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what i wore wednesday

November 2nd | blog friends, what i wore wednesday

it’s wednesday and i’m linkin up with lindsey from the pleated poppy for some fashion inspiration. scroll down, because she’s doing a giveaway too!

these pics were taken last week–before i had my hair colored. skirt, gap. denim shirt, chicos. cream tights, target. leather boots, anthro.ย  scarf and cluth, both from the pleated poppy. so fun!

rosette necklace, allora handmade. molded heart bracelet, my shop.

Remember all the missoni craziness at target? Well somehow a few days after the madness I found this women’s vest in the children’s department and marked down to $6. so i snagged it! jeans and white shirt, anthro. vest, missoni for target. black oxfords, target.rosette necklace, allora handmade.

ย seriously, when david wants to be held and snuggle in close–i try to drop everything and just soak it up. and when he wraps his arm around my neck? pure sweetness. i love being a mom.

okay friends! my sweet and very talented friend lindsey {the pleated poppy} is giving away TWO gift certificates to her adorable shop for $25 each!! hop over to her shop and you’ll find the perfect handmade gifts for sisters, friends and teachers! leave a comment and tell us what is catching your eye–and you’ll be entered in the giveaway!

191 Responses

  1. Summer says:

    The ruffled scarf! Love it!

  2. Marni says:

    I LOVE the ruffled scarves!

  3. Sara says:

    I have a few things from Lindsey’s shop–so well-made and so fun! I would love a petal pusher and my daughter needs more chubby button hair clips.

  4. LOVD says:

    First off, you are looking mahvelous, red hair and all!!! Second, thanks for letting us know about the giveaway. Third, if you’re ever ready to cheat on the diet, I’ve got a caramel corn recipe that is to.die.for. on my What I Made Wednesday today. Let me know if you try! Peace!

  5. Lola P. says:

    The wristlet clutches are so adorable!!! me want one :)

  6. Laura says:

    Ruffled scarves and petal pushers…yes please! Love your new hair color–perfect for fall! :)

  7. JennaLynn says:

    I love her petal pushers! :)

  8. DaenelT says:

    Love Love Love the boots.

    And the snuggle picture at the end? Too cute.

  9. Liz McNeil says:

    I love all of her things! But her scarves always catch my eye! Love your new hair color!

  10. Angie says:

    a petal pusher in red :) Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  11. Kate says:

    I neeeeeed me a ruffled scarf!!!
    You look the best in the snuggle pic….awwwwww

  12. Helen says:

    I love the little clutches! So cute.

  13. Rachael B says:

    I love the petal pushers, and clutches, so fun! Love your new hair by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Alyssa says:

    I love the bloom belts!

  15. Lisa says:

    I love the petal drop necklaces. And, you make me want to color my hair, too! :-)

  16. Crecia says:

    I love her petal pushers!

  17. denise says:

    your red hair is so fun! i was a red head when michael met me. i recall dennis {his dad} being surprised when i went brunette. he thought i was really a red head.

    great vest! what a deal.

    don’t enter me in linz’ give away. i’ve got connections. :-)

  18. melody says:

    you always look so lovely!!! And the best accessory ever is David! :)

    have a lovely week.

  19. Sue says:

    Love you, love your blog & love WIWW. Just a head’s up – you typed white “shit” instead of “shirt” LOL!


  21. Sarah says:

    Everything in her shop is gorgeous, but I’d choose a ruffled scarf for this season!

  22. Jennifer says:

    The posy hair clips would look so cute in my daughters hair!

    I love the pic of you and David, I can see the love. I love being a mom too!

  23. sk* says:

    I REALLY need a checkbook cover.

  24. Claudine says:

    Oh that vest…so cute!
    And you definitely look the best in the snuggle picture, really!

    It is nice to get another peek at your lovely home, I always thought you took these pictures at the entrance to your workshop, but it looks like it is at your house, right?

