and ingredients that I will need for meals =).

  7. LOVE the grocery store. Always an adventure with a two year old. Highlights include: scooping oatmeal from the bins, picking just the right apples, and opening the refrigerator doors. The fun never ends. oh, I almost forgot, putting the stuff on the moving belt & pressing buttons on the credit card check out…

  8. Oh…I only like to grocery shop if I am without the kids. On the other hand, my husband loves the trips to the market. I love that he loves to do it!!

  9. Lisa, I love how you cherish the most basic things of every day life. You inspire me to do the same. Thank you! <3

  10. I love going by myself, it’s sort of relaxing.
    My husband is a huge help. I call him on my way home, he helps load in, unpacks the groceries (mainly to see the goodies I’ve picked up for him) and folds our reusable bags.
    I arrange it in the fridge and cupboards and we’re done!

    Love the pics!

  11. Been following you for awhile, love it. Had to comment today, because I take pictures in the store too! Do people look at you funny? The displays of the pumpkins at Halloween were too much for me! I’d prefer to not shop tho’.

  12. It definitely depends on my mood, though there are definitely stores that I enjoy shopping in more than others. If only I had a Super Target instead of just a regular Target I would LOVE shopping. I’m sure!

  13. Sooooooo glad my hubby does not mind grocery shopping because I hate it so… and he goes more days than not… like you, we start making the next list before we are even done unpacking what we just bought… so crazy!

  14. well , I shop every week and it usually cost me close to 350.00 @ super walmart so not all purchases are things to eat … but except for the cost the shopping part and the cooking part is a pleasure but , I am with you on the unloading putting up part such a chore but, part of life as the cook & shopper!! Thanks Lisa for making my everyday an uplifting joy ! You my dear are a true delight !! Be blessed & Have a great weekend too !

  15. Oh, I’m with you, the shopping isn’t the problem, it’s the bringing them home and putting them up. :o)

    So glad that David is a happy little shopper.

    And, I love the grocery store flowers too and so much less expensive and to me, just as pretty.

    Always love to stop by!

  16. Confession: loading the cart is just fine with me. It’s the unloading onto the belt, loading it into the car, unloading it into the kitchen, and then putting it all away that I absolutely ABHOR! So redundant! Week after week! Give me a personal shopper, please. 🙂

  17. Um, LOVE IT! I love to grocery shop! I’m not a big fan of paying for them (but I do…don’t worry, no shoplifting here!)…just hate forking out some much money every month! 🙂

  18. Love it!!! Since shopping-shopping is kind of a special deal around here anymore, grocery shopping now fills that niche in my life. And my youngest daughter loves to go “hoppin” and ride in the “hoppin art.” Too cute!

  19. HI Lisa, I loooooveeeee grocery shopping and so does John – which means we blow our budget EVERY time!! Like you I find putting it away a real pain, especially if it’s just before lunch and I’m starving.. I get crabby! LOLOL

  20. HATE IT!! I used to like it. Now that there are 7 of us and my husband is a grocery store manager, we have shopping going on about everyday. I just actually got back from the store and dropped almost $200 only to last part of the week://// My kids are still young so I am scared for the day that they all are teens! YIKES!!

  21. Grocery shopping can go either way for me. If I can take it at a leisurely pace I don’t it but frantic last minute “OH GOSH what am I making for dinner tonight!?” trips to the store are stressful.

    But I do get a big sense of pride every time I can manage to come in under budget on groceries 🙂 It’s like a game..

  22. I don’t mind it because I’m really good at it, there has got to be something wrong with being good at grocery shopping!!!

  23. Oh heavens….your gonna love this one. My family owns a health food/grocery store in our small town called Andy’s Market. My grandpa started it back in 1964 and it’s still going strong. So when we (the in town family members) go grocery shopping….we don’t buy our groceries. I just put my cloth grocery bags into the cart and fill them up in there, walk right past the check out stand, and head to the car. The funny thing (and some what alarming) is that my kids now think THAT is just what we do at stores. This could be a problem at say, Walmart, which we do NOT own. So since moving back home grocery shopping is a rock’n good time!!!

  24. If the supermarket is calm and quiet and I know where things are, I’m good. But if it’s crazy crowded and I can’t find things I am looking for, then I am no good.
    I hear you on the putting the groceries away, not fun.
    But like anything worth having, the hard work pays off when we are surrounded by a packed refrig and yummy foods that make the whole fam smile! Have a Happy Weekend Lisa!

  25. I LOVE to go to the grocery store! I get Rachael Ray mags, so I am always pulling a couple recipes out to make for that week. (we always like a NEW recipe to try….so it doesnt get boring) AND I love any deal of the day at the store, too!

    P.S. – I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! 🙂

  26. Don’t particularly enjoy it. We don’t have family close so we always have the kiddos, which makes the process much more “exciting”. ha! Plus, with money being tight, you don’t get to pick whatever your heart (or stomach) desires! The check-out total almost always makes me gasp.

