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what i wore wednesday.

October 6th | what i wore wednesday



hi wednesday and hello friends!

i’m linking up with sweet lindsey for what i wore wednesday.

the above outfit is new, i hit a great sale at gap (both skirt and knit top from gap)

boots, frye

pearl necklace, lisa leonard designs




love this flowy top from tucker for target

jeans, banana republic

vintage floral necklace

aqua stones necklace, lisa leonard designs




maroon knit dress, target

sweater, gift

belt, banana republic

boots, jessica simpson

pearl necklace, key to my heart necklace, lisa leonard designs




same jeans, banana republic

ruffle top, french quarter (boutique downtown)

fave gray sweater, target

same boots, jessica simpson

floral pin, gilded life (So cute, right?! hi deb & shea!!)




same jeans, banana republic

white dress, sundance

same boots, jessica simpson

yellow cardi, target

jewelry, lisa leonard designs




and here is steve mocking me.

and once i saw these pics i couldn’t stop laughing.

jeans, big sky

shirt, banana republic

boots, stu bed

* * *

looking at these pics, i wore those tan, leather, jessica simpson boots almost every day. ha!

what’s your favorite pair of shoes right now?

89 Responses

  1. shawna says:

    Tell Steve he is a hottie! HAHAHA! Oh…. and you are gorgeous Lisa as well 😉

  2. Erin M. says:

    Oh my goodness – hilarious!

    And if I had those boots, i would wear them every day too! So cute!

    They are not super fashionable, but I LOVE my red Keens – SO comfy!

    And I’m doing my first WIWW today – so nervous, but thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Nikole says:

    Thanks for the morning laugh! So funny!!!! Love it!!! :) He looks pretty darn good! Let’s get more of our men to do this!!

  4. Oh my, Lisa! Your style is fabulous!! I love it! And, the pics of your husband Thanks for the awesome style inspiration!

  5. Nikole says:

    I have to absolutely Thank you, Lisa, for making the beautiful pearl neclace as well as the rest. My husband surprised me the other day with beautiful flowers and your special including the pearls just because he LOVES me! It was so sweet and thoughtful of him….i cried. I now have four of your BEAUTIFUL pieces that I am able to rotate. I love them. We are keeping you and your family in our prayers!

  6. dawn says:

    love your WIWW posts, Lisa. You have a great style. I love your boots–thinking about getting some similar ones…

    Your hubby cracked me up.

  7. denise says:

    “do your little dance on the catwalk!” fun to see steve play along. loe the jeans rolled up with the boots, i’m going to bust out and try that this week.

  8. the veg meg says:

    my favorite pair of shoes right now is my old ratty pair of new balances. they’re not any good for running, but they’re GREAT for being comfy…but that could just be because i’m sick this week and want comfort :]

  9. Connally says:

    always and forever, my ash canvas TOMS :)
    and you are lovely by the way!

  10. sarita says:

    i see steve on the “runway”…

  11. Suzanne says:

    Right now i have two fave shoes – my cowboy boots (from marshalls years ago) and my new black riding boots (zappos). Oh, and I have to add in my black flats from target – they are a staple!

    You have great style – you inspire me to try new things. thank you! And, your husband is darling!

  12. Amanda says:

    You are a fabulously cute dresser!!!!

  13. You are soooooo stylish, laydeh!

    I love that navy dress with the belt 😀


  14. jewelscapes says:

    I am in love with that Sundance dress, it is so beautiful. You look great every day and I love your jewelry. All beautiful! That looks like something my husband would do, funny guy. :)

    Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot

  15. Charmed says:

    I just laughed outloud at your hubby’s pics and I’m subbing today.. the kids probably think i’m weird. It’s a computer class so I can look at all the wiww pics while i’m working. lOvE your style!

  16. I have some neat Mary Jane style Croc’s that don’t look at all like Croc’s that I’m wearing a lot. If it’s super cold I’ll wear my suede, camel colored boots. I LOVE the Tucker at Target shirt, I may have to find that!

  17. Sheri says:

    Ha – love the last photos of Steve! Don’t you love a guy with a great sense of humor? Favorite shoes right now – Dansko clogs. But I was on Zappos last night looking for cute flats – does that count?