  25. Carly says:

    I am loving the the ruffled scarves and zipper pouches in The Pleated Poppy’s shop! Thanks for the chance to enter! And I always love seeing what you wore everyday, you have great style!

  26. Amber says:

    I was just visiting The Pleated Poppy shop and drooling over the petal pushers and infinity scarves. You read my mind!

  27. Kristin says:

    Loving the black chevrons. I see someone already caught your typo. :)

  28. Erica says:

    The clutches are pretty cute!

  29. brandie says:

    Love the wristlet clutch and the E reader case!

  30. Michele T says:

    Love all the scarves but especially the reversible ones! Sweet pics, too. :)

  31. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the ruffled scarf!

  32. Amy says:

    I would love a clutch and a sunnies case. Such fun colors and patterns!

  33. LeAnn Hall says:

    Would you believe I would love a checkbook cover. It might actually make writing the bills more fun! I would take a scarf and clutch too without hesitation – ha ha! Love the photo of you with your little guy. Just beautiful…

  34. Pam says:

    The Missoni vest looks good! Love Pleated Poppy if I could buy anything right now I’d love a few pillow covers to spruce things up for Christmas. Her colors and patterns are so happy.

  35. Tricia says:

    I love the petal drop necklaces.

  36. Leslie A says:

    Wristlet clutches would be awesome. I’m also hoping a bloom belt may fall in my lap one day. :)

  37. Angie H. says:

    I love the Wristlet Clutch in the Vintage Floral combination. Cute.

  38. Jeannine says:

    I would love the ruffled scarf – stone. FANTASTIC!

  39. Kodi says:

    I’m dying for a ruffled scarf from TPP!

  40. Allison says:

    I LOVE everything in her shop!!! My favorites are the petal pushers and the ruffled scarves.

  41. Kelly d says:

    I love all her stuff and LL too! I’d pick a wristlet clutch or petal pusher!!

  42. Kerrie says:

    i am in love with her petal pushers!!

    ps…i like the new hair do. :)

  43. Angie says:

    I want a set of the posy pins!! I have a petal pusher and a ruffle scarf already….just need the pins….and maybe a wristlet (or two!) to go with them!!

  44. anne says:

    The scarves are all so pretty–especaially the reversible scarves. I like the posy pins too. SO many pretties!

  45. Brooke says:

    I love the reversible black and white scarf!

  46. Jenn says:

    YAY! For snagging the Missoni sweater $6! That is a steal! Love the khaki skirt from Gap is that rescent? CUUUTE! Loving the new hair color lookin good! Okay onto the giveaway I personally would love to have one of her wristlet clutches! I have ordered several petal pushers LOVE THEM! I know Christmas is coming up BUT so is my birthday =) Hope your having a fabulous week!

  47. Marilyn says:

    I like the persimmon infinity scarf.

  48. I love those whole body and soul hugs. They make everything worth it.

    I’m boring today in a pencil skirt and pullover cashmere sweater.

    What can I say? It was clean and didn’t need ironing.

  49. Maureen S says:

    I love love love the ereader case.

  50. HopefulLeigh says:

    I’ve been eying her ruffled and infinity scarves for awhile now.

  51. tiffany day says:

    Hi sweet Lisa,

    First, you are so pretty – truly pretty!
    Second, getting hugs from your child is the BEST – absoulete the best! my sweet 13 year old son STILL hugs me and it melts me every time – i love being a mom too!

    Ok, the pleated poppy – my favorite item is the zippered pouch – love them all!

    thanks lisa! have a great day!!

  52. Toni says:

    I just bought those same shoes!!! :)

  53. Kristen says:

    the ruffled scarves are so cute!

  54. Christy says:

    Lovin that vest! Love Lindsey’s shop it’s a tie between a ruffled scarf or a wrislet :)

  55. kimmie says:

    love her covered notebook in sweet dots – enjoy each moment with those special boys and their hugs!

