a pink polka dot dress

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

I found this pink, polka dot dress at a thrift store in Kansas {along with this one and this one–score!} I wore it to church last Sunday and I thought it was fun. But when I was editing the photos I didn’t feel like it was flattering like I’d hoped. I almost deleted all the photos, but then I remembered that I’m not perfect. I don’t have a perfect body. I get most frustrated with my tummy. I wish it was super flat–but there are three problems. The first two are my pregnancies and what they did to my body. {But I got two awesome kids out of that deal!} And the third problem is my love for cupcakes. Oh well!

I liked the dress and I felt pretty wearing it–so I want to share it with you. I want this to be a place where we can be imperfect and real!

I decided to pair the dress with a yellow belt and leopard print shoes, because, why not–right?

The dress is sheer, so I layered a full length slip underneath.

Dress, thrifted. Belt and Shoes, Target. Bag, Jo Totes. Nurture bracelet, my shop. Connected hearts bracelet, my shop.

We need to love ourselves and be more gentle to ourselves, don’t you think?


  1. I love your style post and what you have to say about your family, faith and your creative approach to everyday life. Keep posting on your blog, I love it and would rather go to it for little tidbits of girl info than a magazine!



  2. This dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Such a beautiful color and I think it looks great on you!

  3. reading your post when I’m feeling a bit fragile and imperfect…happens in the summer when the layers start coming off and you look at those magazine shots. that dress will be perfect for those hot summer days. sorry to disagree with your comments though…I think you look beautiful. 🙂 you inspire me to wear dresses more often.

  4. I agree that we all need to be more gentle to ourselves, however, you are totally rocking that dress. That color is amazing on you! I vote for keeping the pink dress in rotation!

  5. You look great in that dress! Do you have a post somewhere about the paint colors you used throughout your home? I love that entry color.

  6. Let me join in and say you have ABSOLUTELY no reason to feel this dress looks unflattering on you–I think it is such a cute dress and you look beautiful in it! I do know what you mean though and often feel extra hard on myself. We are our own worst enemies for sure sometimes! One tip, if I’m wearing something I love but don’t feel I look the best in it for that day, I wear “Spanx” or a shaper of some kind..sometimes it’s the tummy, sometimes the behind-smooths everything out! 🙂

  7. It’s funny how we view ourselves. I thought the pictures were super cute, as yours always are, and I thought you looked great it in. Being hard on ourselves is natural and I am so glad you posted them.

  8. I felt very touched today to read your post. How kind and brave of you to show yourself as you are and to remind us to be gentler with ourselves. I too love to find great thrifting bargains, and that pink dress of yours is a keeper. Thanks for being a role model and saying what’s in your heart.

  9. Oh I think you look lovely! The yellow paired with the red is so fun. I can totally relate to not feeling “picture-worth” some days. My tummy after twins is something I’m still trying to get used to. And I am a constant snacker so that doesn’t help matters. 🙂 Thanks for being honest and being you!

  10. First of all, I love your dress along with your belt, bag and shoes, which is a perfect match. My special mention to your nurture bracelet and Connected hearts bracelet, which looks also good on you….Thanks for sharing

  11. You look great in the dress! Love polka dots too! And what tummy!? I think we are hardest on ourselves and I agree we should love and embrace our imperfections more. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Nope, do not delete! It is totally cute, flattering really. As always, you styled it wonderfully. I also think it would be cute with it unbuttoned with a pop of color or lace trimmed cami under, but I’d have to steal the dress first!
    Isn’t funny how we see/judge ourselves so harshly. I saw a pic of my profile someone took over the holiday weekend, and it totally bugged me-do I really look like that?! lol I like the advise I’ve heard: speak to yourself the way you would speak to your bestie or sister.

  13. This dress is so great on you! And I love that you posted these photos even though you were feeling eh about them. I, for one, don’t see any ‘unflattering’ photos up here. We are our worst critics, aren’t we??

  14. Hi Lisa honey, oh this dress is SO pretty! I’m so glad you didn’t delete these pics too. You look gorgeous in it! I haven’t been able to have children but at 51 I too really really wish my lower ab area was FLAT! I don’t even like looking at myself in the mirror and avoid it at all costs. Thank you because you have reminded me that I need to be more gentle with myself and I promise myself I WILL look at myself in the mirror more! Smiles..

  15. I have long thought you are one of the most lovely women that I have seen…your love for the Lord shines in your beautiful face & you look stunning in all of your posts…thank you for being real…you are a gem as far as I can tell from over here in the midwest 🙂

  16. what’s funny is that I think this is the cutest dress out of the three! I really like the other two, but this one I love on you!

