celebrating adoption {the talleys}

our sweet friends the talleys adopted their son daniel from ethiopia a couple years ago. he joined their two girls and brings a lot of happy energy and BOY to their family. i made a little video of their family in celebration of our new chosen {adoption} necklace. scroll down to see pics of the new necklace. i love the idea of choosing to be together. and i love this sweet little family.

do you know anyone who has adopted internationally?


  1. Lisa! This could not have come at a more perfect time! I just photographed an adoption ceremony on Valentines Day for some friends of mine (their second). My husband came with me as my Love Day date 🙂 A perfect way to spend Valentines Day, welcoming their forever son. I am going to pass this on! They will love it, I’m sure 🙂 Awesome idea.

  2. Yes, My brother and his wife adopted 2 boys from Korea. Beautiful boys, and such a treasure to have in our family.Thanks for all you do, Lisa.

  3. YES YES YES!!! Aww I love this video 🙂 We are starting the adoption process in late summer, we will be adopting from Africa. We are unsure of the country right now but it will most likely be Ethiopia (possibly Uganda). And our best friends are in Ethiopia right now for their first trip to meet their son!

  4. I am excited to watch this video but I’m weeping just thinking about it so I’ll wait til I’m not so emotional! I love that you are celebrating adoption. I became a mommy because of the selfless love of a very strong and beautiful lady who wanted a better life for her baby. We celebrate adoption EVERYDAY in our house! Thank you for creating the necklace too! I’m hoping my love gets my hint and gets it for Mother’s Day!

  5. my aunt and uncle adopted their son julian from columbia. when he was little and saw someone a different colour he would ask his parents if they were from columbia too! he is now over 20. a true miracle. God is good – all the time -all the time – God is good!

  6. Oh how sweet! That video makes me smile!
    We are sponsoring a 5 year old boy from Ethiopia right now. His name is Belete and he is adorable. I would love to adopt from Ethiopia one day.

  7. such a sweet video! and such a sweet family too! We adopted my son from Colombia 10 years ago and it’s the best decision we ever made. I love the necklace…..a definite must!

  8. Me! My son was born in Korea almost 6 years ago. We have several friends with children from Korea, China, Ethiopa and domestic adoption.

  9. to have “chosen” is not only for the adoptive family. it is for the birthmother (father) as well. i chose. it was painfully hard and heartbreaking…but i know i chose well.last summer i was blessed to have met my 14year old “choice”.

  10. We have friends who have adopted from Korea. They have twins who are almost 6 and a daughter who is 3. It is such a blessing to see how God has orchestrated their family!

  11. Love the video. What a great family! I miss them lots, too. I WAS adopted and maybe one day I will buy the necklace, but right now have a wedding to pay for. WHEW!!! Love the necklace. Great job, Lisa! love and hugs to your fam

  12. Just Beautiful, what a wonderful tribute to their family. You are so thoughtful!
    I am having a fun giveaway this week, I would love for you to be involved!

  13. A friend of mine adopted internationally- but that was more than ten years ago. My husband and I want to adopt, but we don’t know where we’ll adopt from yet, It’s possible that one day, my answer to this question will be, “me!”

  14. Oh Lisa! This necklace is beautiful, beautiful. My brother and his wife adopted from Korea almost two years ago. Their little guy is full of so much spunk and joy – it makes your heart sing!
    They have been placed with their second child, also coming from Korea, and are patiently awaiting the word that she can come home to them. It has been a much longer process this time and their arms are aching to hold their little girl.
    Beautiful work!

  15. Beautiful necklace and BEAUTIFUL concept–chosen! Love it 🙂 We have been blessed by international adoption. Our daughter was born in China and came home with us, back in 2008. It is such a wonderful way to grow a family. Three cheers for being “chosen”!!

  16. Our has been affected by adoption in two differtent ways!!!!!!
    My husbands brother and family adopted a sweet baby boy from
    korea about 8yrs ago. he has been a sweet blessing to our family!
    My sister and her family are foster parents. The frist child that
    they had in their family was adopted last summer after having
    her for 14 months.While having to give her up was hard she
    know it was best for the child. They have been blessed in the
    fact that they keep in touch with the wonderful family who adopted
    her.They know she is happy and healthy!


  17. I have several friends who were blessed with children overseas. My friend Kelly adopted her son Sergei from Russia when he was 6. They now have 2 biological children as well. Another friend, Linda, adopted beautiful twin girls from Guatemala. They have all been blessed with a little brother. Last, a high school friend, Tracy, decided to complete her brood of 4 “natural born” with a brother from Ethiopia. George is adjusting to life in the midwest and a big, loving family.

    I have always held a special place in my heart for adoption…because I was adopted as an infant. Back in “the day”, I didn’t know many other kids who were adopted. I was sometimes teased and was asked many questions. My parents did a great job of raising me with the little bit of info they knew about my birth mother….she was blonde haired, blue eyed and 16. Too young to be a mother, but loved me enough to want me to have the best. Now that I am a mother of 3, I hope to one day find both my birth parents to find out my medical history and to close a door on some questions I have always had about myself!

    Here’s to the many families who have “chosen”! Thanks for sharing a beautiful piece of jewelry for such a special event!

  18. I sure do! Me! My son Bodhi is also Ethiopian and is the light of my life. Thank you for the video I loved it! I’m going to show it to my husband tonight and make some not so subtle hints….

  19. I do know someone who adopted a beautiful happy little girl from Ethiopia. She came home last summer. My best friend adopted domestically, from the foster care system in our own community. I think this kind of adoption often gets overlooked by the grandness of adopting internationally. Their son was taken from a very bad home situation and placed in one of the most loving families you’ll ever meet. The leaps and bounds by which he’s grown the last two years is phenomenal!

  20. I adore all your pieces, but this one is so very special. We considered adoption before finding out we were (unexpectedly) pregnant, my nephew is adopted, and one of my dearest friends is trying desperately to bring home her little boy from Ethiopia. And as a stepmom and mom in a blended family, the message resonates with me as well.

    Such a beautiful, beautiful tribute to families.

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