  56. Susanne N. says:

    i am loving her flower belts and the yummy scarves!

  57. Lorena says:

    So stylish! I want to win !

  58. Sarah says:

    I’m loving the e-reader case in Happy!
    Also, the pic of you and David is so sweet. <3

  59. Tessa says:

    I would definitely love a ruffled scarf!

  60. Heather says:

    I love the ruffled scarf but could really use the case for my sunglasses. Such fun stuff!

  61. Jen says:

    Any of the scarves! Love! Your David looks like an awesome snuggler. Good for you for dropping what you’re doing to snuggle!

  62. Carolyn says:

    a zippered pouch…perfect for my camera bag. : )

  63. Jessica says:

    Love the scarves!

  64. Cindy says:

    Oh boy…I need one of those ruffled scarves!! So awesome!

  65. tawnya says:

    I’ve been continually eying the bloom belt…

  66. Sue says:

    Love, Love the ruffles scarves! The picture of you and David is just the best. :-)

  67. Aimee says:

    I am loving the reversible pillow cover in black chevron or the travel tissue case!!

  68. Kendall says:

    I love the navy ruffled scarves.

  69. julie says:

    I would love to own one of her bloom bags one day. I’d probably pick a pouch or checkbook cover.

  70. Lisa C. says:

    Ruffled scarf in Blush or heather grey… Sooooo pretty! I also have been wanting to get some posie hair clips or chunky button clips for my daughter. Love both of your guy’s stuff!

  71. Paige says:

    love the sweater vest…so cute!!!!!!!

  72. April says:

    I love the iPad cover!

  73. Jaymie White says:

    love the infinity scarf in persimmon!

  74. Carolyn says:

    I really like the ruffled scarf! So cute!

  75. Stephanie C. says:

    I would def get my hands on one of her scarves!

  76. Melody says:

    All so adorable, but I’m favoring the ruffled scarf!

  77. Megan Gaddis says:

    I love your hair!!! Such a great color for you.

    I’ve been eyeing Lindsey’s petal pushers, but I’m also liking the ruffle scarf and would love to by my mom an Ipad case as well :-)

    Happy Wednesday… It’s the Peak of the Week :-)

  78. jennifer Camplin says:

    Love. Love. Love when David get in camera’s way to your heart.

    Loved last pix and all!

  79. Paige says:

    I would love a posy belt, so cute!!! Although really, everything is beautiful, one of each please. =)

  80. rjb says:

    the posy pins or the reversible scarf!
    Love the snuggles…which I could get a pic of that in our house because I do love it so.

  81. Joyce C. says:

    I’ve been eyeing a petal pusher or a bloom belt forever! I’d live to win! I love Lindsey and her shop!

  82. Susan says:

    I am loving the ruffled scarves. I need one today in frigid Kansas. It is supposed to snow tonight. AGH!!

  83. Sarah says:

    I would want a wristlet clutch…or a scarf…or maybe a petal pusher…so many beautiful things to choose from!

  84. Jennifer says:

    LOVE her scarves and pillows!! :) Cute outfits, Lisa!

  85. Cindy V. says:

    Love those reversible ruffled scarves!

  86. Celina says:

    Definitely a petal pusher!!!!

  87. Sherry says:

    I love her ruffled scarves!

  88. Ariella says:

    Would love to get a petal pusher

  89. Ansley says:

    I love the happy! pattern!!

  90. Shelby says:

    I’m a huge fan of all of her scarves ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. Suzanne says:

    I love your outfits and your hair! The photo of you and David is precious! The Pleated Poppy’s petal pushers are beautiful!

  92. I didn’t get my WIWW post up this week…check me out next week!

    Love Lindsey’s Ruffled Scarves!

    Cute outfits, I especially love the second one. :)

  93. Wendy S. says:

    I love all bright colors Allora uses. I like her ruffle scarves and petal pushers.

