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trash the dress {giveaway}

May 3rd | weddings

our friends, tim and marijke, got married last year and after the wedding, they did a ‘trash the dress’ shoot. basically they took all kinds of fun pictures and didn’t worry about ruining her dress,since the wedding was over!
you’ve probably seen her modeling our jewelry–isn’t she pretty?! and she is even prettier on the inside! and tim is an amazing guy. we are so glad to know them!

they used our pewter heart with ‘to have and to hold’, their names and wedding date. love it!

*all pics by studio castillero

gorgeous pics! thank you, tim and marijke for sharing them with us.

we are giving away two pewter hearts today!
just leave a comment and tell us what is making your heart happy today.

facebook about it, tweet for extra entries!

**please leave a comment for each entry**

see the pewter heart here, check out our wedding line here

509 Responses

  1. katie says:

    The sun! It’s amazing what it can do to a MN mommy’s mood!

  2. Kristin says:

    My heart is happy today because the sun is shining…I am just grateful to be able to witness all the wonderfulness spring has to offer! :)

  3. Kristen Self says:

    My heart is happy today because I woke up to a big beautiful smile from my 6 month old daughter!

  4. Morgan says:

    I am happy to have great children, to be a mom, and to have a fabulous mom and mother-in-law!! A great husband doesn’t hurt either!

  5. my heart is happy because each day holds the promise of a new beginning!

    much love and many blessings to you!

    danielle muller

  6. those pictures are beautiful! stunning actually!
    today, my heart is happy because i am two days away from going home to nebraska to spend mothers day with my mom, who i haven’t spent that day with since i moved to az 11 years ago.

  7. Kristina says:

    My heart is happy today because I am going on a much needed date with the hubby tonight!

  8. lora says:

    Is it lame to echo the same comments as the first 2 people? The Virginia sun and spring makes my heart happy today!

  9. heather blausey says:

    my son will be 9 months old tomorrow & has filled my life and our family with more joy than i knew was possible. that makes my heart happy.

  10. Sarah says:

    My heart is happy because I have so much to celebrate- a life growing inside of me, the beginning of my sister-in-law’s marriage, mothers day, a reunion with ALL of my siblings, a happy marriage…

  11. becca says:

    Today, my heart is happy because my husband and I are getting closer and closer to our 2nd anniversary! With God’s grace and guidance we have MADE IT another year, in love as best friends and totally enjoying life together :)

  12. becca says:

    I’ve also tweeted about this giveaway!

  13. facebooked the giveaway!

    thanks! <3

    danielle muller

  14. the weather! 😀
    today the weather is so friendly :)
    friendly weather makes me feel able to do anything!

  15. ~Heather says:

    Waking up to a good morning kiss from my lovely 5 year old laddie.

  16. Emily says:

    My heart is happy today because it is ALMOST my 1 year anniversary! :)

  17. Mary says:

    I am happy because my hubby is coming home from work early is the little things, isn’t it?

  18. Brittany says:

    My heart is happy today and all days because of my family. Due to the recent tornados that lashed my homestate of Alabama, I have come to realize just how fortunate and blessed I really am.

  19. Cathy says:

    Can i ask what you use to edit your pics?? Do you use a preset?? How do you make them so soft and the coloring..??they are great! :) (sorry..i love them and im just learning photography…:)) also love your jewelry…:)

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      hi cathy! all these pics are by studio castillero–they do an amazing job. for the other posts, i use iphoto and {so easy, so fun!} to edit. xo

  20. Cathy says:

    My heart is happy because it finally feels like Spring is here…and God is good.

  21. Michelle B says:

    my heart is happy because the sun is shining today! And tomorrow is my birthday :)

  22. My heart is happy because Ive just been able to tell friends and family that I’ll be returning to full time work(teaching) in the fall. Ive been a stay at home(and work from home) mommy for 7 years now so this is a big change for all of us.
    My initial worry was that I didnt have any options when my youngest goes to school in the fall. But then God provided two options for me to choose from(completely different paths,too) AND made it clear which one I was to accept.
    Im so thankful for his provision & clarity in my life!

  23. Alima says:

    My sister wanted to trash her dress in the ocean after their wedding in Maui. My mom vetoed that idea pronto (she paid for the dress)! My sister said my mom had no “artistic vision.” haha. :)

  24. Brittany says:

    I facebook’d it. :o)

  25. Sandra says:

    Dandelions picked by my 5 year old, because yellow is my favorite color– they make my heart happy!

  26. kimberly b says:

    Coffee :) – and the thought that end of my husband’s medical school career is in sight! 10 days!

  27. Dia says:

    My heart is happy because it’s MOPS day- I love that group of ladies!

  28. Erin B says:

    Love the style of these pictures! Mommy of 2 boys also: Liam, 15 months, & Jacob, 3 months!

  29. Lisa says:

    My heart is full and happy as I approach my first mother’s day as a mom. My 6 month old son and husband have fulfilled all my dreams.

  30. I have a good friend getting married in July and sending her a heart would make me happy and she would LOVE IT!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  31. Kathy says:

    My grandchildren make me happy! I got to spend time with three of them yesterday. They are so sweet! Aside from the Lord, my family is the most important thing in my life.

  32. Somer says:

    I had a dream last night where I was bothered by my daughter being non-verbal. I woke up and was really mad at my dream self. But then she came in all smiles and I realized it was just a bad dream.

  33. paula says:

    to i am happy for my 7 children. my 2 here on earth and my 5 up in heaven. i am glad that they are all a part of my heart and life.

  34. Marcie says:

    My heart is happy today because the sun is shining and my kids and I don’t have anywhere we have to be today… such a great feeling!

  35. Nicole says:

    I am happy it’s my sister’s birthday today- she’s getting married this summer – my younger sister!!! She is definitely growing up..

  36. Taylor says:

    I am happy because it is May right now and we are experiencing record lows in San Antonio, Texas (compared to our usual 90+ temp) :)

  37. jennifer larck says:

    I am going to lunch today with my small group girls to a Southern Living best of restaurant… excited to talk and hang wiht my girls

  38. Kathy says:

    I just tweeted about your giveaway!

  39. Robbin says:

    My daughters always makes me happy, They are both grown and out of the house, so it’s such a blessing to see them when we can.

  40. Mary Jane Miller says:

    My lovely daughter is coming home for mothers day! My heart is warmed when ever my girls are home!

  41. Ulrikke says:

    My hart is happy today becauce i got the best hugs and kisses from my girls who have special needs. And my youngest girl is learning new words, and making good progres.

    xoxo Ulrikke

  42. My oldest grandson’s 13th birthday today! Can’t believe he’s a teenager:)

  43. Jesica says:

    My heart is happy because I get to cuddle with my sweet kids today. Also, I am happy because my husband still has a job even though we had to take a big fat pay cut, at least he is working when so many people in our area are out of work.

  44. I added the link on my Missional Mama Facebook page just now.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  45. Robbin says:

    …which automatically went to my FB page. :)

  46. Taylor says:

    Just tweeted about it @taylorlynn29

  47. Elizabeth says:

    My heart is happy because I found out this morning my son is advancing to 5th grade in the fall and will be remaining in the gifted program at his school. My daughter will be going into 2nd and she will be joining the gifted program in the fall. This mom is happy!

  48. Marissa says:

    My heart is happy today as it was started by my 16 month old daughter bringing me a cup of “juice” to me in bed from her play kitchen and our 11 month old baby boy from Ethiopia climb awkwardly then to my husband with a very large book. Watching him climb up and cozy in to get read to just makes my heart sing.Not a bad way to start the day. If only every child in the world could be loved so much.

  49. Cammie says:

    My babies snuggling in bed with me this morning.

  50. Robyn says:

    My heart is happy today because the sun is shining after we’ve had rainstorms for a few days. My children will get to play in the warming sun today.

  51. Elizabeth says:

    I facebooked it!

  52. Nicolle says:

    My kids are making me one very happy momma!

  53. Danielle says:

    My heart is filled with happiness today from the beatuiful sun shining! These are the days for shorts, flip flops, bbq’s and ice cream. Love it!!

