Last week my sis and her twin girls were in town with my mom and all the ‘big kids’ did zoo camp. I say ‘big kids’ because although David is the oldest, he’s also the smallest, and the one who needs the most help during activities.

One evening I wanted to watch the sunset at Montana de Oro and roast marshmallows with using sternos. My mom decided to stay behind and relax–and she offered to keep David if we wanted. I felt so torn! I love having him with us and he loves the beach, but it’s also challenging to help him across the sand and I have to watch him every second. In the end I decided to only take the ‘big kids’ and keep it simple. We loaded up in the van and drove the few miles to Montana de Oro.

It was a gorgeous sunset–truly magical. And the s’mores were so yummy. Using sternos makes it so easy! If you haven’t used sternos before, they are meant to be used to keep chaffing dishes warm for catered events or large gatherings. They’re available in most grocery or party stores. You simply light the gel and it creates a toxic free flame. Be sure to read all the instructions to use them safely.

We had such a fun evening and I did my best to let go of the mom guilt. It’s easy for me to let it eat away at me. It’s such a waste of time and energy. David had a relaxing evening with grandma and the ‘big kids’ frolicked in the sunset. Life is imperfect. Life is beautiful.

Are you struggling with guilt lately? How do you fight against it?