ideas for living room {the most family place in the house}

Our living room is where we spend most of our time. It’s attached to the kitchen, and we all hang out on this side of the house–eating, playing, watching television, doing work, etc.

These couches have been through the ringer. I can’t even count how many times I’ve scrubbed them clean. They have worked hard–some day soon they’ll need to be replaced. The coffee table is scratched and scuffed. The rug has spots and needs a professional cleaning. But there is lots of light, and color and coziness. It’s imperfect. It’s real life. It’s beautiful.

loving where we live-01

The yellow lamps and pillows are from Target.

loving where we live-02

I recently got the sheepskin to add coziness to this chair and cover up the fading upholstery. Fun!

loving where we live-03

Check out the chair before and after. It’s had a second life–crazy! It’s pretty broken down and faded now. But such a fun color.

loving where we live-04

The coffee table was thrift find. I painted it white and all the edges have worn away. It’s rustic!

loving where we live-05

We keep lots of David’s toys in vintage crates under the coffee table. He loves to slide the crates out and go through the toys–flinging them all over the room. It’s pretty funny. Also, it’s easy to clean up. The rug is from Ikea.

loving where we live-06

The mirror, sconces and books above the fireplace are all thrifted.

loving where we live-07

Lots of music all over the house. Lots of noise too!

loving where we live-08

That pouf is from Target. My friend Annie bought it and decided she didn’t want it. I traded her for a pair of earrings from the shop. Awesome!!

loving where we live-09

The ampersand marquee is from Junk Art Gypsyz. It adds happiness to the room.

loving where we live-10

Someday I want to paint those bookshelves white. I think it would brighten the room a lot.

loving where we live-11

And here’s a close-up of the ampersand marquee and vintage typewriter {thrifted}.

loving where we live-12

Two decorating books I can’t get enough of right now are The Nesting Place and The New Bohemians. So inspiring!

What room in your home gets the most family time?


  1. Lisa,

    Love your blog, Love your home, so warm and inviting. I have been thinking about commenting ever since I read this and decided today is the day. I have a 31/2 year old son who has Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy. The photo of the baskets with David’s toys really reasonated with me. That is what Drew’s toy bins look like, baby toys….sometimes I am sad it is not duplos and trains like other 3 year olds…hard to explain but the photo really struck me. You are an awesome mama. I would love to read more about your typical day in life with David. Blessings.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love how you’ve created your own style with thrifted pieces throughout the living area.

    My boys are older now, but we used to have baskets for their toys just like David!

  3. Love your living area!!! It’s real and cozy and lived in. I love the significance of all your bits n bobs! Would love to share a coffee and a chat in this room! X

  4. Our granddaughter loves playing with her wooden kitchen, which is in our dinette, and she always has “picnics” with her dollies/stuffed animals on the rug in our living room. It just warms my heart! (p.s. Is the round pillow in your second photo from Target, also?)

  5. Our enclosed porch/Florida room…that’s where you find me most of the time. Also right near the kitchen 🙂

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