  54. Nicolle says:

    I facebooked it!

  55. Ginny says:

    I am happy because I am finally starting to feel better. Those medicines are working!

  56. Crystal T says:

    I’m so happy and excited to create and repurpose all the great junk I found this weekend at garage sales! I love treasures!

  57. Nicolle says:

    My husband fills my heart

  58. Chris L. says:

    Seeing the sun after days and days of cold and rain!

  59. C Romero says:

    Happy to be spending Mother’s Day with my aunts, cousins, and Mimi!

  60. Cheryl Bach says:

    My heart is happy today because I’m about to go to the library and check out some books for a possible-big-trip!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Amber r says:

    Spring, spending time with my mom and baby, and my hubby thinking I’m sexy (and actually feeling sexy for the first time in awhile) makes my heart sing! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  62. faith says:

    My heart is happy because my oldest son was accepted
    to a great college and he has a brigth future ahead of him.

  63. Melanie says:

    My son makes my heart happy. He is turning 17 years old this week and my everyday time with him is coming to an end soon. He will be graduating and moving out next year so I am enjoying every minute with him.

  64. Amanda W. says:

    A sweet little girl in polka dot rain boots, a creative lively little boy playing with playmobil guys, and our loveable little Lijah still sleeping. These three make my heart happy on this cloudy rainy day.

  65. Sherry French says:

    After the tornadoes, (Arab, AL – Marshall Co.), it is raining this morning, just knowing that the majority of the damaged homes have tarps to keep the wetness out, due to the community pulling together and volunteering. Realizing if you were lucky enough to escape then you should help those that were less fortunate. W/my husband in Korea during this it was great to hear his voice this morning via a phone call. My heart is happy!

  66. Celia says:

    Spontanious hugs from all three of my kiddos!

  67. Kim says:

    My heart is happy because I get to watch my two year old daughter at dance class this evening.

  68. Danyelle says:

    I saw the sun today!! It has been raining for nearly a week here and it finally stopped, even just for a little while.

  69. Lisa says:

    My 2 girls make the happiest in the world!

  70. Jen Muntean says:

    My heart is happy today because of some new hope we are feeling as a family….

    Also, friends of mine did a “trash the dress” shoot after their wedding in Mexico – her photographer even had her submerged in water, laying in the sand – GORGEOUS!
    Wish I had done it when we were married.

  71. Theresa Carlile says:

    Stealing a couple moments to cuddle with my husband before starting the day!

  72. Bianca says:

    my heart is full when i think about the last 10 years i have been married to my sweet hubby….the family our God has blessed us with….when my little girl gives me xoxo….my little guy says “i wub you too mama”….this mama’s heart is happy!

  73. amy says:

    watching my son get off the bus yesterday with a huge smile on his face and gorgeous plant that he picked out for me at the school plant sale! He was so happy with himself and yelled ‘happy mother’s day’ at me as he was getting off the bus. It is a memory I will hold in my heart forever.

  74. Cait says:

    Today a good friend who I haven’t seen in a while came over just to give me a hug and let me know I’ll be missed when I move back to the states. I’m still crying (happy and sad all mixed together)

  75. Stephanie says:

    Today my heart is full because of the laughter and silliness of a wild-haired 4 year old. i am so blessed.

  76. Rachael B says:

    The little ones I care for are making me happy today, it’s not hard for them to make me smile!

  77. carolyn says:

    My heart is happy today because my teenage sons are heading in positive directions towards their futures after some challenging times.

  78. Southern Gal says:

    My daughter is graduating from college this week! So proud of her and her accomplishments – getting married, going through pregnancy and the sickness from that , taking care of a baby – all while completing her nursing degree. I’m so happy for her!

  79. Krystal says:

    My heart is happy watching my 2 yr old and 4 yr old boys read books as I drink my coffee:) I love when they can be together without fighting:)
    And I get happy reason your blog!!! Your Hello to Monday posts always inspire me:)
    Thank you for the give away:)

  80. Megan says:

    The weather is making me happy…spring is finally here! :)

  81. April Taylor says:

    I am happy Spring is here. My mood seems to lighten up as the sun shines more and more.

  82. Anna G says:

    My parents coming to visit for Mother’s Day makes my heart happy!!

  83. Carolyn says:

    My heart is happy at this time knowing that I still have my Mother in my life and she is a part of my childrens lives and my new grandson’s life!! What a blessing to have her in our lives.

  84. LuAnn Richard says:

    My heart is happy today because yesterday was our 30th wedding anniversary and we had a wonderful day – it just keeps getting better. Empty nesters but the birds all live close by – wonderful!

  85. Linda J. says:

    I had a happy wake-up call by my 3-yr. old grand daughter this morning. “UP Grandma, I’m HAPPY”…. She will be over later for a hug 😀

  86. Becky K. says:

    My heart is happy because my God gives wisdom and mercy and love and grace to all who trust in Him!

  87. Rebecca W says:

    my baby slept for at least five and a half hours last night. HAPPY!

  88. Kay says:

    My heart is happy today just because. It is a beautiful day even without the sun shining. Warmer temps are coming though! That makes me very happy!

  89. adelina says:

    I’m happy to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee that my hubby made!

  90. Suzanne Pennington says:

    Hope is making my heart happy today. =) I am blessed with a husband who loves me, a daughter who is amazing and a Savior who made it all possible.

  91. Erin says:

    My heart is happy because I am now cancer free and get to enjoy the lives of my hubs sweet kiddos for a lot longer…even on fighty bitey mornings!

  92. Julie Leach says:

    My heart is happy because we are having a “stay home day,” wearing pajamas, and Mommy is getting caught up on things around the house!

  93. Alison says:

    My heart is happy today because in a few hours I take my last final exam for this semester! Just one more year of college and then my husband and I hope to have a baby! And tomorrow is officially my first day of summer! :)

  94. Jen C says:

    The sun and birds.

  95. Aimee B says:

    My husband makes my heart happy!!!!

  96. Nina says:

    today the sun makes my heart happy… we have had such a gloomy spring so far and the sun perks me up every time it comes out

  97. Meghan Hall says:

    I just ordered two for wedding gifts but I would love one for my husband on our anniversary.

  98. I want to slap myself for saying this, but getting up early for yoga. The house was quiet at 5:30am & I feel so energized!

  99. Sandy A says:

    My heart is happy everyday–my husband, my children and grandchildren (even though they live far away) put a smile on my face each day…

  100. My boys are healthy…. happy…. smiling…

  101. Katie says:

    today my husband is a young 51!

  102. Kristen w. says:

    My heart is happy today because I have the most wonderful friends and the best daughter! With people like them in my life, it’s impossible not to have a happy heart every day!

  103. Timari says:

    My heart is smiling today because my little puppy just had 7 puppies of her own

  104. Lourdes says:

    my sweet rosa who’ll be 4 this month, she gets the heart if I win!!

  105. Lisa says:

    My heart is happy because I have a wonderful husband and daughter.

  106. Linda says:

    My heart is happy today because the weather is gorgeous.

  107. April B says:

    My heart is happy today because although things aren’t always perfect, my best friend is my husband and we can work through any circumstance together.

  108. SusanC says:

    My heart is happy today because my husband has returned to work!

  109. Jennifer says:

    My eight year old son, Jake sat on the floor this morning going through the desk calendar counting the remaining days (14) of the school year until summer days with Me….the Mommy begin. He cannot wait!

  110. Bernadette says:

    My heart is happy today because I have a wonderful family who have been the best support anyone could imagine. I suffer from chronic nerve pain after 7 brain and one spine surgeries. The pain never leaves my head. It takes a great deal of help and they are incredible. I thank God for them every day. Bernadette

  111. robin says:

    my heart is happy today because I get to watch “GLEE” tonight with my children and a few neighborhood kids…it’s become a special treat every Tuesday for a family/friends night!

  112. Sonia says:

    18 years. My hubby and I celebrated May 1. “to have and to hold” is where we’re at this week. Thanks for the chance, Lisa. I do LOVE the beauty of your blog. Thanks for sharing it.

