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winter walk

January 5th | finding beauty, videos

i took a walk this morning and wished you were with me.

we’d be bundled up {it’s cooold outside} and sipping coffee.

i’d tell you how i had a great day with the boys yesterday, but then got really grumpy at bedtime. and you’d listen and tell me it’s okay.

then you’d tell me how you felt blah this morning and just wanted to stay in bed. and i’d listen and nod.

and then we’d laugh about a funny story. and talk about how life is sometimes hard, but there is so much beauty. so much to be thankful for.

here’s a little video my walk this morning. it’s just about a minute and a half. song is ‘can’t go back now’ by the weepies. {love}

winter walk from lisa leonard on Vimeo.

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  1. What a beautiful walk Lisa! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Beth says:

    that is so beautiful. felt like I was there, but wish I could really take that walk with you. btw. my husband and kids got me one of your necklaces for christmas this year. they finally got the hints. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. my favorite present by far.

  3. Wendi Rogan says:

    Awesome…Thanks for taking us along on your walk :) What a Beautiful day!

  4. Rebecca says:

    What a beautiful walk! Thanks so much for taking us along. Do you have a new Christmas present? What font is this? I love it!

  5. Shelby says:

    What a beautiful walk, I need to take a walk around my neighborhood sometime soon

  6. Kelli says:

    Thanks for taking me on a walk, Lisa! Seeing California through your eyes makes me think maybe we should move south! As long as we could be pals!!

    Loved that lake.

  7. Jenny says:

    I don’t remember the last time I took a walk alone, just for the sake of taking a walk. How lovely. What beautiful scenery!

  8. sharon says:

    loved the walk with you :) love the weepies and i listened to this song a lot the past year while walking through a dark night. you are right there is so much beauty in life, but i think you have to go through some amount of pain and uncertainty to really begin to see it. hoping to appreciate the beauty everyday this year!

  9. polly says:

    what a cute idea! i love that song too … i had never heard it!

  10. Kelly says:

    The pictures…the song…the walk…I cried…


  11. denise says:

    i have never heard that song…love.

    lisa, you have a gift of delighting in the “little things.” you inspire your readers to delight too, to “walk on, take another step” in the direction of joy.

    as for the grumpiness.. (nod) i understand. i feel it too, especially when i’m exhausted. today i’m exhausted. the grumpies haven’t hit yet, but i’m anticipating the possibility of their arrival. gonna try to get out in front of them with an easy/early, early jammies, and cuddle time!

  12. Tanya says:

    I love the Weepies! Their songs always make me want to dance or cry…and I love them for both. Thanks for sharing your walk. I’m envious of all that green grass since I’m still buried in snow. Definitely looking forward to spring now!

  13. Claudine says:

    Oh Lisa, what perfect timing. I am just coming off of some grumpy “getting the kids to bed” moments, so this walk was perfect! Thanks for the coffee and introducing me to the Weepies.

    You are such an artist — the video is so so lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  14. Noelle White says:

    You opened up the floodgates Lisa…..Just so beautiful and simple. Thank you!

  15. Gina says:

    That’s really funny – I had the same thing yesterday. The blahs for no reason, which made for a grumpy mom. Went thrifting, ate a falafel gyro, had a culver’s concrete, did some sewing…it got better. (: Didn’t consider walking but maybe I will next time!

  16. Robin says:

    Hi Lisa, I wish you could take a winter walk with me! This morning while out with my son’s dog, Nora, the temperature was 6 degrees. It was snowing lightly and there was no traffic. The snow covered road was slippery in spots so you had to watch your step. You should have seen the sparkling of the snow as the street light was shining down on me!!! What a glorious day!!!

  17. Oh, a winter walk sounds lovely! I would definitely listen to you and tell you that all is well. Then I would ask you about more favorite songs :) and we’d drink more coffee. The. Happy. En. Ding.

  18. Jadyn says:

    Lisa, thanks for taking us on your walk with you! I don’t comment often, but your blog is one of my very favorites! So inspiring, and comforting. You have such an amazing eye for beauty which helps me look at the world with new appreciation. Thank you. xo

  19. Liz says:

    From hot, sunny, coastal Western Australia I found your ‘Winter Walk’ so invigorating and uplifting. Thanks so much for sharing a small part of your day – you’ve made me smile :-)

  20. Laura says:

    I did have the blahs today! It was sleeting/raining, cold and my head was foggy. Walking usually makes me feel better any time of the year. Thanks for sharing your video. A great pick-me-up on a want to get back in bed day!

  21. wendy says:

    Awww…. thanks for taking us with you! I needed to go somewhere warm today :)

  22. Beautiful! Thank you so much of enlighting my morning! And your filming and editing skills are great!

  23. Kristi says:

    so simple. so perfect. thanks!!

  24. Tricia says:

    You can make me smile. I consider you my friend for that:)
    Thanks for adding the videos to your blog. I LoVe them.
    HaPpY DaY!

  25. Colette says:

    Just got three kids on the bus after being home sick for three days.. Now I think I will break out of here and take a walk, maybe even a run! what song is playing on this video? Time to get some fresh air. The Christmas tree can stay up a few days longer…..

  26. Lola P. says:

    Nice video… :)

  27. Tina says:

    Loved the video! So perfect and simple!! Wish I could take a walk with you!

  28. Monica says:

    your words were so true and meaningful….

    looooved.loved the song. will go google that group now!

  29. Suzanne says:

    that was so nice – thank you for sharing.

  30. Kat says:

    Beautiful! Reminds me of where I live here in Tasmania, Australia.
    Lisa, you have such a positive outlook on life.
    Wish I could take a walk and talk with you, I think you would be a very uplifting person to be around.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty and joy with us.

  31. Becky K. says:

    Sigh. Just lovely. Thanks for thinking of all of us. Thanks for being you.

  32. Sarah A. says:

    This was a beautiful post. Thanks for pointing us to the song, too. I downloaded it from iTunes after hearing it here! Have a happy weekend.

  33. Sol says:

    this sounds like the perfect morning, lisa.
    i hope to actually get the pleasure of sharing a morning with you someday. <3

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