visiting stonehenge

Last week, as we pulled into Stonehenge I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I started out our England trip nervous, tired and yet still hopeful. We love traveling and we love getting time with our English cousins–but David had been having such a hard time. He was having lots of pain, sleepless nights and we were overwhelmed. He traveled well and slept great. And as we parked in the Stonehenge lot and got our tickets, I felt elated. We did it! We were together as a family at Stonehenge. It was a big deal–it’s still a big deal! I’m thankful we got to experience this together.

Stonehenge is ancient and was built before 2000 BC. When the sun sets and rises at summer and winter solstice, the light through the stones creates a straight line. We don’t know exactly how the stones were moved and built. It’s truly something to behold!

Have you been to Stonehenge or studied it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I had the privilege of doing a big European trip with my girls in 2010, including the awe filled visit to Stonehenge. This was just before our oldest moved out for college (she’s graduated now and engaged!)and now our middle one is leaving in 3 weeks to start University. Enjoy these moments, they’re gone in a blink. Unfortunately, our youngest, our son with special needs couldn’t have joined on this trip, it would have been too much. He stayed home with Daddy and my brother came along on the trip instead. He does join us for most trips, but in this case it was best to give the girls the time alone.
    Stonehenge was magnificent, I really need together back there with my husband now!

  2. So awesome! One thing I noticed looking through all your pictures is that everyone has a huge smile on their face! You can feel their happiness, I just love it!!

  3. I visited in 1974 as young person from Canada. I took a bus and walked to the site. I was alone at this magical site. The wind blowing through the stones and I could feel the ancients.Thank you for sharing your pictures. Such a different look as we were able to touch the stones.

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