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your spark book

this book is inspired by my boys—David, who bravely lives with a disability and limb differences, and Matthias who lives life with creativity and passion. They each have their own spark. They each make the world a better place. David and Matthias have taught me that I have my own spark, too. Each of us has a light that shines from inside.

We have loved reading together since they were newborns. I wanted to create a book with meaningful words and vibrant images to inspire kids, moms, dads, grandparents, teachers and sitters.

This book celebrates the BRIGHTEST part of you! You shine bright. The world needs your spark!

You shine your spark and I’ll shine mine, too! And together we will fill the world with bright, beautiful light!

inspired by my book!

  1. Your Spark Ring {Sterling Silver}
    Your Spark Ring {Sterling Silver}
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  2. Prayer Plaque {Pewter}
    Prayer Plaque {Pewter}
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  3. Brave Love® Heart Necklace {Pewter}
    Brave Love® Heart Necklace {Pewter}
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