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mingle mag feature video

July 13th | videos

We had such a blast throwing a birthday celebration for my dear friend Chloe for a Mingle Magazine feature spread {you can read more about it here}. It was such a beautifully styled party and joyful atmosphere, pictures couldn’t capture it all! So, we decided to make it come alive for you! Watch this adorable video we put together:

Mingle Magazine Feature: Chloe’s Birthday Party from lisa leonard on Vimeo.

What celebration are you planning for next?

spring break in santa barbara

April 1st | adventures, family, videos

I put together a little video of our getaway in Santa Barbara. My favorite parts are when Matthias photo bombs Steve and I and the family shot at the very end. Makes my heart so, so happy.

Music is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

DIY scarf tutorial {easy and fun!}

March 5th | inspiration, videos

I have been blown away by your response to our new hope{full} line. I hoped you would catch the vision of what we’re trying to do–but I had no idea how supportive and enthusiastic you’d be. My heart is full. Thank you!

The team and I had SO much fun styling the hope{full} scarves for the photoshoot. I thought it would be tricky to recreate the look–but it’s so do-able! Seriously fun and something different. Each video is only about 1 minute long–so take a moment and watch them.

Lisa Leonard Scarf Style #1: Big Bow from lisa leonard on Vimeo.

Lisa Leonard Scarf Style #2: The tucked in hair from lisa leonard on Vimeo.

I gave it try this weekend–and success! It was easy and it stayed in my hair all day. Now I think I want a scarf in every color.

I love this wearing this scarf and knowing I am helping to feed a child in need and changing the life of the woman that made it. It is humbling and inspiring. How are you wearing your hope{full} scarf?

brand new: our hope{full} collection

February 26th | jewelry, videos

Our hope{full} collection is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it!

Each piece from our hope{full} collection is fair trade, organic and sustainable, giving work to Ecuadorian women and building families and communities. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made from tagua seeds, which are harvested, carved and dyed vibrant, beautiful shades.  We are also offering hand-made scarves that can be worn in your hair, around your waist, around your neck and any other creative way! Additionally, with the sale of each piece from the hope{full} collection, Lisa Leonard Designs will donate a portion of the proceeds back to Jungle Kids. For each piece sold we’re buying lunch for a child in need. That is awesome.

We put together a beautiful video that will give you an inside look at one of our photo shoots. I’m also sharing my heart behind the line. Check it out here:

Hope{full} by Lisa Leonard Designs from lisa leonard on Vimeo.


The pieces are so FUN and I love the bright colors.

Want to find out more? You can visit Jungle Kid’s website here. You can watch a video about Jungle Kids here. You can see my interview and a behind the scenes look at one of our photo shoots here. And if you have more questions, feel free to contact our customer service team!

We’re SO excited about this line. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Tell us which piece is your favorite. Leave a comment and tell us that you’re ready to be part of making a difference!

Shop our new hope{full} collection here!

sneak preview: inspiration shoot

June 13th | san luis obispo, videos, weddings

a couple weeks ago we coordinated an inspiration shoot with some incredibly talented people. i am seriously giddy to share it all with you–but here is a little video sneak peek from stillwater cinematography. it’s so lovely!!



True Love Always Wins from Stillwater Cinematography on Vimeo.

we are the champions {of the world}

April 29th | family, matthias, videos

just a few notes about this video…

1. i cracked up the entire time i was editing the footage
2. i am so glad matthias didn’t run into that poor guy on the corner
3. queen is awesome
4. my husband is seriously an awesome daddy.

maybe the sweetest video ever.

April 8th | blog friends, videos

jenni roseland won a pewter wand in one of our decor week giveaways and her daughter lola was so excited for it to arrive in the mail. jenni took a video of lola as she opened the box. i love her reaction. so darling!

ben and nichole

March 8th | videos, weddings

seriously gorgeous gorgeous memories made by cana video. ben and nichole’s wedding was so magical.

the bridesmaids wore our necklace and you’ll catch a glimpse of our pewter heart in there. hope you’ll take a few moments to watch and get inspired!

Wedding Jewelry from Lisa Leonard Designs from Ben Potter & Drew Barefoot on Vimeo.

scroll down for our custom cake fork giveaway–i’ll pick a winner tonight!

sleep tight little ones.

March 1st | family, videos

steve just got back from a visit to india and it’s been making me reflect on how blessed we are. how thankful i am to tuck my boys into their cozy, warm beds at night. and they sleep away without a care in the world. our lives aren’t perfect but we are certainly blessed with every basic necessity. and i don’t want to take that for granted!

so as i tuck the boys in at night and my heart wants to explode with gratitude for their little lives. and i pray that God will protect them, and grow them into men who love the Lord. The video below is just a few seconds, but to me, it’s a treasure!

do you have kiddos? what do you pray for your children?

a lovely weekend

February 22nd | adventures, answering questions {videos}, family

steve was out of town so i took the boys to santa barbara to meet two of my sisters. they are so fun, laid back and a huge help. it was great to get away and be with aunties!

it’s been raining raining raining but sunday cleared up and was gorgeous. the sky was so blue and everything felt fresh. we walked around town a little and browsed anthropologie. fresh air and anthropologie–food for my soul ha!

i had been feeling discouraged with the constant sicknesses we’ve had this winter {both boys has strep last week} and it was wonderful to be out and be healthy.

aren’t my sisters amazing? they are two years younger and fraternal twins. i’m an identical twin. yep, my mom had two sets of twins and then my parents adopted a third set. and i have an older brother who’s not a twin, but don’t worry, he had twin daughters!

i am so blessed to have so many sisters and brothers {who are incredible aunties and uncles}. matthias and david have it pretty darn good.

susan and ellen it was so fun to hang out this weekend. you are the best!

are you close to your silbings?

here’s a little video of a rainy evening at the beach. music is NEW and so beautiful. it’s ‘out to sea’ by history of painters. take a listen {you’ll love it}.