  18. kate says:

    i love your style!!! i got some amazing black boots from target last week for only $7!!!! that is all i have been wearing!!!

  19. Your husband is hillarious! I LOVED it!!

  20. jasmine says:

    ohmigosh, Steve is the bestest :) Thanks for the laugh this morning! (And love your style as usual!)

  21. Noelle White says:

    Thanks for the giggle…..what a cute family you have!!!!

  22. Cilla says:

    Lisa, your outfits really take the cake this week, I love every single one. You look beautiful in every shot.

  23. polly says:

    You are just too cute – you wear your clothes well! Such a cute style … spunky and sassy and hip! And your husband is too fun! :)

  24. Val says:

    Work it, Steve! Thank you for sharing your family “peeks” with us. Always makes me smile :)

  25. Lori-Anne says:

    Lol! Your husband does a very good impression of you!! Ha ha!

    Your style is lovely, though! I love how distinctive it is, and it really suits you!

  26. Kristy says:

    Hilarious!!! That is exactly what my husband would do.
    P.S. Thank you for reminding me about belts! That maroon dress looks so great with that BR belt. Why don’t I ever think to do that? Inspiring.

  27. Ramona Gordy says:

    Hey Lisa
    You and your hubby are so cute.LOL:) I love “What I wore Wed”. I think I have the courage to post something like it on my blog.
    Have a great week

  28. Kim T. says:

    Hi.lar.i.ous!!! oh that was a good laugh for the morning. Gotta love the hubbies!!! Love that sundance dress!! :)

  29. kim says: lisa, how are you so cute?!?! and your hubs making fun of you is totally something my chase would do. :) happy day, pretty woman!

  30. Kathleen says:

    I love love love your outfits. Your Gap finds are awesome and I love your jewelry (as always, they brighten many ensembles).

    Your husband is hilarious, mine tries the same thing :)

  31. ha! that made me laugh!!

  32. jenn says:

    ha! i busted out laughing when i saw that picture of steve! my husband would be doing the same thing.

    i LOVE that sweater with the maroon dress!

    i have no favorite shoes i’m wearing right now, as i work at sbux 5 days a week and don’t go out after that. my shoes are keens, though, and i love them because they’re sturdy and don’t flinch when i flick whipped cream on them accidentally.

  33. Annie says:

    hey lisa, leo says steve doesn’t even know how to get on a horse – we’ve seen him try – how does he qualify for wearing boots?

  34. Talysa says:

    What a sport! And so stylish! He’s a keeper for sure. 😉

    I love all of them…but that cream dress is my fav. So vintage. So cute!

  35. Ann says:

    Hy.ster.ical!!! Love that your Hubby got involved. What a great post.
    Thanks, Lisa!

  36. Jolene says:

    Love ~ Love ~ Love
    Strike a pose Steve!!
    Thanks again Lisa for another WIWW ~

  37. Kirsten says:

    Omg I love it! Your hubster is awesome!

    I love the maroon – stunning color :) Yum!

  38. Dana says:

    That is so adorable! He did great! As usual you look beautifully perfect everyday. You have an awesome style.

  39. Karen P. says:

    Lisa, I love your style! And I think Steve should participate more on WIWW!! LOL

  40. Krista says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE that your husband did this!! TOO funny!

  41. Alison says:

    Your outfits are adorable! And I love the photos of Steve. SO funny!!!

  42. Kelly H-Y says:

    That is too funny! Love that he did that! You look gorgeous, as always! :-)

  43. DebZorn says:

    I just love your style (and your jewelry). I wish I could style myself like you do. You are adorable! And so is Steve. I’m so glad you do WIWW.

  44. holly spears says:

    you are so cute!!! i love the pictures of your husband. seriously made me laugh out loud. :) as for shoes… i finally talked myself into a pair of black and white houndstooth ankle boots and i wear them all the time! :)

  45. Tetcy says:

    Hers AND his!!! Favourites right now…my funky flat boots from Globo, and…in all their frumpiness for work…my Holeys clogs are sooo gloriously comfy.

  46. liz r. says:

    Steve is a hoot! And you look great, as always.

