EXCITING things happening {shelf makeover}

Hello friends! We are on summer break and enjoying all the crazy that comes along with that! I’m home more and in the workshop less during the summer, which means more tome for projects and more time for playing with my boys!nIt’s Monday, how about some hellos?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

Hello new {to us} shelf. This was a $29 thrift store find!

Hello having a place to store DVDs and toys.

Hello before and after. Isn’t it fun to see the transition?

Hello bright and cheery!

Hello new books and old books. Have you picked up Rubyellen’s book yet?

Hello baskets from TJ Maxx.

Hello sweet, vintage covers. I couldn’t resist these books at a flea market.

Hello encouraging the boys to read this summer. {we’ll be reading to David}

Hello russian dolls {thrifted}. David likes to carry these around the house.

Hello trying to come up with lots of activities and toys to keep David busy this summer!

Hello stop sign and a bright corner of the house. Doesn’t that shelf fit perfectly in front of the stairs?

Hello having girlfriends over for dinner tonight.

Hello chicken and veggies for dinner. Simple and straightforward!

Hello plugging in the twinkle lights in the backyard.

Hello watching X-men with Matthias. He loves it!

Hello three loads of laundry waiting to be folded.

Hello getting sheets washed and beds remade for guests next week.

Hello EXCITING things happening in the workshop and new designs to share this week.

Hello dreaming big and jumping into a brand new week! Are you ready?

 It’s Monday! What are you saying hello to this week? Share some hellos in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!


  1. I love the before and after pictures. Hello to my first week of summer vacation. I love being a paraeducator but I have to admit, summers off are my guilty pleasure! Hello to a new haircut on Thursday, packing for a trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe next week, and seeing a friend.

  2. I love your shelf and how you’ve transformed it! It’s like it was made for that very spot in your house.

    Hello to lots of grading, report cards, and saying goodbye to my classroom for the summer. Hello to making teacher gifts for my girls’ teachers. Hello to going to a book signing by one of my favorite food writers (Hello, Molly Wizenberg of Orangette!) with my girlfriends. Hello to graduation and Father’s Day and packing for Europe – I leave in 9 days with 13 students! It’s getting real…

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