  17. I think you look Fabulous! I teaching about self confidence and loving your “self” in my teen girls youth group. We as women all struggle with self image and thanks to the media driving it in our heads to be perfect. No one will ever be perfect but we can all strive to do our very best person we can be.

  18. Way to be a leader, Lisa! I am SO glad you didn’t delete the photos, but bravely showed them here. Frankly, I think you look awesome. You look beautiful in this dress, not because you are perfect, but because you are you, and the combination of colors and style and “you-ness” makes it fabulous. I always enjoy you WIWW posts 🙂

  19. i am a big fan of your outfit posts : ) i think i’ll pin this one (won’t be the first time)! love your honesty…and actually, we must be our own worst critics regarding body image because i have always felt that you are a beautiful and real woman. refreshing to see!

  20. honestly, i think this dress looks darling on you…and i want to steal it. polka dots are my favorite color.

    also, i think you have an attractive figure, and am grateful (how do i say this right) that you do not have a “stick figure,” because neither do i. seeing your wiw inspires me with my God-given/child-given curves to create and enjoy some cute styles, too!

  21. I love that you shared the pictures AND your thoughts on those pictures. I also love that you FELT pretty in the dress. It shines through, for sure! Beautiful from all angles!!!!

  22. First off, Kudos to being ‘real’. Second, I think that dress is such a HAPPY dress, that no matter if it wasn’t the most flattering I would want to wear it! Thirdly, you ROCK that dress my dear…with the shoes, belt and bag…your style is out of this world!

  23. I would have never guessed this would be considered unflattering on you. You look fantastic as always. I love the dress, the entire look.

  24. You look great! Love the dress and especially the cut. I am 5’9″ and have a hard time findinv the appropriate length for dresses and skirts. Ghis is the perfect length.

  25. lisa dear, i don’t know what you’re talking about. this outfit is one of the best you’ve shown – it looks great!
    i think perhaps it might be the all-over one color that you’re not used to, or the color itself. You often wear pops of bright, or if all one color, it’s more subtle, like soft yellow, green or blue. rest assured, this dress looks very nice. hope you are having a wonderful trip!

  26. It really is a great dress – super cute and you wore it well! You are right, we do need to be kinder to ourselves 🙂 Thanks for sharing both the pictures, all your great ideas and your words! <3

  27. You look gorgeous!! I love this bright pink on you. I think the dress is very flattering. I’m a mom to two under two so I understand the tummy concerns 🙂

  28. Lisa – You look wonderful in this dress, truly! I truly love your Wed posts, you give great ideas, and most importantly I also love that you did not delete the photos. Thanks for your candor about things here. I struggle also with not looking the way I want to in photographs and have realized we hardly have any photos of me. Not a great message for my kids as they look through the albums. So thanks for the inspiration to accept myself more! -Alexandra

  29. I really love this dress. As what other have said, you look awesome. I’m horrible about the way I view my body- always feeling like i look fat in photos… but I’m trying hard to not be so hard on myself, as I have a 5 year old girl who is starting to pay closer attention to what I say. … Love you WIWW posts so much! Keep it up. .. Now i need to find a fun colored belt too.

  30. I think the dress is very flattering! I love it on you! I can totally relate, though, I have the same 3 problems you do. Of course, I’d never trade I my kids but I often wish I was one of those people who are indifferent to cupcakes.

  31. What tummy???!!! :):):) And please…someday…share how you “do” your gorgeous hair!!! Love your enthusiasm and your real faith demonstrated in your life!!!

  32. unfortunately, we end up with “mom bodies” whether or not we’ve been pregnant. at least that’s what happened to me. I’ve got 2 great kids thru the miracle of adoption & a tummy pudge. i’ll blame it on the stress of becoming a mom in 2 different third world countries. i’ll keep the tummy & the kids 🙂

    1. Haha let’s hope they didn’t get mommy tummies too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of adoption! xx

  33. We are so hard on ourselves , but now that I’m 49 and tired of always thinking about my imperfections I just try to embrace them and think of myself as perfectly imperfect. The dress looks great!!!!!!

  34. We are all our own worst critics. I have the same feelings about my less-than-perfect tummy (post 3 kids) too. Thanks for your honesty Lisa. I think you look beautiful!

  35. Hey Lisa – Let me be the first to say I’m glad you didn’t delete these pictures. Pink polka dots & yellow = a great combo. I think the dress is fantastic & works well on you!

  36. I actually like this a lot. The color works for you and the accessories really make the look. I had four babies and my belly is a disaster area, but i agree with you. We are not models and we live full lives and…it shows. It’s supposed to be this way.

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