  113. April B says:

    Tweeted it :)

  114. Jessica says:

    You are so sweet to offer all of these give-aways!

    My heart is happy thanks to my wonderful kiddos and husband. I am so thankful for my family!

  115. Meredith says:

    My heart is happy because my 5 year old is inviting me to a Mothers Day tea Party in his class and has proudly given me a colorful invitation and makes me happy to be a mommy!

  116. Michelle says:

    The sweet sound of my first granddaughter’s voice this morning. * ELLA – (she’s in Kindergarten and 5 years old!)* She called to ask me if I’d attend her music concert this evening at school…. Of course ELLA!! Noni and Papa will be there!! :)
    THANK YOU GOD for this little angel we call ours!! Blessings!

  117. Cee says:

    While I am not happy that my little one is sick, I am happy to have today off to spend snuggling with her as she recuperates.

  118. Linda says:

    Planning my daughter’s wedding is making me happy today.

  119. MichelleF says:

    My heart is happy even with the passing of a dear friend, because I know we will meet again!!

  120. Christy says:

    My babies playing outside all day! So fun!

  121. Nicole says:

    Waking up to a beautiful day, my cup of coffee and spending a few hours to myself after I take the kids to school makes me happy today!

  122. Andee Neff says:

    DJ, my soulmate, makes my heart happy!

  123. Natalie says:

    I get to spend the whole day at home! (I’m a homebody) :)

  124. Katrina says:

    I got to spend time with my mama, brother and sister-in-law, and my girls last night. It only happens a couple times a year (if that) so it was really nice. Family makes my heart happy.

  125. Jessica says:

    The sun is shining! That makes my heart happy. :)

  126. Erin G says:

    My heart is happy today because my husband graduates with his Master’s degree on Friday. After years of working on it while we had difficult pregnancies and two sweet boys, he is finished!!

  127. Susan says:

    Would love to say that the sun was making me happy, but we’ve had three (!) solid weeks of rain, with maybe 1 or 2 semi-sunny days in there. I’m really, really going nuts!

    But my heart is happy today because summer is coming, my kids will be out of school soon, and we will go on a glorious vacation and BE together. The thought of this, makes me forget the rain (a little) and makes me look forward to the upcoming days!

  128. Leana says:

    My sweet little three-week old babe is making my heart happy today — even though he kept me up half the night, his sweetness is impossible to resist!

  129. Melissa Van Scoy says:

    The ‘steal-a-cup’ feature on my coffee pot made my heart VERY happy this morning.

  130. Gretchen says:

    Thinking about my own wedding in less than two weeks makes me very, very happy!

  131. My daughter has gone to the ER & urgent care this week and is now feeling better! My heart/mind/body are MUCH happier today!

  132. Julie says:

    The sun is shining and my twins have their one year check-up today. It reminds me what a blessing they are!

  133. My heart is happy today being with my four daughters, that keep me smiling and happy even when I am not feeling well!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  134. Kristen M. says:

    In spite of being terrified of losing my job… I am happy today because it hasn’t rained yet today, and I might get to see my husband sooner than the few weeks we had expected to be apart.

  135. Paige says:

    Awaiting the arrival of my baby is making my heart happy today. I’m 37 weeks today and I’m ready to meet this little one :)

  136. kelly says:

    love the pictures and lovelovelove the pewter hearts!

  137. sandy johnson says:

    love the pewter heart!!

  138. Lola P. says:

    This new Day makes me happy. Thank God for all his blessings :)

  139. Jenny says:

    Jesus and sunshine are warming my heart today.

  140. Laura says:

    Happy hearts today because of possible big changes–a job interview yesterday that went pretty well will hopefully lead to a more satisfying position and more time with my family…and a meeting with the bank today to get prequalified for our first home and a viewing with our realtor after! Wish things were more concrete but I’m happy to hope now! :):):)

  141. Mallory says:

    My heart is happy because I just got back from a long weekend visiting with my Mom. My heart is full!

  142. laura says:

    My heart is happy today because I get the whole day to myself to do whatever I want! Crafts, coffee, blogs! Today is for me!

  143. Kerrie says:

    my heart has been happy for the last several days b/c i got to watch my wonderful husband graduate with honors from college on this past sunday. he served our country after high school in the army and as he has gotten older he really wanted to get his degree. to see him accomplish this goal has made my heart so happy!



  144. Anne says:

    My family, home and life.

  145. Jill says:

    My heart is happy because my 5 year old said to me this morning:”Mama, Happy Every Day is Mom’s Day” and my 3 year old tells me “I love you forever and always”
    My girls melt my heart and leave an imprint on it every day with their simple words that mean so much

  146. Qing G says:

    my heart is happy today because my girlfriend stays by my side since yesterday till this morning! she celebrated my birthday for me yesterday when i tell her my bf have left me and so no one celebrates my birthday with me. in the last hour before the day ends she literally ran around to find a candle and a cake for me when all the shops are 90% closed. We still managed to find one! 10mins before the day ends we went to catch a movie. now that i woke up and realised i am being love makes me feel blessed.

  147. Lori Tacchino says:

    The prospect of Spring is making my heart happy!

  148. Alissa says:

    My heart is happy because we finally have sunshine in MN! Being able to take the kiddos outside and wear typical May clothing is something to celebrate!

  149. Kristi F says:

    My heart is happy because even though my husband lost his job we are still paying all our bills and everyone is healthy! Cannot ask for more than that!

  150. autumn says:

    the sunshine and this beautiful day are making my heart happy!

  151. autumn says:

    I tweeted about your lovely pewter heart :)

  152. Noelle says:

    I am happy today because it is my last class of the semester!!

  153. autumn says:

    I posted a link on facebook to your lovely pewter heart :)

  154. Chelsea Sanford says:

    My new baby girl learning how to smile. She is adorable!

  155. My husband makes my heart happy today.
    Seeing friends commit their love to one another makes me happy today. Looking forward to crafting with a friend tonight makes me happy.

  156. Tia says:

    My heart is happy due to some fantastic news I just received. I love my life!

  157. Shaunna says:

    the sunshine and being able to enjoy it with my kids. i hae always wanted to do a trash the dress photo shoot, how much fun would that be! thanks for the giveaway!

  158. Molly says:

    Breakfast in our jammies in the sunshine with my little ones singing as the breeze blows our hair. Perfection in a morning. Thank you, God.

  159. Anneke B. says:

    my family-my husband and children make me happy

  160. Alice C. says:

    The gorgeous weather is making my heart happy today.

  161. lauren says:

    my newly planted garden is making me so happy, and working on it with my two children is filling my heart with love. these are special moments indeed! <3

  162. Sarah A. says:

    Today, owning my own business is making my heart happy <3

  163. Czarina says:

    My heart is happy because each day holds the promise of a new beginning!

  164. Amber Alonso says:

    My heart is happy because I have a wonderful hubby and 4 beautiful kids!

  165. Amanda buell says:

    My two boys bennett & Weston!

  166. My heart is happy that there’s actually sunshine outside my work window today!

  167. Ann says:

    My heart is happy because it is my birthday and anniversary this coming friday!

  168. kris says:

    My heart is happy because of all the beautiful flowers all around me (in our yard).

  169. tawnya says:

    My mother in law is coming to teach me to quilt. Which may be more scary than happy, actually…

  170. Holly Miller says:

    My heart is happy today and everyday because I am more in love with the man I married 7 years ago!

  171. Sharon says:

    Life is Grand and I’m happy for everyday…..I am most fortunate

  172. pat says:

    My heart is happy because of the beautiful weather and sunshine we have today in San Diego.

  173. Maria says:

    My heart is happy today because of my family!

  174. Becca Goodman says:

    My heart is happy because I have an amazing wonderful family!!

  175. Becca Goodman says:

    I fb it!

  176. kristen says:

    My heart is happy because I get to host Mother’s Day Brunch! I’m enjoying cleaning our little nest to get things ready! :)

  177. Laura says:

    My baby girl, my family, health, happiness, life…thank you God

  178. Sarah says:

    The spring weather makes my heart happy!