  94. divinegrace says:

    I’m really digging the chevron wristlet clutch and the sunglasses case. Just bought a new pair of sunglasses at Ross and it doesn’t fit my old sunglass compartment in my bag.

  95. Chrissy says:

    Loving your new hair!

    I’d love to have anything from The Pleated Poppy, but the wristlets are my favorite!

  96. Tara says:

    I just placed my 2nd order through you and and love all your jewelry!!! I adore your lovely pictures – just beautiful!!
    And, after checking out the pleated poppy’s site, I LOVE the ruffled scarf and the wristlet ~ so cute!!

  97. sharon says:

    Love the ruffle scraf and the petal pushers. So cute! Always wanted something from her shop – hope I win!!!

  98. Sheri says:

    I want that Teal Ruffled Scarf that you’re wearing! I will have to wait for one of those to go up on her adorable website.

  99. Rachelle says:

    Oh I love those petal pushers. Adorable! And the scarfs too. :)

  100. Jamie says:

    LOVE the infinity scarf and those petal pushers too!!

  101. catherine s. says:

    LOVING the ruffle scarves and the petal pushers (she has the cutest stuff)…together, they would be divine! Thanks for the info on the giveaway…LOVE the new hair color and I cannot believe you scored such a deal on such a great vest…Missoni nonetheless! Awesome!

    catherine s.

  102. Eva Scott says:

    I’d love some petal pushers!! P.S. I’m coloring my hair right at this moment. Waiting for it to set. :-)

  103. ELyssa M says:

    I would get a ruffled scarf or a wristlet! Darling outfits this week! (As always!)

  104. Mrs.Dunbar says:

    Oh, my, I think the ruffled scarves are calling my name. Especially in navy. Or the crimson petal pusher. ADORABLE.

    Thanks so much.

  105. Kate S. says:

    I really want a ruffled scarf or a bloom bag if they ever come back in stock :)

  106. Jodi says:

    I love Lindsey’s shop. I own several pieces of hers, but I have been pinning over the ruffled scarves since last year. I would love to own one this year.

  107. kristen says:

    I love Lindsay! I would *so* love to have one of her ruffled scarves!

  108. Gina says:

    I really LOVE the petal drop necklace :)…. so pretty !!!!!

  109. Tara says:

    Oh I love so much of her stuff!!! The petal pushers would be great for the upcoming season!!!

  110. Amy Coose says:

    I love her ruffled scarf, especially the striped one!

  111. Kelli says:

    I went to Target one day after the Missoni stuff came out…and all the was left was a hat! Lucky you!

    I would love those chubby button barrets from The Pleated Poppy! My little girlies would look so cute!

  112. Heather says:

    I would have to go for the ruffled scarf and petal pusher- so cute!

  113. Lesley says:

    Cute vest…I never think of checking the girls section for great deals! I’m loving Lindsey’s bloom belts…it’s on my Christmas list this year! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  114. maggie b. says:

    Oh how I’d love a bloom bag! And maybe a snazzy clutch as well! Thanks, Lisa!

  115. Angie P says:

    Definitely a new scarf! Or a petal pusher. Decisions!

  116. Mary Beth says:

    The white ruffled scarf! Or any of her scarves!

    Love when David is in your wednesday photos!

  117. Melissa says:

    I’m thinking my sister would love a clutch and my daughters would freak out over those ruffled scarves!

  118. Czarina says:

    Love the ruffled scarves!

  119. Barb says:

    I love the ruffled scarves and the petal pushers!

  120. love the new hair color. both outfits are super cute!

    everything over at the pleated poppy is just awesome! i would take any of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ i would probably lean towards a ruffly scarf or clutch though! thanks!

  121. Karen Lee says:

    I would just love one of those pedal pusher brooches!
    or maybe a chevron clutch!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Karen Lee

  122. Love the pic of you and David snuggling. So sweet.

  123. Laura says:

    love the black chevron clutch…very cute. and I love your new hair color! great for the fall.

