I was in a broken, desperate place.

Sunset with a windmill, trees, and mountains.

The path to peace begins with understanding yourself, your heart, your feelings, your needs and wants. For so long I ignored all those things—I didn’t want to be selfish or worldly. I thought loving others meant ignoring what my heart was telling me. The path I was on led to desperate sadness.

When I started listening—really listening—to my body, my heart, the deep knowing placed there by God, I had a conversion experience. God met me with such love and grace in that broken, desperate place. God wants me to be me?! He designed me with needs and wants that actually matter?! It was a slow, scary and beautiful transformation. I stopped trying to control alllll the things and began to live with honesty—even it resulted in conflict and broken relationships. This is my path to peace and it’s been a wild ride.Lisa with Peaceful Heart necklace

I want this for everyone and truly believe it’s possible. There is enough love, enough grace, enough God. My peaceful heart necklace is on sale but we are running low and this design will go back ordered soon. Get yours as a reminder that the path to peace begins by honoring your heart and listening to the deep knowing.

With love,


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