  47. sarita says:

    Gotta love a man with a sense of humor !! too funny ! you are quite the dresser .. love your clothes, you are a delight !! be blessed my friend !

  48. Hilarious!! My husband would TOTALLY do that to me. He needs to learn how NOT to look at the camera, though. :)

  49. Megan Boragine says:

    STEVE! you just made my day! and Lisa you always make my day…! love to you both and the boys :)

  50. KaraM says:

    So funny! My new husband would do the same thing. My favorite shoes are my wedding TOMS, but they’re white. Had to put them away for a few seasons…tear!

  51. tiffany day says:

    hi lisa,

    you have such great style – so adorable and you always look so comfy!! i recently bought a really cute t-shirt by Tucker at Target – love it!!

    my favorite shoes are my gray ugs – unfortunately I can’t wear them to work!!


  52. Jennifer says:

    oh my goodness…your husband made me smile!! That is too cute!
    Your outfits are all AMAZING! I love your style!!
    I’m loving your boots, right now though I’m trying to give my sandals a last hurrah and my purple clarks are my favorite because they are so comfortable and the color is my favorite!

  53. kelly says:

    love your style! very cute. my husband is always making fun of me!

  54. sharon says:

    super cute! and hilarious:)

  55. abby says:

    The ruffles and the flowers! LOOOOVE!

  56. S Club Mama says:

    I found you via Erin ( via WWIW. I love your outfits! The flowy shirt looks so good on you; not many of us could pull that off. And of course, fabulous jewelry. You make me wish I owned a pair of boots, though. :)

    My favorite shoes right now are my running shoes. :)

  57. Susan says:

    More Steve Please….

    Love your WIWW posts.


  58. Michele says:

    I’m laughing so hard at the pics of your husband mocking you. Mine does the same thing!!! Cute outfits this week, as always. I really like your new outfit from the Gap.

  59. Denise C. says:

    First of all Steve you’re hilarious! More pictures!!! :) Lisa, how do you pull off the dress/jeans look so well? I love it, but cannot seem to make it look right (one trip to the fitting room told me so.) Lastly, my favorite shoes? It’s a toss, my running shoes (strictly for running) & my black Converse All-Stars (low), I adore those! 😉

  60. teresa says:

    Okay Sweet~Girl!
    I am rolllllling off the couch laughing at your Steve posing!
    That is CLASSIC!
    I LOVE it!
    And I do believe you have brought about some JEALOUSY in me!
    Oh I am just so ashamed!
    I know JEALOUSY is not attractive…but I am dying over those cow~girl boots with that
    white peasant top and cardigan!
    OMGoodness Lisa!
    You are ROCKIN those BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!
    And I am adoring those jeans with the cool cuffs!
    And let me see…what else!
    I CAN’t BELIEVE you are going to be in Birmingham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know I am from Birmingham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You MUST go shopping in Homewood!
    My mom used to stroll us to Homewood when we were little!
    And Mt. Brook has adorable shoppes!
    If you go to Homewood….PROMISE me you will got to a gorgeous~serene~heavenly shoppe called WHITE FLOWERS!
    Lisa…it is like walking into HEAVEN!
    You will die!
    Please promise me you will go!
    I got my wedding dress in there!
    I love love love love everything in that shoppe!
    You will LOVE the little shoppes of Homewood!
    Love to you sweet girl!
    Love to you!
    Praying for David’s surgery!

  61. I love all of your outfits and your sense of style.
    Thank you for the photos of NextTopModelSteve. I needed a good laugh. :-)

  62. Megan says:

    my fave shoes of the moment are my paisley wellies- so comfy!

  63. Kristin says:

    I love your style :) My favorite pair of shoes right now are my black Keens!!

  64. Lisa says:

    Oh that cracked me up with Steve! Fav shoes: Croc flip-flops always. Ya know, rubbery colorful ugly things. Love them :)

  65. Sue says:

    Gotta love that “model” husband! Great job, Steve!

  66. Dee says:

    this is the funniest thing i have ever seen … glad you both have a good sense of humor it takes you far.