  124. Melissa says:

    I would love a ruffled scarf but would struggle to select just one color!

  125. nik says:

    Sweet pix…especially the fit-perfectly-together-hug! :)
    The shop is so cute! I found the rock on! tiny pouch and my niece would love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. Stacey says:

    You are so stylish. Adorable!

  127. Mandy says:

    I adore everything in Lindsey’s shop! I currently have my eye on her pillow covers and the grey and white ruffle scarf. Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Mandy in Ohio

  128. Halley says:

    Love the black and grey with coral ruffled scarf!!! And love the wristlets. Thanks for the chance. By the way, I like your red hair, it suits you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. Shawna says:

    I love the ruffled scarves :)
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  130. Elizabeth H. says:

    First I must say, that picture where David is hugging you is too cute!! Makes me smile!! :) There are many things in Lindsey’s shop that are catching my eye…a few are, the petal pusher in turquoise, a few of the pillows and the scarves! So many pretty things!!

    PS: thanks for the email on where to go in your “hood” ๐Ÿ˜‰ back in September! I have been meaning to email you back and let you know I checked out the vintage shops {I LOVE Ruby Rose & Whimsy!!!} and had a super yummy iced mocha at Sally Loos {Yummy & such a cute place!} Fun times! Can’t wait to go back!! :) Thanks so much Lisa!!
    Elizabeth :)

  131. darcy rios says:

    LOVE the ruffled scarves!!!

  132. anita roth says:

    I love the scarfs! She does so cute stuff!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway.
    I just love your blog! I enjoy coming to it and seeing what is going on in your sweet family.

  133. Alina says:

    I love the reversible pillow cases. The hair looks great :) I also love the ipad covers but I don’t have an IPAD as of yet.

  134. Jody says:

    I love the ruffled scarves!

  135. Caiti says:

    I would love love love an eReader case. I am too afraid to take mine anywhere because it might get scratched.

  136. Julie says:

    I love the ruffled scarves and necklaces!

  137. Katie Snow says:

    Love the scarves, but I have some posy pins from her shop too that I love…tough decisions – so so many cute things:)

  138. Caitlin says:

    Everything is so stinkin’ cute but I especially love the covered notebooks. That would make list making even more fun than it already is :)

  139. Elisabeth says:

    I’d love one of her infinity scarves! Perfect for keeping me warm this winter!

  140. Melissa says:

    Ruffled scarves!

  141. Megan Beck says:

    I love the ruffled scarf! I must say I LOVE the picture of you snuggling with David. It paints a perfect picture of love between mom and child. I love the snuggles I receive from my boys too.

  142. Marcie says:

    I love the wristlet clutch!

  143. Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness-how to choose?? I love the ruffle scarves, bloom belts, petal pushers I guess I love it all!!

  144. Tiffany says:

    Very cute outfit!
    I like the petal drop necklaces and the scarves.

  145. Colleen Smith says:

    Hi, how about a Kelly green petal pusher. Take Care!

  146. Kristin S says:

    Lisa, I always love your WIWW posts! You’ve inspired me to branch out.

    Anyway, I’m also a huge fan of Lindsey’s goods. So well made. Just today I was browsing through her shop. Again. I have 4 petal pushers and want four more colors! I wear them all the time and would love more colors. I’d also love to get another ruffle scarf. Add to it? I love the ereader/Kindle covers. I gave one to a friend leaving to serve as a missionary in Argentina. She has the best dressed Kindle there. :-)

  147. kara s. says:

    i am in love with the crimson petal pusher… <3

  148. Tara says:

    Love the scarves!!!

  149. Whitney says:

    I LOVE the wristlet clutches!

  150. Kat H says:

    I love her wristlet clutches!

  151. Patty says:

    Very cute wristlet clutches.

  152. Ann says:

    The pillow cases are all so cute. Thanks for a chance to win.

