do you read bliss?

she posts the most beautiful images and finds.

it’s actually very, very dangerous.

she frequently does an ‘i heart monday‘ post with some of her favorite finds.

and she’s inspiring. so today i’m doing an i (heart) friday post.




i (heart) the heart shaped glow in this image i took last night

i’m working on some photography tricks–more on that next week.




yes, you knew it was coming.

i (heart) coffee. but wait, something new…

i (heart) coffee with whipped cream. it’s sooo delicious.




i (heart) cloudy skies, reflective waters and a break from the rain.



i (heart) david, playing in his new kitchen and feeling much better the last 24 hours.

thank you, Lord!



i (heart) super-matty. chillin on the couch

in a mask, cape, and jammies.




i (heart) these four birdies. just sitting outside our window.




i (heart) this bracelet.

that i wear everyday and constantly reminds me of my many blessings.

* * *

your turn! what do you (heart) today??