we’ve lived in our new house for almost a year now–and we love it! the boy’s bathroom already had a denim wallpaper which i didn’t love or hate. eventually i’d like to take off the wallpaper and paint the cabinets, but that’s a big project. for now, this bathroom just needs a face lift!

here’s the before pics. a nice big bathroom and pretty basic. it just needs some LIFE breathed into it!

the first thing i did was spray paint two vintage frames from ruby rose a sweet lime green color and hang them on top of the large existing mirrors. i used command hooks and stuck them straight onto the mirror, then hung the frames with twine. super simple and easy to remove if i want to change things again!

i’m pretty sure the nester would be proud of my window mistreatment. it’s just a table runner that i nailed over the mini-blinds. so much cuter! the oval wall hanging is from my shop with a sweet reminder to keep those pearly whites clean! i put some bottles in the window since it gets such nice light.

i stacked up lots of bright towels from target and they look so cheerful! that whale wall art is a piece from a vintage weathervane. it was copper before i spray painted it aqua.

i can’t believe how fresh and fun it feels–and i only spent about $100!

is there a corner of your home that needs a face lift?