  27. I actually love menu-planning and grocery shopping when I’m in the groove, However, when I’m all over the place (like I am now because we’re in the middle of moving), I find it really stressful. Though to be honest, I find most household tasks somewhat satisfying, when I have the time to dedicate to them.

  28. I’ve always loved getting groceries, but have really enjoyed it in the last couple yars since I get to go
    WITHOUT any kids! It just seems to go much more smoothly and you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you didn’t plan on getting…..except for the things you picked out – ha!

  29. I love it when I can do it alone or with just one of the (four) kids. When we all have to go, I run through the store like it’s an Olympic event.

  30. Leave it! There must be a simpler way….loading them into your cart, unloading them onto the counter, loading them back into that cart, unloading them into the car, unloading again into your house, unloading into the pantry…’s exhausting…..what’s with all the loading and unloading…..oh and I have three little ones to load and unload as well and very little room IN that cart for those groceries. They’re used to having things stacked all over them!

  31. Lisa, I love how you so lovingly captured something in pictures that so many people consider a tough “chore.” I personally don’t mind the shopping itself as much as putting the groceries away, as you said. Thank you for being such a bright spot in my day every day!

  32. Is that Ralph’s on Madonna? I love to grocery shop too. We vacation at Avila Beach every summer and Ralph’s is my first day of vacation tradition.

  33. I enjoy grocery shopping, aside from my running it’s the only other thing I get to do all by myself. 🙂 I love food (eating, cooking, baking), so being in a grocery store, is like a kid in a candy store! 😉

  34. My husband is the cook at our house so he won’t let me do the shopping(even though I love it) he says I never buy the right things on his list! 🙂 It’s ok , don’t worry I get my “shopping time” in just go to other kinds of shops!! HEE HEE!!

  35. i like grocery shopping – to see how blessed we are to have so much to choose from – although do we really need so many different cereals!! i always try to bribe the baggers to come home with me and put stuff away!! i promise lunch, movies, and i’ll have them back in time to clock out! no one ever takes me up on my offer though! SHEESH

  36. I do love it only if we have plenty in our budget at the time to get what I want. 🙂 I love being able to get foods that are good for my family and planning healthy meals instead of feeling pressure to get a frozen pizza because it’s $4. But I’m like you, hate carrying them in the house.

    Did you take your camera inside the store? Too funny, I love it.

  37. Love it! I mean, really, really love it! I love to cook and eat and have the pleasure of cooking 3x a day for my family (since we homeschool our 3 boys).

  38. we have a clothing section “Joe” brand…it is fantastic…so i love to “grocery shop”when i can find something pretty at the same time as yummy. happy friday!

  39. I love it. I’m a terrible wanderer though so trips take more than the other half can put up with. Definitely need to get better at making lists. I have 5 bottles of ground cinnamon in the pantry because I must think I’m out when at the store.

  40. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they didn’t have to ring up what I owe them at the end of the shopping. I tend to spend way too much at the grocery store. I like all the best stuff.

  41. I love to grocery shop, especially when they have two seater carts for my two boys – but, with a 3 year old and 1 year old, it’s increasingly difficult to get out of the store without some sort of need (potty break, the “I wants”, the “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty”) so, for now, in this season of our lives, I order my groceries and our Lowes Foods has a personal shopper that will get all my groceries for me, and I just drive up and they come out with a little PDA and check me out and load my groceries for me. While I do love the grocery store, I’m so thankful our store has this option for us right now (and that I can afford it on my limited budget!) 😀 HA!

  42. Leave it!!! I go only once a week and wish I could do the once a month thing that some people do. But I go to like 3 grocery stores looking and getting the best deals. Kroger, Aldi, and Costco. It’s a lot of work but saves us money in the end so I guess it’s worth it.

  43. Like the shopping part, hate the planning menus part. Worst of all though is after the 45 minute drive home having to unload it all. YUCK! Groceries should magically go from the back of my car to my fridge and cabinets. Oh and it should all get organized at the same time. 🙂

  44. Love it! Going in with my list and knowing where everything is. And I love walking in and strolling through the flowers especially during this cold and bitter winter we’ve been having. Did I tell you we had a foot of snow on Wednesday night? Brrrrrr

  45. Just found your blog and, gee, you have reminded me of the overload over there! I’ve lived abroad all my adult-life. I particularly remembering visiting the States from Italy one time (back in the late Eighties or early Nineties when they still barely had supermarkets there), standing in the aisle trying to choose a a stain remover or something. I remember blurting out loud, “How do you ever chooooose??”
    Now I feel like, “Oh, it’s so much simpler where I am.” But at the same time, I’m like, “I kinda wish…”

  46. Costco and Trader Joe’s are our shopping locations of choice! 😉

    And by the way, it is REALLY GREAT to be easily pleased with a token of affection. It is about the thought and the beloved gift-giver, I think.

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