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sweet saturday

October 23rd | finding beauty, san luis obispo


what a perfect, lazy saturday

after chocolate chip pancakes

matty and i headed out to browse some garage sales

but the weather was gloomy and no one was having sales,

so we got a coffee and browsed the bookstore

and looked around urban outfitters.

back home we laid around,

i painted a buffet for the workshop

and we watched a movie.

mmmm, a perfect saturday!

[tell me about your saturday]

25 Responses

  1. connally says:

    hmmm, sounds like the perfect saturday!
    i did a parade, tailgating, homecoming football game, and then crashed for six hours. so not overly fascinating, but it wasn’t terrible.
    now i’m blogging and sipping hot chocolate with the roommate-this has been the best part of the day!

  2. valerie says:

    oh, sounds VERY sweet.
    my saturday started out with a mountain of housework & copious amounts of the stress that goes with that sometimes…but once I paused, prayed & gathered myself…I decided to take my little guy out for a drive…he fell asleep, I shopped & treated myself to an ice cream cone and enjoyed the day away. mmmm. now i’m planning my birthday party! God always helps my bad days turn into good ones!

  3. Jennifer L. says:

    waffle night with friends and a couple of really looong conversations with my sister.

  4. Caitlin says:

    Pumpkin patch, grocery shopping, nap, and girls night. It was perfect!

  5. Amy Nabors says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Saturday. Mine consisted of sending hubby & son to our Alma mater for homecoming while I stayed home. Exercise, a nap, laundry & editing photos from my sister’s wedding. Missed my boys but all in all a good day.

  6. Tia says:

    My girl was under the weather and my husband was out of town so we watched Annie, Free Willy, and Black Beauty. A good day indeed!

  7. Renae Dudley says:

    What a fun relaxing Saturday you had… I just love getting coffee and browing bookstores.
    My Saturday was quiet…. well most of it, I have a teething baby who was very uncomfortable. The Man went to work, so while the baby slept I enjoy some YUMMY coffee and pumpkin butter on toast, curled under a cozy blanket with a good book.

  8. My daughter had her first Daisy event with her troop…the daisy dazzle teddy bear picnic. It was so much fun & i got to volunteer.
    then we went grocery shopping & stayed home all evening. the rains came so it was time to stay home & be cozy.

  9. Linda says:

    I had a great Saturday – hung out with my friend, Kate and we did a little shopping and a LOT of talking and of course, we started our day by going out to eat!! It was a good day.

  10. Linda says:

    Lisa – you’re a brave, brave woman and David has the heart of a lion. I hope he comes through his surgery with flying colors and you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. I am praying for David and for you guys too. I know you must feel like you can’t even breathe, but it will be fine.
    I’ve learned to love your family … you all are so sweet!!

    Take care of yourselves!

  11. I always love your photography! Great perspectives, neat editing on the photos~ great colors and textures. :) On another note, I had a great Saturday. I went to a fun vintage market and saw a lot of wonderful vendors and goods, spent time with my horse, had a little couch time in the afternoon and watched a movie, and made two holiday pillows for the shop!!

  12. Maleny says:

    Hi Lisa!!!
    I am in love with your blog!!! Just made my first order friday, cant wait to get it in the mail!!
    I am so happy to read about your life , I am sooooo inspired by you .
    My best wishes to your family and David!!!
    I had a great saturday watching Toy Story 3 ( like 5 times), with my 4 year old Santiago!!!



  13. Jessica says:

    Lazy Saturdays are the best… we too lazed around. Did some errands, but mostly just soaked each other up!

  14. Claudine says:

    That does sound like an amazing Saturday!

    Our day was filled with lots of sewing of Halloween costumes. We will have the cutest dinosaur and Jedi in town! (I’m sharing details and pictures at my blog:

  15. Jennifer says:

    Saturdays are my favorite day of the week!! :)

  16. Teresa says:

    we had homemade waffles for dinner (Rhiannon insisted that we get Dad a Belgian waffle maker for his birthday so he could cook them for her LOL), then we sat around eating popcorn and watching seaQuest on Netflix on the Wii. The kids are loving that show! We’re praying for you and David.

  17. Cait says:

    I had a great rainy Saturday in with an amazing friend. We had cinnamon apple pancakes for breakfast and P-Dub’s Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing for dinner ( and watch a concert of Danish oldies songs, most sung by the original artists.

  18. Becky K says:

    Oh, that does sound good! One of my little guys was sick and my husband was working, but we still made the best of it by going on a long morning walk with a friend and watching Finding Nemo three times.

  19. shannon says:

    Ooohhh! Sounds like so much fun! Relaxing! We did the same around our house. My father in law came up and we hit some garage sales, went to my daughters soccer game, then we came home and watched college football all afternoon and just lounged. It was FANTASTIC!

  20. Jaclyn says:

    My husband and I spent a wonderfully, cloudy day at a “Hullabaloo” (Fall Festival) at my Mom’s house to say good-bye to our West coast family before we make a trek to the Midwest to start our family there. The day was filled with bittersweet moments, but I believe God has an amazing adventure in store for us. We are excited to throw caution to the wind, and trade the sunshine state for some snow flurries….soon I shall be blogging with warm fuzzy socks and piping hot coffee next to me…

  21. janine says:

    My sister got married here in Northern Ireland and we bridesmaids looked amazing in your vintage frame necklaces! It was the BEST Saturday this decade!!

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  23. Melanie says:

    There’s nothing better than sitting and relaxing at a bookstore that has starbucks!!!

  24. melissa says:

    went to our college’s homecoming football game. it was so much fun to bring the girls with us and be back on campus…what memories we have there!

  25. sarita says:

    Saturday we took the grandkids to the corn maze it was ” amazing” haha really, it was great !! The kids had so much fun which always make a grandmaw smile ..Then went for a walk on a trail behind my daughters new neighborhood with the grandkids we felt like an adventure in the making… Happy Fall Ya’ll be blessed …..

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