We went camping in San Simeon with friends last week. The guys in our group all graduated from high school together. And they just happened to marry amazing women and have the sweetest kiddos. This is the same group we went to Mexico with last winter. We gather everyone together and have a great time. We were exhausted watching David non-stop, but it’s worth it to be with friends. I’m so thankful for this group!

You can see our camping trips from summer 2012 and summer 2011, too!

This is the stuff of summer:

sleeping in a tent

making bacon over a campfire

roasting marshmallows and making s’mores

climbing under piles of blankets in a tent trailer

climbing trees

riding bikes

digging in the sand

splashing in the waves

reapplying sunscreen

watching the sun get low in the evening,

counting the stars in the night sky

what are your favorite bits of summer?