  67. Jenny says:

    Oh my goodness, your husband made me laugh out loud as I’m sitting here at the coffee shop. That is so funny! I love that maroon sweater dress on you and also love those BR jeans! You look great in everything though.

    Have a great night, Lisa!

  68. Bev says:

    I wish target still carried that favorite gray sweater !!!! Love your style. My favorite shoes is black ballet flats from target . They have a cute ruffled rose on them.

  69. Oh that is TOO cute, Steve’s pics, LOL! My favorite pair of boots are ones I have NOT worn yet, hee! They are new, from DSW. It’s like I’m too afraid to wear them because I really shouldn’t have bought them (although they were only $99 for tall real leather riding boots) and once I wear them, I can’t return them. So for now I am “admiring” them greatly and waiting to wear them for the first time. Hee!

  70. Megan says:

    Steve rocks – that totally made me laugh.

  71. Korin Guglielmi says:

    LMAO! You’re husband is a cutie! Thanks for sharing your outfit ideas – a great source of inspiration! And, I think you’d look good in a potato sack!

  72. penny says:

    Steve. You KILL me. Seriously. I double-dog DARE you to post a WIWW on your blog. Ha!

  73. April O. says:

    The What I Wore posts are not my favorite, but TODAY’S . . . So great!!! Yay, to an awesome sense of humor! :)

  74. Amanda says:

    SNORT! :) Love Steve hammin’ it up! :) Always love these posts from you! :)

  75. FunkySteph says:

    I love your outfits and the WIWW is a post I am waiting every week. I find your hubby amazing! Fabulous that he let you posted those pics. Keep going!

  76. Sugar Mama says:

    What a funny man your husband is! But he has a great sense of fashion!

  77. Gussy says:

    so funny!!!!! Steve is great ~ what a good sport! ;]

  78. Renae says:

    I am crackin up! That is classic…and you look cute too!

  79. Steve’s section made me laugh out loud. Love it- tell him he has a great future in modeling.

  80. Anne says:

    You have a great eye for style, Lisa. I L-O-V-E everything that you wore. You put it all together SO well! The pictures of your hubby mocking you are funny. Good for you for posting them!

  81. Melissa says:

    Tell Steve that only REAL men feel manly enough to participate in What I Wore Wednesday :)
    I have a pair of tan/camel cowboy boots that I found at my local Salvation Army that I am loving right now! I found that I can wear them with just about anything and it looks good. As always, just love all of your outfits, you are an inspiration!

  82. Terri says:

    Love the jeans and the boots…I also love that your husband got in on the action! My favs right now are the flip flops I can’t pack away and the polka dot rain boots that make me cheer for rain.

  83. Robbin says:

    OH, Steve! You look lovely! hahahaha My favorite shoes are flip-flops, even in winter. My next favorite shoes are my Tigger slippers.

  84. ha ha ha haha Steve is hilarious!

  85. okay, now *that* is hilarious. please, please promise to allow steve another guest appearance in future episodes of ‘what i wore wednesday’.

    do you ever feel pressure to dress more cutely because you know we’re all watching you?…i should probably do that, actually. not a bad idea. i always love seeing what you have put together. you have such an awesome sense of style!

    to your question, my favorite pair of shoes ever in the world are my totally beat-up, rough-and-tumbled, ain’t no two ways about it…cowboy boots. they are at least three, probably four, maybe five years old. they make me feel at home no matter where i am, in dresses or jeans. but, mercy…they look bad.


    p.s. what’s the update on david?

  86. Okay…love the clothes. We definitely have the same taste …and I am on my way to Target. You bought some amazingly cute things there. Thanks for sharing,

  87. Jackie says:

    Lisa those pics of Steve are adorable…LOL. You two are the cutest couple…what a sweet lil family you four are. I love seeing what outfits you are wearing….you must be tall to be able to wear a long top/dress over jeans….my 5’1 body couldn’t do that….heehee. Hope David’s surgery goes well. My 17 yr old son just had some surgery due to his IBD. It was performed at Millers Childrens Hospital down here in Long Beach… I feel that stress that you are feeling. Hope all goes well. HUGS

  88. Tiffany says:

    Oh your husband is a HOOOT! WHat a fun thing to do!

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