Hello friends and hello Monday! We are packing up from camping and traveling home today. I’m not sure I’m ready for a new week yet–how about another weekend? Today I’m sharing pics from our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium–it was so fun!

Hello dirt and sunscreen and bug bites. Oh camping–you are so much fun, but so dirty!

Hello mountains of laundry. Is there any hope–I’m not sure!

Hello pictures to edit and memories to cherish. We love this time with friends!

Hello coloring and lego and keyboards and splashing in the ocean. Summer is magical.

Hello smores and rice krispy treats and cake. I’ve been eating so much sugar!!!

Hello missing cousins who traveled back to Omaha. We loved getting time with you!

Hello looking forward to a getaway with just Steve and I this weekend. I can’t wait! I need downtime–and we are celebrating our lucky 13th anniversary!

Hello LOVING this picture of David and Steve checking out the seahorses. It makes my heart so happy.

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a busy and crazy and fabulous week!