Last week, as we pulled into Stonehenge I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I started out our England trip nervous, tired and yet still hopeful. We love traveling and we love getting time with our English cousins–but David had been having such a hard time. He was having lots of pain, sleepless nights and we were overwhelmed. He traveled well and slept great. And as we parked in the Stonehenge lot and got our tickets, I felt elated. We did it! We were together as a family at Stonehenge. It was a big deal–it’s still a big deal! I’m thankful we got to experience this together.

Stonehenge is ancient and was built before 2000 BC. When the sun sets and rises at summer and winter solstice, the light through the stones creates a straight line. We don’t know exactly how the stones were moved and built. It’s truly something to behold!

Have you been to Stonehenge or studied it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!