Saturday morning, Steve and I got back from a few nights in San Francisco. We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary, ate hot dogs from a sidewalk cart, did a little shopping, slept in and celebrated the wedding of Jenna and Kacper. It was wonderful to get away! We needed it. And the boys were with friends, which makes it even MORE sweet–because they had a fabulous time as well!

How about some hellos?

Hello beginning our 15th year of marriage. Steve, I love you more deeply than I did the day we got married. I am so thankful to walk through life with you.

Hello celebrating our journey. The road has been bumpy and it hasn’t gone the way I planned but it is truly beautiful.

Hello back to school shopping. Both of the boys need new pants, backpacks and a few other small things. I’m not ready for fall yet!

Hello ouchie on David’s chest. What started as a bug bite has become raw and painful. We may visit the doctor Β to see how to help it heal.

Hello bbq hot links and salad for dinner. My mouth is watering.

Hello staying at a cabin this weekend with family. Cousin time!!

Hello sunscreen, bug spray, fans, watermelon and swimming in the pool.

Hello mountain of laundry that I will never, ever catch up on.

Hello brand new, glorious week. It’s going to be imperfect, but I believe there is beauty, waiting to be found!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own hello monday post/leave us a comment with some hellos below.

Happy Monday, sweet friend.