  179. Sarar says:

    My heart is happy from a great big hug and kiss from my 4 year old this morning :)

  180. I feel like I’m finally turning the corner in defeating the cold that will not die (and the sunshine here in MN helps, too!). It’s also wonderful to watch the long term weather forecast and not see one chance of snow!

  181. Nicole says:

    My heart is happy because I am off to spend the weekend with my mother in San Diego for the Queen Bee Market! I am taking her there for Mother’s Day and we are bringing my 3 year old to join in on the fun also!!

  182. Thankful I get to celebrate this Mother’s Day with all my babies and my Momma. So many people have lost their Mother and/or a child that I am so thankful and blessed to have both. Rejoicing in the precious gift: life!

  183. Elise says:

    My heart is happy because I have a wonderful baby girl to go home to everyday. God has blessed me with the best little miracle!

  184. Sara.arrigoni says:

    today I am happy to have lots of extended family nearby. It is so much fun to see my kids having fun with all of them!

  185. Cathy says:

    A lunch date with my hubby! We only get lunch dates about 4 times a year and today is one of them!!!

    • Sandra R. says:

      this just made me smile!
      It really is the simple things that you’re the most grateful for. Here’s to hoping you get another date or two in this year (above the 4) :)

  186. Jenni says:

    sunshine, chocolate covered strawberries and my babies. thanks for the chance to win.

  187. Jen says:

    Being appreciated for Teacher Appreciation week!!! :)

  188. NancyLee says:

    I am happy to wake up with the sun shining on my day off today! And to open your blog with this lovely giveaway. Thanks for another inspiration Lisa….

  189. Ali Hedrick says:

    LOVE the Pewter Heart! I just bought 3 for friends’ weddings and really want one for myself now! Seeing my 1 1/2 year old run around with no cares in the world makes my heart happy. I’m also happy because we’re visiting my family in 2 days! Thanks :)

  190. Megan L says:

    Today, my heart is warmed by family. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’m sending my other half to see his dad, step-mom and half siblings for the first time in over ten years. We just recently reconnected with them and I am so very grateful; you can NEVER have too much family!

  191. I’m thankful to have clean health where I can not have children. thankful today that I work with children at school. they can see I heart kids. love them.

  192. abi says:

    a loving husband, warm, sunny weather, and a clean house!

  193. brooke says:

    my heart is extra happy today because the sun is shining and the weather is gorgeous!

  194. Angie says:

    taking my two sweet girls to the zoo for the first time of the season!! hooray!

  195. Megan says:

    It makes my heart happy to see my kids (ages 4 and 1) love on each other. Their smiles and giggles are contagious. I wish I could bottle them up forever!

  196. Erin Joseph says:

    Spending one-on-one time with my baby girl while her older sister is at preschool. Getting to play with just her (aka no fighting over toys) is such a special time!

  197. Julie says:

    My heart is happy today because I am playing legos with my two youngest sons.
    Their hearts are happy today because I am taking the time to play with them and that makes my heart even happier.

  198. Allyson says:

    It’s silly, but the gorgeous vintage-looking tile I have been waiting for to put in our powder room arrives today. Making our home beautiful makes my heart happy.

  199. Stephanie says:

    It is grey and gloomy here today so my heart is struggling to be happy! HOwever my heart feels happy when I think of the fun Mother’s Day I will have with my kids and my Mom!

  200. Sara says:

    My heart is happy today thanks to a loving and supportive husband who has helped me stay strong through struggles and helps me feel confident in myself!

  201. Brenda M says:

    The sun is shining and that makes my heart sing! My heart is so fulfilled today because my mother is coming to spend the day visiting and crafting with me! Love her!

  202. Stephanie says:

    posted it on FB!!!

  203. The thought of spending time with my kids after they get out of school today… makes my heart so so happy! I love my three kiddos to the moon and back!!!!!

  204. stephanie c says:

    My heart is happy today because I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel on an issue that I’ve been struggling with as a parent. thanks for the chance to win!

  205. Melissa says:

    My heart is happy today because when as I woke up my little man he got a huge smile on his face, said “momma”, placed both his hands on my cheeks, and pulled me in for a smooch! Doesn’t get much better than that! So proud to be his momma!!!

  206. Erin R. says:

    My heart is happy because I’m blessed by a wonderful husband and three beautiful children…and in the adoption process for one more!

  207. Lauren Davison says:

    My heart is happy because my little girl woke up sooo happy! She’s darling!

  208. megan c. says:

    a clean house…coffee…and blog reading—that’s what is making my heart happy today! thanks for the opportunity!

  209. Jaymie W. says:

    my hubby! he did the grocery shopping last night and picked up this prego mama a few extra treats:)

  210. Jen says:

    It makes my heart happy that the sun is finally shining!

  211. Courtney D. says:

    Today my heart is happy because my sweetheart is home after being gone all last week.

  212. Marin D says:

    I wore my new hat to work today. And one of my colleagues is in a good mood this morning for no real reason and it seemed to pass on to me.

  213. Bobbi says:

    My heart is happy because 14 years ago today I married my best friend and my life forever changed!!

  214. Candice says:

    Today’s weather is making my heart happy! Thanks for this opportunity! :)

  215. Marni says:

    My morning run today made me happy – great way to start the day!

  216. April says:

    My heart is happy because I woke up earlier than my 7 month old daughter and got some time alone with Jesus and coffee. :)

  217. Marni says:

    facebooked it too :)

  218. Joanne says:

    My fiance and children make me happy on a daily basis!

  219. Cristy says:

    My heart is happy because my family is healthy.

  220. megan says:

    My heart is happily humbled by the grace of God – especially today after situations when I’ve so clearly failed to depend on Him and believe that He will supply my needs.

  221. April says:

    FBed about it! 3 pounds down – makes me happy :)

  222. EG says:

    My 4-year-old. He struggles with controlling himself more than most 4-year-olds and in the past couple of weeks he’s really been working at it. He is my heart.

  223. EG says:

    I tweeted! I’m vt_ellen.

  224. Kat says:

    My heart is happy today because Mother’s Day is only a few days away, and we’re having pictures done this weekend!

  225. tiffany day says:

    Hi Lisa,

    What lovely pictures – yes she is beautiful!!

    What’s making my heart happy? The friends I have had for such a long time that still love and care about me AND love my kids too!!


  226. Ashley says:

    My heart is full of love after our wedding a few weeks ago! Our reception is this weekend and I’ve been looking at pictures to have out at the reception all week. LOVE it! :]

  227. Sallie E. says:

    My family makes my heart happy!

  228. Sallie E. says:

    facebooked it!

  229. Leah says:

    The sunshine and no more diapers!

  230. Heather G. says:

    My heart is happy today because I am loved by one small boy and one amazing man.

  231. Hannah says:

    a few moments of silence
    a little hand in mine
    self-timer photos of stories on the bed
    love notes
    robin nesting in the front door wreath (not ideal, but rather amusing)

  232. Lola says:

    My heart is happy today because the sun is shining, I have 5 children who love me and my husband is my best friend!

  233. Life, health, and strength make me happy. Although I’m not in perfect health, I thank God that things aren’t worse than they are.

  234. Sarah says:

    My sweet son – he has been home sick the last 2 days with a terrible cough…even when he doesn’t feel well, he amazes me with his fun spirit & creativity. I hate that he is sick, but I love getting to spend the day with him & seeing the world through his eyes!

  235. Sarah says:

    My <3 is happy today because I am only about three weeks from giving birth to my first baby. :)

  236. -K says:

    My children make my heart happy to no end!

  237. becca says:

    in just a short 17 days, my baby is going to be two! some mamas have a hard time with their kiddos growing up, but i’m just completely in love with watching him grow and develop into his own little person…

  238. Meg T says:

    My little boy is 5 days past due today so I KNOW it won’t be long now before I hold him. That will make my heart very happy (and a little less crazy). Thanks!

  239. Shae says:

    The month of May and sunshine make me happy!

  240. Jen says:

    My 14 month old daughter made me a happy mama today by waking up and happily chatting with her toys until I came and got her. So precious!

