salvage, morro bay

i came across the prettiest little shop in morro bay a couple weeks ago.
she has a great collection of vintage seascapes, blue glass and these aprons hung on a clothesline. so sweet.

it’s located right across from dorns on morro bay blvd. her hours are sporadic, but you can call to make sure they’re open 805-801-0085.

i’m on the hunt for a couple of vintage, upholstered chairs or a beautiful vintage leather couch.  if you could choose to come across the perfect little treasure, at the perfect little price–what would your treasure be?


  1. I enjoy seeing all your “finds”, but I’m not much of a re-sale shop hunter. Certainly you must go without children – no way would my 4 yr old let me “REALLY look”. 🙂

  2. I need to start looking in thrift shops…but I am not good at finding treasures. I have a friend who loves to find embroidered linens. Maybe I’d look for a cake plate…but I would need Linda with me…to show me how to look. 🙂
    My brother always finds good things as well….I think I’d rather “put him on the case”..haha

  3. Hi Lisa, my perfect little treasure would be a wooden birdcage about 2ft high and wide that I could embellish with vintage goodness! Impossible to find here in New Zealand, or at least in our small city! Pookies as am desperate for one! Smiles…

  4. I love seeing all your finds! I am a thrift/salvage/yard sale junkie too. I would love to see a blog post about how you store all your things. I constantly find things I love, but I haven’t stopped loving what I already had. My house isn’t big enough to display it all! Do you resell or just rotate your treasures?

  5. What an awesome little shop.

    I am stopping by from LMM and have become a follower of your blog as well.

  6. That shop is adorable! I wish we had cute little shops like that in Nebraska. I’ve followed your blog for months now, but am here today from LMM. I’m entering giveaways for your goods like it’s my job.

  7. Stopping by for a visit from LMM. Love your blog and your jewelry. too too hard to pick just one favorite!

  8. Hi I’m visiting you for the first time by way of Little Miss Momma! 🙂 Love your shop; Such gorgeous stuff!

  9. I have been on the hunt for a really neat shelf/wardrobe/cabinet. Something deeper than a bookshelf, possibly with some doors. I want it to be our art station/sewing/crafting center.

    I haven’t found it yet — I will know when I do!

  10. Stopping by to visit from Little Miss Momma. Thank you for the opportunity. I LOVE that framed butterfly. It’s really pretty! What a fun shop!

  11. Such a cute shop! This past week, I found the cutest little vintage suitcase for 25 cents! And, a bright yellow platter for 50 cents. The little independent thrift shops are the best.

  12. That is a sweet little shop. I’m not on the hunt right now. We’re moving in September. I did score 4 white Fiesta dinner plates at Goodwill for $8.00 this weekend.

  13. Definitely beautiful!

    Want to be out to look for small size jugs to add lighting for my new bedroom. I have other a few and never try look for lights lamps from store.

    Can’t wait and start on the hunting.

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