sister birthday 2014

A couple weekends ago I met up with my twin and our two younger sisters {also twins} to stay in an airstream in Buellton, CA. We had so. much. fun. Coming back to real life was painful–that’s how much fun we had. No responsibilities, no stress, no timeline–just talking, laughing, eating, playing cards and being together. Being real. Being loved. It was amazing. Can we go back this weekend??

Lisa, Susan, Ellen, Chrissie {my twin}

We visited the ostrich farm which was hilarious. They are aggressive and funny. And huge!

The airstream was so fun and cozy!

These are the weekends that feed my soul. So good. So very very good.

Have you gotten away lately?


  1. We haven’t “gotten away”, but my two sisters and I did “get together” this weekend and went to a couple of estate sales together, which we’ve never done before. We had a blast!

  2. I am SO envious of you and your sisters! My sister are not close, not that I haven’t tried. And unfortunately, my husband and I haven’t had a vacation in a looong while. I will just live vicariously through you!

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