  241. Sylvia says:

    What’s making my heart happy today? The same as everyday – that I have a fabulous husband and two amazing babes. Life is good!

  242. Julie says:

    Healthy kiddos.

  243. desiree says:

    My heart is happy right now because both my kids are napping at the same time! :)

  244. Allison says:

    I threw out my back on Sunday night and have been in pain ever since… my 3.5 year old son said to me this morning, “mommy, I’ll take care of you.” Warmed my heart right up!!

  245. jessica says:

    would LOVE this pewter heart for my wedding this year! what a perfect piece & memento!

  246. Lynette says:

    My heart is happy because life is GOOD! I am happy & healthy, have a wonderful husband and two grown, happily married children. I will be celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary the end of the month & would LOVE to have a heart to commemorate it :) Love your work, Lisa! I facebooked :)

  247. bettyann says:

    My Momma came home from the hospital !!

  248. alison chino says:

    Umm, the lovely photo shoot of the couple celebrating their 55th anniversary that you posted on Sunday is making me SO HAPPY this week!

    I had to go track down all their pictures. LOVE!!

    I love the new pewter heart! I’ve already used it as a wedding gift! So perfect!

  249. melissa says:

    the sun is out today! it makes my heart soar!

    (thank you for the chance to win.)

  250. Kelsey says:

    Why am I happy today? The sun is finally out in MN and my baby girl & I are sprawled out on a blanket in the backyard taking it all in!

  251. My eight grandchildren make my heart happy everyday! I love them so much!

  252. Mindy May says:

    My heart is happy today because my dreams of graduating college are finally (in December) coming true. This is my last week of classes before finals and then student teaching in August. I have been truly blessed.

  253. Briana says:

    My husband is coming home from Afghanistan tomorrow! I can’t think of anything that could make my heart any happier!

  254. Tina says:

    My husband and boys make my heart happy!! Love reading your blog and seeing your pictures!

  255. JennaLynn says:

    Flowers sent to work from my hubby is making my heart burst today :)

  256. siobhan says:

    my 5 children and my beautiful husband.

  257. jenn says:

    My smiles are held over from Mari’s 3rd birthday last weekend and growing in preparation of Katie’s 1st Communion coming up this weekend. Walking by faith and enjoying the little things makes the difference, I think. :)

  258. Jill says:

    Making my heart happy today is my son… he is so excited to start his baseball season and we keep getting rained out… but he said to me “Well, God must know something we don’t… so he keeps making it rain…” Love that and LOVE him :)

  259. Lorena says:

    So happy it was only a nightmare.

  260. Paige says:

    My boys are making my heart happy today…that and Apple Scrapple bread. Yum!

  261. Michele H says:

    Oh, my two beautiful boys are making my heart happy today. My eldest is 17 months, and my youngest is 3 weeks old. As Lisa always says, “My heart is full.”

  262. Brianne says:

    my nephew is making my heart happy today <3 nothing beats baby smiles

  263. Sara says:

    I facebooked this giveaway too!

  264. Mary says:

    My heart is happy because all of my kids are well, (at least so far,) today!

  265. Jessica Larsen says:

    Sounds strange, but I’m happy to have my (slightly sick) daughter home from school with me today. We are baking brownies and making “art” 😉 Thanks!

  266. Mary says:

    My heart is happy because I am loved.

  267. Shauna Lobre says:

    The HEALTH of my family is making my heart HAPPY today!!!!
    Thank YOU!!!

  268. Melissa says:

    Ever so happy for beautiful, healthy kids that are full of like! They may make life a little crazy at times but they are the BEST and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    …and Lisa Leonard inspires me! From your creativity in your jewelry and decor, to your beautiful pictures on your blog. If ever I need a pick-me-up, I now I can find it here.

  269. Teresa says:

    The beautiful spring weather!

  270. Susan B says:

    I am happy to have a happy healthy family. : ) yay

  271. joanna says:

    My heart is happy because my husband and I just bought our first house! We are so excited to finally stay put somewhere! Also, I just love the pewter heart- timeless!

  272. Sandra R. says:

    I’m incredibly happy for the love that I have in my life. Not just the love that my boyfriend and I share, but the love that is freely given and received between my family, my close friends, and even astrangers in passing. I am always reminded that every small act of kindness is an act of Love and I’m just so blessed and thankful for every day the Lord has given me.
    I hope your blessings overflow this week!

  273. amy jane says:

    I am happy because I have a devoted husband, beautiful & healthy 3 year old daughter, and more one on his or her way!!

  274. Kelly J. R. says:

    The new Craft Hope bracelet project is making me happy. I visited an orphanage in Russia a few years back and it makes me happy to know that those kids are still being thought of. I complete 11 beaded bracelets that will be sent to Russian orphanages.

  275. peachgirl says:


  276. Lori says:

    love these pictures!

    today my heart is happy because i am looking forward to a date with my sweet hubby when i get off work!

  277. Cassie says:

    The sun in MN, volunteering in my daughter’s kindergarten class thi s morning. All those happy faces are contagious!

  278. Bethany H. says:

    My heart rejoices in family ties through the blood of Jesus — I can be thousands of miles from my native home, yet surrounded still by FAMILY — amazing.

  279. Stephanie C. says:

    My heart is happy because in a couple of hours we go to the doctors and will hear the babies heart beat for the first time!

  280. Liss Vasquez says:

    my babies make me happy <3

  281. Susanne says:

    today my heart is happy because it is a beautiful, sunny day and it is not raining!

  282. Cilla says:

    What is making my heart happy is that things seem hopeful for my family.

  283. Kathleen in SC says:

    My two sweet boys, and my husband who works so hard so that I can stay home with them. Thanks, Lisa! Have a lovely Tues.

  284. Becky says:

    My heart is happy today from the beautiful sunshine (we had snow only 2 days ago in ND), my 3 boys who bless my life, and my fabulous hubby!

  285. Kelly says:

    I have a very happy heart today, after dropping off my son at school (he is autistic and doesn’t have too many friends), and seeing a boy he likes come up to him and say, “Come on Cole, come hang out with me!”. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have a very happy heart, indeed!

  286. emily Mitchell says:

    My heart is happy because yesterday was a very bad day- and today is a NEW day! Praise the Lord he makes things new EVERY day!

  287. Joy says:

    Picking daffodils from our yard with my son.

  288. Katie Snow says:

    My sweet childrens’ sunny faces!

  289. Stefany says:

    It is a beautiful, sunshiney day in Minnesota – FINALLY!

    We also did a trash the dress shoot to celebrate our one year annivesrary. Such a fun memory! And fun excuse to wear the dress again of course!

  290. Jess says:

    a sweet little boy on the way!

  291. It makes mevery happy to see all of the spring trees here in PDX in glorious full bloom.

  292. Ansley says:

    My heart is overflowing … I am blessed beyond measure to have the love of my family.

  293. Kathleen says:

    my beautiful FAMILY makes me the happiest:)

  294. Jennifer says:

    God bless,

  295. Shelly foster says:

    What makes my heart happy today , you ask ?? Well, that would have to be the incredible 3d u/s picture of my 27 week baby boy . So very , very precious !

  296. kristen says:

    fast moving clouds and local beers!

  297. jennifer r says:

    my heart is happy that we are blessed to have such wonderful men & women that serve our county each day to keep us all safe & protect our freedom! god bless the usa!

  298. Haleigh says:

    My heart is happy because I have a Sovereign Lord who is taking care of me and my future (:

  299. Kristen Borland says:

    my Bible study at church.

  300. Kelsi says:

    a long walk, time to paint with watercolor, granny smith apples, naps, indoor tipis, books, my girl in a sailor’s dress

  301. My heart is happy today because there is sunshine! We’ve had weeks of rain (and snow) lately, but today is sunny and beautiful!

  302. Sarah Sharp says:

    My heart is happy after a 45 chat with my BFF. I live in the midwest and she’s in California, so we’re THANKFUL for cell phones! :-)

  303. Melissa says:

    My heart is happy because my husband and I have come to a positive turning point in our relationship after a bad year.

