new york city, day one

Phew! We’ve had a fabulous time in New York. It stretched us and wore us out–but we saw so much and loved being together. Our first day here we visited the New York Public Library, Rockerfeller Center {the Lego store!} and Grand Central Station. It wasn’t too cold that first day {day three was windy and freezing!!} and we walked all over just taking in something so new and different.

This image of David climbing the New York Public Library steps makes my heart happy. Traveling with him can be draining and frustrating but it’s amazing to see him rise to the challenge and explore a new city.

Matthias said the ‘inappropriate statues’ in Rockefeller Center bothered him. Too funny!

Steve was teasing David and making him laugh by covering up his face.

Today we fly home and enjoy a couple days before school starts again. I’m looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and not having to navigate huge crowds. I’m all for a quiet morning and a cup of coffee! I’ve got more pics to share of central park and the Empire State Building!


  1. Your pictures of New York are amazing… You made me feel like I was there. I have just found your website while researching jean hem length. I teach special needs so I was interested in reading about David.
    Thanks for the photos they’re lovely.

  2. What a beautiful family! I just found your blog and I am in tears. Your story and journey has touched my soul. I too am a mother of two little boys the same age as yours. The older one is disabled as well. He is autistic and has epilepsy and DCD. I am also a jeweler and started my business shortly after he was diagnosed, to be able to be home and have a flexible schedule for him. This post caught my attention because my Tomasito has never been to NY but is currently obsessed with it and is convinced that he wants to live there when he grows up- so in his words “he can eat whatever he wants” LOL! Anyway I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your life with us because I really needed some HOPE this morning and you gave it to me!

  3. Nice pictures! I hope you get to see a Broadway show while you’re there—and there’s a lovely Anthro shop right by Lego!

  4. Such a historical place, I went about ten years ago for a long weekend but it wasn’t long enough! Would love to go back to the states but its so big with so many places of interest not sure where I would want to go.

  5. Hi, I’m so glad you had a wonderful time. New York is one city that is on my bucket list to visit..
    Giggle, now I want to see the ”inappropriate” statues!!! Smiles..

  6. I WISH I could have met you while you were in NY. That would have made my year! So glad you and your family had fun. Travel safe.

  7. At least you got to wear your layers this winter! It’s usually warmer here this time of year. Glad you enjoyed our crazy beautiful city.

  8. Boston next!!! Nice to have you on our coast. It’s been a never ending winter it’s usually warmer by now!!

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