what to wear with polka dot top and every day necklace

it’s wednesday, which probably means i’m linking up with lindsey for some fashion inspiration!

this is an outfit i wore to the workshop. wide leg jeans, anthropologie. sheer, polka dot top, target {5 years ago}, black tank, local shop. black wedges, old navy. play every day necklace, my shop.

although i lean toward solids in my clothing {it’s easier to mix and match} i love to mix in some polka dots, florals or a stripe now and then. are you drawn to any kind of print in your wardrobe?


  1. I seem to have lots of variations of black & white sundresses. I do have lots of colorful things too…so…it’s a toss up.

  2. So, I just clicked over from LMM but I have been spying your shop for sometime now, I have been leaving the window up on your shop so hopefully my husband will stumble upon it. 😉 But anyway, I love the polka-dots!

  3. Awwww, seeing this pics make me wish I would have worn regular clothes today…I can wear either scrubs or regular and more often than not I wear scrubs just b/c it’s easier…but to be honest wearing regular clothes makes me feel better about myself, so I think Thursday will be a regular day…lol….love your style….so glad I was told by LMM to stop by and see ya…Love what I see….Now off to look at the stuff at your shop….cheers!!!!


  4. So cute and sassy! I love it! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. My took became seriously ill two weeks ago and my world has been spinning ever since. It’s nice to be visiting around blogland this evening. Blessings to you!

  5. I definitely love polka does & your shirt this week is darling! I wore a black & white polka dot dress to work today, great minds think alike!

  6. Hi there! LMM sent me your way! New to blogging and loving yours! I just signed up to recieve your updates. This outfit is super cute, but I have to say – the slimplicity of the necklace makes the outfit!!!

  7. I’m a solid person (did i just say that) also but I’ve been trying to add some color in my wardrobe so the bohemian prints appeal to me usually under a little cardigan (in a color), with capri jeans or long jeans. I love black which most people don’t really like so to try to get away from that has been hard for me. I love what I wore Wednesday btw, it gets me out of the box. thanks for your blog Lisa

  8. I’m not necessarily drawn to certain patterns or colors, more to flowy tops & skinny bottoms since I’m apple shaped. I like lots of variation in color & pattern (except yellows, oranges, etc.). Cute top, btw!

  9. I love polka dots, but more for my kiddos than me. Big & colorful! I love this one – polka dots pretty subdued – I could totally wear that!

  10. Definitely drawn to polka dots and stripes as well. I am so much of a “solids” girl too…and black. I wear lots of black and jean as well. That’s why these “What I wore Wednesdays” are good for me…I need inspiration!

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