  304. Lori says:

    My heart is happy because upon leaving for school, my 8 year-old son told me it was “the worst part of my day.” Very concerned I asked him why (he loves school). His reply? “Mom, because I have to leave you for the day. When I come home, that is the best part.” Talk about filling my happy heart!

  305. Jamie says:

    Today my kids are what’s making my heart happy. It’s so great to know they are such good kids in such a crazy world right now! They make my heart smile!!

  306. Alison says:

    The little baby kicks in my belly are making my heart so happy on a daily basis. My little Austin man is due to join our family in August!! Sure can’t wait to get my hands on him!! :o)

  307. Melissa says:

    My 4 beautiful kids God has blessed us with

  308. Tara says:

    I finished law school today. Last exam ever. Tomorrow I am moving. One month from tomorrow I get to marry the man of my dreams. I’m not sure my heart could take much more happiness.

  309. Regina says:

    this is crazy, but my heart was happy this morning when I awoke to 55 degree weather in the beginning of May in South Louisiana. Yesterday we hit 90, today not even 70. went from tank top to sweatshirt. what will tomorrow bring?

  310. Rachelle says:

    Ahhh! My heart is so so happy today. It’s my husband’s 31 st birthday AND our 9 yr wedding anniversary. We have so much celebrating to do. :)

  311. jerikay says:

    this post makes me happy! as i just received the pewter heart that i ordered from you for my son’s wedding {mike & kara} that will take place at the end of this month! i love it and know they will too!
    i would love to give another to my daughter who will soon be celebrating her anniversary…
    love your blog Lisa it is a daily must read for me =)

  312. Sarah says:

    We just had an amazing celebration of life for my 2nd grandma who never had children of her own, but was the matriarch of our family. My father is finally home from the hospital after major surgery for his cancer. And my sweet sweet son just turned 5. LOTS of things making my heart full and happy.

  313. Sarah says:

    The glorious sunshine! With all the rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes that have been going on in the south, especially here in Arkansas, it is wonderful to wake up to sweet sweet sunshine! Makes my heart soar to hear both my young daughters laugh out loud because the sun is shining! Outside we go to play. Thank you Lord!

  314. Ah…my heaart is happy today…my daughter and I are planning a caravan tour of the UK. We are not often together…living thousands of miles apart…

  315. divinegrace says:

    Today- a walk around the neighborhood with my 3 boys to find out where all the water in our gutters was coming from–that made my heart happy today.

  316. Rebecca S says:

    My heart is happy because I am going to meet my friend’s beautiful new baby girl, Selah today! My friend has two boys already so this is going to be one spoiled little princess 😉

  317. Sarah says:

    My grandpa is having open heart surgery today, so…… heart is happy praying to god for a successful outcome & thinking of my grandpa’s unwavering faith!

  318. Dena says:

    Vacation in white sandy beach Panama City next week! That is making me super happy!!

  319. Emma says:

    My heart is happy seeing my one year old son’s smile when I pick him up in the afternoons!

  320. angie says:

    My heart is happy for another day with the kiddos. Just another day in paradise :)

  321. Kristen says:

    My heart is happy that my Little Man is getting over pneumonia! It’s been a long battle.

  322. coming blackberries on the bushes outside my house, and a sweet afternoon with my Hubby!

  323. Amy says:

    As there are two hearts, I’ll list two things:

    1. My older son survived his first experience with standardized testing in public school. He was TERRIFIED…but the relief on his face when he told me it wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined…my heart swelled for him.

    2. A rare May cold front blew through central Texas, dropping the temperature from 95 to 65…what a heavenly gift!

  324. Gina says:

    My daughter is home from her first full year of college – bringing a happy energy back to this house of mainly boy-type people!

  325. Susan says:

    My heart is happy because each member of my family is safe, sound and has everything that they need. Contentment is highly underated.

  326. Danielle says:

    My puppy, as always! :)

  327. linda says:

    the gorgeous spring weather we are enjoying is making me very happy today:) thanks for the chance! xo

  328. melody says:

    life is making me happy! the sun is out, and ALL is well with my soul!!!

    melody @

  329. Susan Pola says:

    a wonderful family that make my heart full is making me happy.

  330. Stephanie Fleming says:

    My heart is happy because I have the most wonderful family.

  331. Chrissy says:

    My heart s happy because I’m decorating a nursery for the baby we’re bringing home through adoption in 18 days!

  332. Michelle Woolf says:

    Today my heart is happy because tomorrow my husband and I fly to Tampa to see our daughter graduate from college!! She’s our first and has finished in 3 years… she’s a smart one and has held down a part time job waitressing this year. She has worked hard to get to where she is and I am one proud mamma!! My parents are also flying in from Texas who I haven’t see in almost two years so my cup is running over anticipating being with my loved ones for several days. And the sun is shining bright today…. happy, happy, happy! :)

  333. Katie A says:

    My heart is happy because Thursday I celebrate 10 years of marriage with my wonderful husband :)

  334. Katy P says:

    I am 11 weeks pregnant today. I have had some pretty serious complications already and feared over the weekend that we had lost this precious child. The sweet, sweet sound of the heartbeat at the doctor’s office yesterday is still on my mind today and is making my heart so content and happy. Praise God!

  335. Michelle says:

    My heart is happy because I spent the day with my babies, who are 2 and 3. They are so cute I could eat them up. Yours are pretty cute too Lisa!!! xoxo

  336. Stephanie says:

    My heart is happy today for my good health! My fam has been sick all weekend and today…feeling good:)

  337. Sarah-Anne says:

    awesome! enter me, enter me!!

  338. kate says:

    my sweet little baby is sleeping through the night. :)

  339. kristen says:

    my heart is happy for my upcoming 16th [!] wedding anniversary to my sweet, sweet husband!

    i’m the luckiest, most blessed girl in the world,
    & i want to give him a ll pewter heart to add to our family photo hall wall, so he will see every day how happy i am to still be his!! :)

  340. Catherine Thomas-Smith says:

    My sweet husband makes my heart happy. :)

  341. Jeannine Q says:

    The sun and my laughing co-workers

  342. Jenny V says:

    My two little boys make my heart happy! We are remodeling our kitchen and this heart would be perfect for it!!

  343. Kristin says:

    The sun…and the fact that it isn’t raining! Amen!

  344. Holly Muster says:

    Your blog makes me happy! I read it everyday and it’s an inspiration! Keep up the wonderful creative work!

  345. Amy says:

    My heart is happy because summer vacation is near! Only five more weeks of school!

  346. Katie N says:

    I am happy knowing that in 81 days I will be married :)

  347. anne says:

    My heart is still happy from watching the Royal Wedding last week. It was so lovely, and as a military brat, I loved all the ceremony and beautiful uniforms.

  348. Dionna says:

    I have a dear young friend getting married in October. Would love to give her one of those hearts.

  349. Brooke says:

    My heart is happy today because my mom is coming to visit in less than two weeks!

  350. Bindu says:

    My heart is happy today because the peonies are blooming in my garden!

  351. julie says:

    My heart is trying to be happy today, but it is so sad. My best friend is leaving the country tomorrow for a permanent move that is somewhat against his will. Tonight is our last night to hang out and be carefree. I’m happy for the five years that we spent together almost every day.

  352. Rachel says:

    Having my husband home from a business trip makes my heart so very happy!

  353. Molly B says:

    My heart is happy thinking of our friends from Florida who will be visiting us here in Missouri very soon!

  354. Kim says:

    My heart is happy today because we are in our new house and bought the first new trees for it!

  355. kat says:

    My heart is happy knowing my daughter is getting better from being sick lately (a lot less coughing).

  356. tara says:

    My heart is happy because we are all snug at home listening to the rain falling. Looking forward to a cup of tea followed by a hot bath!

  357. PamJ says:

    The sunshine is making my heart happy today :) It’s so nice to have arrived to melt the remainder of the snow that should not have dumped on us this weekend!

  358. Marie says:

    A class field trip. Boarding the cumbersome, yellow bus and then later indulging in a simple, paper bag lunch I felt grateful for the company of my daughter and her classmates.

