Hello friends! I am back from the Dominican Republic and soaking up time with my sweet boys.

These pics are from my sister trip  a couple weeks ago, when we stayed in Airstream trailer. We spotted Pink Trash and had to check it out. I found this dress at Pink Trash. If you happen to be on the 101 near Buellton, I recommend dropping in–there are so many fun treasures. The backyard is full of texture, light and vintage beauties. I’m jumping into a new week a little tired and a little inspired.

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How about some hellos?

Hello jumping back into the routine. Last week in the Dominican Republic–and completely out of my normal routine. I enjoyed it but it’s crazy how quick I can get back into my normal routine. I love adventures and I love being home.

Hello worrying about David’s eyelids. They’ve been irritated on and off for the last few months. We’ve tried everything–warm compresses, antibiotics and talked to some doctors, nothing has helped. The next step is to meet with a surgeon at UCLA. We have an appointment on October 6.

Hello grocery shopping and trying to perfect my salmon recipe this week.

Hello much needed haircut for Matthias. He is not excited but he always loves the result!

Hello catching up on Outlander. We have the last couple weeks recorded–I can’t wait to watch.

Hello reading two books on the various planes last week. It was so fun to read read read.

Hello fall. I can smell it in the air. The cooler weather and shorter days are coming.

Hello gift card to Anthropologie burning a hole in my pocket. How cute are these heels. I might be in love. 

Hello snuggles, being home, family movie night and catching my breath. Much needed.

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