what i wore wednesday

hello wednesday and hello sweet friends! i’m linking up with lindsey for some fashion inspiration!
above, dress and {new} wedges, both from target. jeans, anthro. molded heart bracelet {that i never take off} my shop.

above, vintage dress and slip, both from ruby rose. green cardi, target. boots, anthro. yellow necklace, made by me.

above, same jeans and wedges as above. ruffle top, kohls. cream sweater, target. a.dor.able. new scarf from the pleated poppy {i pinned the ends together and wore it as a ruffly muff. love}

today’s question…i’m loving the new spring weather and my $20 wedges from target. spring was made for dresses, flip flops, bright colors and fresh flowers. what’s your favorite spring accessory for yourself or your home?


  1. I LUV LUV LUV your look, Lisa!
    My favorite spring item would be my Yellow Box sandals that I bought at Dillard’s last Saturday. They’re black with silver and black cloth on top and cute!
    Also my large black alligator Gia tote that I bought at Target, it’s very chic and I can pack alot of stuff in there!
    One more thing….I especially liked your yellow necklace, very nice accessory that you can pair with anything! Thanks for the great inspiration. 🙂

      1. Those wedges, I want it so badly. LOL
        I went to Target yesterday and it wasn’t there and it is not even online.

  2. I love your roses above also. I love finding great deals on flowers. i spend the whole day photographing them. I recently bought daisies this week. Pink and yellow and i have been practiicng taking pictures of them. I even ordered an enlargement, hoping it will look good framed and hung behind my headboard.
    Love your site!

  3. seriously- great hair….what products do you use? You never get fuzzy curls or frizzy!!! I need me some of whatever you are using! 😉

  4. Oh my goodness- fabulous as always. Love the ruffled scarf as a muff. Your vintage dress is so fantastic. I just love your style!

  5. sunglasses, skirts, flip flops and ballerina shoes – though i just picked up a peacock blue tshirt dress from the gap and a denim dress from value village that i am loving!! for my house it is spring flowers!

  6. As soon as spring rolls around…the sundresses come out! So much cooler and easier than jeans….for me anyway.
    I’m trying to be better with the accessories…but no real favorites..for now.

  7. Nothing says spring to me more than tulips. I start buying them the minute they start appearing in my grocery store. It helps me believe that under all of our snow (and here in MN, we still have snow), my tulips are waiting patiently to grow.

  8. I am loving dresses {that give my pregnant belly some room}, wedges, and the pretty pink flowers coming up in my flower bed {that I am snipping and putting in a mason jar with water!}

  9. So fun! I love getting to wear my usual stuff but without a big coat over it! And, I love flats. Love, love, love them. You are adorable!

  10. Hey Lisa! Love the wedges. How are they for comfort? I was gonna order some the other day online. You look fab as always.

  11. I love all your looks, and that vintage dress is perfect. My favorite accessory for spring/summer are cute dresses. They have to have versitility though because I need to be able to run after my 4-year-old.

  12. love your looks – and ideas for spring. I love to be able to open the windows – although here is chilly Ohio we’ve not been able to do that yet. Bare feet is a favorite around our house!

  13. Gorgeous as always. I love seeing the difference between your fashion and ours. I know Australia’s Target definitely doesn’t has the kind of range that yours seem to.
    My favourite spring accessory would be some gorgeous Tony Bianco sandals or fresh flowers in my hair.

  14. Great looks, Lisa! Love your new shoes.

    Our weather has been so cold it’s hard to think about spring accessories . . . I’ll go for flowers in a vase.

  15. My favorite home accessory for Spring is fresh, bright tulips in a mason jar. I also love to decorate with shells and star fish! Loving the way you pinned the ruffle scarf…can’t wait to try that myself!

  16. you have got to be one of the cutest chicks around! love every outfit on here and sure wish i could rock those wedges without being in pain!!! lol adorable!

  17. Lisa-Lisa!
    Is there just no end to your FAB style?
    And do you ever have a BAD hair day?
    I LOVE the white vintage dress!
    Pairing it with that GREEN cardi is so YOU!
    Love those new wedges!
    I just would love to know WHERE you wore that dress?
    LEt me see…my favorite SPRING accessory?
    Well that would have to be the GUSSY bag that I have coming in the mail. ;o)
    I just KNOW that will be my FAVORITE thing this Spring!
    Happy Happy Day to you!

  18. you look beautiful. if i did a what i wore wednesday right now? i’d always look the same. leggings, tunic, flats, hair back. ew. i’m in that HORRID i had twins stage where i look frumpy and blah. i’m over it and ready to move on!

    my favorite spring accessory? my gussy tote for me, and for my home, tulips i buy fresh every week. 🙂

  19. you inspire me to play a little. it’s a big day if we need groceries…time to get out of my pjammies! i know, i know…i need to work on that!!
    i always love a new pair of sandals for the summer ahead.

  20. keeping the windows open…all day long! not really a home accessory, but it’s wonderful to be able to do. ok – i was just at target and i didn’t see those wedges?! they’re great!

  21. flip flops; i love to wear them morning, noon and night. actually i just bought a new pair from Target yesterday…

  22. Love your dress and the wedges! You look great all the time. My favorite spring accessory – hm – open boots, dresses and my sunglasses. Greetings from Vienna/Austira – wish you a nice week.

  23. My favorite spring accessories? A new bag(made by yours truly), colorful new shoes(Target is my go-to), and a fresh haircut. If Im feeling super spiffy maybe even a manicure:) All things that help me smile just a little bit more:)
    I love your colors, as always!

  24. i agree you are beautiful, love you curly hair, fits with your outfits. Love the picture of you sitting!! I need to try that.

    Thanks for sharing

  25. I absolutely adore that vintage dress! So adorable! As are all of your outfits!

    Favorite spring accessory? Hmmm… My jean jackets. I know, a jacket, but really! It’s perfect to wear to church over a sleeveless dress or tank with a flowy skirt!

    -Many Smiles!!

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