  359. Those photos are absolutely stunning! Just gorgeous.

    The pewter heart is lovely too!

  360. Andrea says:

    My heart is happy and full because I am a sinner saved by grace, I am wife to an amazing man and I’m friend to the most wonderful people.

  361. Melissa says:

    These photos are so beautiful!

    The fresh strawberries I have today are making me happy. :) I look forward to strawberry season every year!

  362. Christina says:

    Watching my three boys playing in the sandbox together.

  363. Donna says:

    {sunshine} and warm weather!

  364. Sandy says:

    My grandkids (6) always make my <3 happy!! and so does reading your blog and seeing all your lovely pictures! Thanks!

  365. Katie says:

    My heart is happy today because I’m starting a new job after being without work for the past 6 months! Yay!

  366. Today my heart is happy as my magnolia trees are in full bloom! Lovely!
    Blessings, Patti

  367. Kelli says:

    My heart is happy today because I have wonderful girlfriends who give me sweet surprise gifts…like the gratitude journal I got today!

  368. danielle says:

    my heart is happy today because my sweet baby girl put herself to sleep at naptime and bedtime!! yay for small victories :)

  369. SaRaH says:

    My nephews live down the street and decided to come over and play after school…I know they won’t always be this little and it warms my hears to hear their laughter :)

  370. Megan says:

    I heart is happy because I only have three days of student-teaching left!

  371. 52scrap says:

    It has been so dreary rainy and here in IA – but today the sun and the beautiful blue sky with big fluffy clouds are just wonderful!! It makes my heart happy!

  372. maggie b. says:

    My kids make my heart happy each and every day.

  373. Aimee says:

    My heart is happy today because I spent the morning with my husband. I’ve had a very difficult year and the way he has stood by my side proves to me that he thinks I’m worth it and I’m enough.

  374. My heart is happy today because my daughter is turning one! 5/3/10 changed my life forever, and I am having a blast celebrating her today!

  375. theresa d says:

    My heart is happy because it was finally dry enough here in Indy to ride bikes up and down the driveway with my son!

  376. Sara B. says:

    My heart is happy because it is spring, and my husband (who travels so much for business) is in town, and my boys are healthy and happy.

  377. Such a gorgeous set of photos!

    I’m happy because I realized over the weekend that we’ve been engaged for 4 months, and only 5 months till we get married!

  378. Kristin L. says:

    A day with warm weather again, and colorful tulips blooming in my yard!

  379. April O. says:

    . . . Hope in the One who can only offer it . . . My precious God and Savior.

  380. Courtney says:

    My heart is happy because my son has a healthy, healed heart. He is a congenital heart defect’s SURVIVOR!

  381. Tiffany says:

    I just finished my grad school finals, and can now spend more quality time with my kids! :)

  382. Tami C. says:

    Today I am grateful to God for my sweet family.

  383. Shana says:

    Coming home to my little boys after a stressful day at work make the whole day better.

  384. Tabatha D says:

    Such sweet photos!

    What makes me happy, my family!

    After a long day at work it’s so comforting to hear your 4 year old say I love you mommy. He also proceeded to tell me a little about our earth today. We live in the planet earth mommy…with trees and birds and water and well his list of things goes on and on. I guess with earth day being a few days ago he’s still a little excited about it! All this makes me so very happy!!!!!

  385. erin tepe says:

    My sister has two kids and they are both getting married this summer! Two hearts are better than one!

  386. Charla Liedahl says:

    My heart is happy because my long list of errands for today was accomplished! It’s not everyday that this happens!

  387. Anna says:

    Spending the day with my 4 month old son in this beautiful weather!

  388. Elizabeth H. says:

    Today I am happy because God is good and keeps my family safe and healthy. I just found out a good family friend has lung cancer {never smoked!} and it is spreading….I am praying he will know the Lord before he passes. I am just so thankful to know the Lord and see His blessings in life through good days and bad! Have a wonderful rest of your day Lisa and thank you for the giveaway!
    Elizabeth :)

  389. Angie says:

    I am happy today to know that God is in control! I love my hubby and kids… so thankful for the blessings they are to me. :)

  390. Caiti says:

    I am happy that I got to spend the day at the beach and happy that they started framing my house today!

  391. Shannon Adragna says:

    Oh my goodness. We are inching close to the 100’s and school is out in 3 1/2 weeks. Yeah for summer!!

  392. adriane says:

    Happy that I got the spend the afternoon making seedlings with my daughter, when she wasn’t playing in the mud! Love the intense concentration of 5 year olds!
    Thanks for the chance!

  393. Meredith says:

    my son had a TERRIFIC doctor’s appointment today! thrilling!

  394. Anabda Skade says:

    This giveaway is making my heart happy and so is your products! I am off to pick out something for my mom for her birthday and mothers day (late) :)

  395. Amanda Slade says:

    This is my actual name! I must have really had my fingers in the wrong place!

    This giveaway is making my heart happy and so is your products! I am off to pick out something for my mom for her birthday and mothers day (late) :)

  396. LIZBETH says:


  397. Stephanie says:

    My heart is happy to wait for the guy God has planned for me

  398. Lisa S. says:

    my 4 year old daughter is so “in to” cutting paper these days. I picked up some of those fun scissors that cut wavy edges, etc. and she is just thrilled with them. Last night, she made me a paper heart and wrote our names on it. She told me to take it to work with me so I “never forget her”. Awwwww…she makes my heart so happy. thanks for the chance to win Lisa!!

  399. Jenn says:

    I am happy today because it has FINALLY stopped raining and I see sunSHINE!!!

  400. erin ford says:

    My seven year old son telling me on the way home from his baseball game how beautiful i am and how much he loves me. That made my heart happy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  401. amber says:

    Quilt Market is drawing near, projects are winding up and I get to meet some of my idols soon. That is making me smile today. Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I am a big fan of yours!

    ~ Amber Johnson

  402. aimee says:

    I’m happy because my husband is all finished up with his masters. Graduation on Saturday. Hooray for him!

  403. Stephanie Tang says:

    An amazing husband, a happy little girl and a new start! :-)

  404. Brianna says:

    My heart is happy because I got to spend this glorious sunny day with my man before he leaves town for two weeks.

  405. Deb says:

    My heart is happy today because I am working towards business goals FOR ME for once – I have been at home for 8 years and am now starting to make steps forward for myself!! I feel more excited about life than I have in a long time!

  406. KatieD says:

    Family and amazing friends!

  407. Rachel says:

    My wonderful husband and amazing children are making my heart happy today.

  408. Valerie says:

    My wonderful husband and our 10th anniversary coming up on Thursday!

  409. Shauna Lobre says:

    Tweeted as nocnurse12!!!!!

  410. Lydia says:

    Honestly…my heart doesn’t feel happy today. We received such hard news about my nephew. My sister is only at 25 weeks but due to a new development today (in the midst of multiple other complications) they might need to deliver within a few days or weeks. They don’t know if he will make it.
    Although my heart is breaking with and for my sister, I turn to Christ. He is our hope. He is our joy in the midst of sorrow. He is our comfort. He is greater than this difficulty.

  411. Allegra says:

    my heart is happy because my husband is really happy where God’s taken Him. He answered some really BIG prayers! :-)

  412. Dietra King says:

    My heart is full of happiness!!!! Just spent the weekend snuggling with my 10 week old grandaughter!!! God is sooooo GOOD!

  413. My heart is always made happy by my “babies”-even if they are 18 and 17 :)

  414. Kristin S says:

    Today? I got my hair straightened! Seems surface-y but it put a smile on my face.

  415. Jennifer says:

    My heart is happy today because it is my birthday tomorrow…and I’m ok about getting that much closer to 40!

  416. MiCHELLE A. says:

    my heart is happy reminiscing of my wedding day a little over 6 months ago…thinking I should do a trash the dress shoot too…this looks fun! :)

  417. Lisa says:

    My hubby’s kindness…he’s great!

  418. Caitlin says:

    My heart is happy because my baby said “lub you” for the first time!
    Oh the sweetness!