  153. Krissie says:

    Love the e-reader/Kindle covers. So very cute!

  154. Pat from SD says:

    Oh, I would love to have one of her Kindle covers. They are so pretty.

  155. Amy S. Collett says:

    I love Lindsey and her wares. If I had the chance I would love to waer one of her ruffley scarves – they’re so lovely and it would make me feel like a queen, I’m sure. Thanks for the chance!

  156. Becky K. says:

    A ruffle scarf would be the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe! And even though I’m pregnant, I wouldn’t grow out of it! :)

  157. Stefanie says:

    all of lindsay’s creations are adorable. i could really use a kindle e-reader case…i’ve been checking those out lately!! swoon!

  158. Lindsey says:

    I’m loving those chubby button hairclips! Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Elizabeth S. says:

    I love her Petal Pusher pins – so sweet!

  160. I just found it on google.

  161. Alicia says:

    Oh my, I think I love the sweet necklaces and all of those lovely petal pushers! Just the way to fill a day with beauty.

  162. Linda says:

    I need a new checkbook cover.

  163. IndiviJewels says:

    Love the tank top its loud and proud and I want one!

  164. megan b says:

    I love the ruffled scarves! (And little boy hugs? Nothing in the world like them. I hope my 3-year-old never gets tired of them.)

  165. Kim T. says:

    the petal pushers and posy pins are always adorable!

  166. Dia says:

    the scarves! so many great choices!

  167. sheri says:

    I just love Pleated Poppy’s posy pins in any of her gray/yellow color combos!

  168. Christy says:

    I love the wristlet clutches…so perfect for travelling!

  169. pt says:

    Have always loved the petal pushers!!

  170. Bethany King says:

    I would love a ruffled scarf!! all of her stuff is so cute!!

  171. McKt says:

    The reversible scarf is adorable!

  172. Laura Hughes says:

    I love all the stuff at Pleated Poppy! Right now I’m really liking the ruffled scarf and her clutch bags! Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. Stephanie H. says:

    I need a ruffled scarf!

  174. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Love the raspberry pink iPad case! Thanks for the chance! (The picture of holding David melted my heart, by the way. Made me go pick up my own boy for a hug!)

  175. erin says:

    I love the ruffled scarves – so cute!!

  176. Jen says:

    I love, love, love her ruffled scarves!

  177. Keshet Starr says:

    Love the reversible scarves!

  178. Somer says:

    I’ve been wanting a petal pusher for a long time, but I’m really loving the navy ruffled scarf and the black and white reversible scarf.

  179. Michalina Peterson says:

    Love her petal pushers and petal drop necklaces, delicious!

  180. E says:

    That navy blue ruffled scarf is too cute as are all of her petal pushers! Love them :)

  181. Lauren says:

    The new website is great! Like the bloom belts!

  182. ileana says:

    Love the red hair – you look great!

    I love the covered notebooks and the travel tissue covers and the ruffled scarves!!

  183. Courtney says:

    I absolutely love her scarves! It would be difficult to choose between the infinity and ruffled…

  184. I have been longing for a bloom belt or a petal pusher… So many fun things!

  185. Kendall says:

    I’d love one of those tear drop necklaces of hers.

  186. christine says:

    covered notebooks, ebook case, ruffle scarves, pretty much anything and everything!

  187. Manda says:

    Love that navy ruffled scarf!!

  188. Michelle C says:

    I’m loving the covered notebook – turquoise damask . Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  189. Shelly Primm says:

    love all of lindsey’s stuff. too many decisions but i would love a reversible scarf!

  190. Julie N says:

    I love her zippered pouches! These would be so perfect for laundry money! Who says you can’t be stylish while dropping money at the laundromat? Thanks so much!

  191. AmyKay says:

    Love the bloom bag, sunnies case, & ruffled scarf that I have – next on the list are Petal Pushers!

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