cut off jeans, cut off jacket

Last week I popped into one of my favorite thrift stores and everywhere I turned was something amazing. The thrifting gods were smiling. I sifted quickly through a rack of clothing and came across the MOST awesome 80’s leather jacket. It was totally radical {if you’re an 80s kid, you’ll get the joke–if not, you think I’m a nerd–which I am.}

So I fell in love with this jacket. it had huge shoulder pads and ridiculously puffy sleeves. It looked a lot like this…

image source

I bought it for $4, brought it home and immediately cut out the shoulder pads and cut off the sleeves. And I love it! I feel like Cindy in Can’t Buy Me Love. I love that movie.

I didn’t know I needed a short sleeve leather jacket. So glad it found me.

I cut the hem off these Levi’s too–most of my alterations are done with scissors.

These sandals took some breaking in–but now they are so comfortable!

Outfit details: Leather jacket, thrifted. Levi’s, {I cut these off too}, Amazon. Tank, Old Navy. Sandals, Frye. North Star Necklace, My Shop. Boho Wallet, My shop.

What’s your favorite 80’s movie?


  1. Hi Lisa, a question about your jewellery. I have your ‘love, faith, hope’ pewter charm necklace from a few years ago. I was cleaning it and have broken the loop of the ‘hope’ charm. Do you have any individual ‘hope’ pieces left I could buy? I can’t see it on your website. (I live in the UK). Thanks! Natasha 🙂

  2. I love your website.. thank you for making it so simple to order from. I found your shop on f/b…
    .. I ordered the Jumble of Love Necklace… this is the first gift I have purchased for Christmas 2017.. so I can actually say ” I started my Christmas shopping!”.. Have a blessed day…

  3. you are always the cutest, ever. Your wallet is on my shopping list- I recently purchased the purse and it is by far, my favorite bag (even ranks over designer bags in the cabinet!)…..I get compliments every time I am out and the constant question “WHERE did you find that bag?” xo

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