  419. It makes my heart happy when my husband kisses me on the forehead and my kids smile at me.

  420. Nadine says:

    Happy Heart for Healthy family!

  421. Just had dinner with my college boys….my heart is so very happy right now.

  422. angelina says:

    each new day is a blessing!

  423. Gina says:

    My two sweet boys !!!!

  424. Tara says:

    Camping with friends this week!!!

  425. Erica says:

    my 9 month old son!

  426. little mama says:

    love your work.
    my 3 boys make me so happy!!

  427. Tessa says:

    A beautiful warm night playing outside with my family.

  428. maria says:

    Today my heart was happy while unpacking. Came across tons of framed pictures w/old friends. They had been in storage. Now they are out on my dresser. :)

  429. My nephews and niece make my heart smile!

  430. Patty says:

    Seeing the face on one of my students when his soldier daddy walked in (back from AFG) and surprised his little boy made my heart swell with happiness

  431. Andrea says:

    What is making me happy today was one-on-one time spent with my son doing what he loves best…bowling. Both of us had so much fun and both bowled well. It was not only a bonding time between mother and son, but a total stress reliever as well.

  432. DebZorn says:

    My heart is almost always happy. But it is especially happy because I will spend Mother’s Day with my 3 daughters and their families and my 20th anniversary is May 25! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  433. Christine says:

    My husband is making me happy today. He had surgery in March, and he has a huge blood clot from it. I think I almost lost him a couple of weeks ago when he had trouble breathing, and we now know he had some pulmonary emboli then. I am happy he is still here to hug! Thank you!

  434. krysten g says:

    my heart is happy because on sunday i was honored to be the godmother of my precious niece, emily! god bless emily laura!

    “children are a gift from the lord, they are a reward from him” psalm 127:3

  435. Ashley says:

    My heart is happy because the baby is sleeping!

  436. My heart is happy because . . . there are so many things to choose from. Family. Boys. Work. Stability. Summer. Flowers blooming. Friends. But especially my boys.

  437. Patricia/nyc says:

    My daughter! Happy, healthy & bubbling full of life!

  438. Laura says:

    The impending arrival of our twin boy and girl is what is making me happy today! Thanks for the chance to win!

  439. Jenn P. says:

    Seeing my kids smooch all over each other and giggle together makes my heart burst. And I am loving my son’s Angry Birds 4th birthday theme and how involved he wants to be in the planning, so stinkin’ cute!

  440. jen says:

    entering my third trimester with my first baby is making my heart happy!

  441. Misty says:

    So happy I know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, now just have to be patient for the economy so I can do it.
    Also every time I see my chocolate lab, Duncan, it makes me happy & reminds to breathe and enjoy life!

  442. tricia says:

    getting to see my dh at 5:30 pm for 3 hours rather than at 9:00 pm for 5 minutes. =) <3

  443. Tracy says:

    My heart is happy because my husband really *heard* me today after 10 years of the same argument … It was a beautiful moment of sharing and rally understanding between us! It feels like a weight is lifted off….rejoice!!!

  444. Amy T. says:

    My heart is happy today because my husband is realizing a long time dream to go on a mission trip TOMORROW!

  445. Sharon R says:

    My middle son has been suffering from Graves Disease. My heart is happy because he is officially in remission.
    Thank the Lord.

  446. kylie says:

    My heart is happy with all the beautiful, blooming flowers. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  447. kim says:

    I have a happy heart as I think about all the wonderful blessings from God.

  448. Ashley says:

    I am so happy and thankful that my husbands deployment is wrapping up and he will be home with me and our babies SOON!

  449. Rebecca says:

    My heart is happy as I remember the saving grace of my Savior, who died for me!

  450. Claudine says:

    Some one on one time with each of my boys is making my heart very happy today!

  451. Erica says:

    Love the pewter hearts – my go-to wedding gift! My heart is happy today because it is finally SPRING in Alaska!

  452. Jan Richards says:

    I am happy to have a healthy family that loves me and I love them so much. Thanks for sharing your life in your wonderful pictures….your blog is inspirational to us all.

  453. Cathy says:

    The sun was out today!

  454. Shelley says:

    My heart is bursting – my babe took his first steps today! So happy (and a little sad, but mostly happy). Thanks so much!

  455. Ramona says:

    best thing in my life that’s making me ecstatic is family!

  456. Ramona says:

    i posted this on my fb page!

  457. Amber R. says:

    My heart is happy because I love my job working in Yosemite! I hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls today with twelve 10-12 year olds! And we saw a bear!

  458. NutellaNutterson says:

    My baby is sleeping peacefully!!!!

  459. Kim T. says:

    It’s the smell of the cottonwoods leafing out that make my heart happy today (with the sunshine)!!

  460. sk* says:

    Pismo Beach :)

  461. Julie rice says:

    A nice evening Bon fire

  462. Christine D. says:

    Summer is around the corner and being a teacher means that vacation time is almost here. With all the budget cuts happening this year, I am just happy that I get the summer to spend with my two little girls.

  463. Lesli says:

    Happy because the weather is getting warmer and that means one step closer to summer!

  464. Mary Jo says:

    Sunshine and birds singing on a spring morning makes my heart happy.

  465. Amy says:

    It rained here today and instead of staying indoors, I got my camera and went outside. The pictures I took of flowers covered with drops of rain made my heart smile. :)

  466. Kate says:

    My sweet dog,Betty makes my heart happy! She is always so happy to see me…… my teenage son – not so much.

  467. Darcee says:

    My heart is happy today because it is finally sunny! We live in canada and have had waaay tooo much winter this year! My trees are budding and the tulips are peeking up through the dirt!

  468. Sherri says:

    Sunshine and more sunshine this day. We live up North and had some snow on the ground two days ago – I know Spring is somewhere………………..just not here right now!

  469. Emily says:

    Being totally care free with my 3-year-old boy is making my heart happy today!

  470. kathy says:

    two sleeping babies, hot coffee, and reading your blog :)

  471. Courtney says:

    that in six months i will marry the love of my life!

  472. Beth says:

    My beautiful daughter. :)

  473. Dawn says:

    My heart is happy after seeing these pictures…I just celebrated my 1st anniversary over the weekend and the pictures reminded me of the beautiful day God gave my husband and I on our wedding day!

  474. Keshet says:

    My husband:)

  475. amyks says:

    So lovely, my heart is happy when I think of my three amazing and beautiful children, oh and a clean house 😉

  476. nancy says:

    I am happy that my husband got a promotion today for a new job. It means moving from Monterey to San Diego. But we will have health insurance again. I love my husband too, and he also makes me very happy!

  477. Margaret T. says:

    My heart is happy because we ate breakfast outside and had two beautiful finches join us while we ate, It is a beautiful Spring day.

  478. Beverly says:

    My heart is happy today because we actually have nice weather for once! Rain, wind, cold temps and no sun for weeks on end and now we still have the wind, but it’s sunny and warming up!

  479. ileana says:

    The sunshine and my son! We’ve had gray skies and rain for months and today we have sun! and, my son is home sick so we can sit and snuggle together in the warm sunlight. Nothing gets better than that. oh, yeah, he’s 15 😉

  480. barbara says:

    I have a happy heart because I have the best family ever. They bring me joy every single day. I love them so much!

  481. barbara says:


  482. Julie S. says:

    My son is making my heart happy today because he has just been so funny lately! We have had fun running errands, playing outside, and just being in each other’s company. I hope his good mood sticks around!

  483. Suzanne G. says:

    my heart is happy because our son is getting married in June to a wonderful girl:)

  484. Carol S. says:

    I am happy, because I have two kids who are happy and healthy and a great husband who is supportive of all of my endeavors and passions and infinitely loving and kind. Life doesn’t get any better…

  485. My heart is happy with the monarch butterflies my almost 4 year old and I are raising. A fun, spring project.

  486. SLucy says:

    My family is what makes my heart happy
    hypersky5 at hotmail dot com

  487. Whitney says:

    My amazing little family makes my heart happy every day :) I love them so much!!

  488. Erin says:

    My heart is happy because I have a fun weekend planned with my family!

  489. my dogs make me smile!

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