Hello friends! It’s Monday and we’re saying hello to a brand new week. Last week Matthias had a great week at zoo camp in Atascadero. The zoo is right near the lake where I spotted these ducks and shapped a few pics after dropping him off one morning.

Hello waking up in Monterey. We are spending time with cousins–and it’s been wonderful!

Hello whale watching–I can’t wait to share pics. It was amazing!

Hello broken lens. My nice lens broke–the attachment must have snapped and my lens fell off my camera and shattered. I am so bummed.

Hello sunscreen, wet towels and sandy feet. Hello laundry that needs to be done!

Hello birthday. David is turning 10 this week. I am in complete shock and denial.

Hello video games. Matthias has discovered the wonderful world of games on our iPads and phones–and he’s hooked.

Hello summer homework. I make Matthias do math and reading sheets everyday to keep him sharp for third grade. I’m so mean!

Hello sunlight. It feeds my soul. Sunlight and the seaside–and I’m set.

Hello making stuff. I’m working on some fun fun things that I am dying to share. I hate waiting!

Hello book. I just finished this book. And I’m starting this one.

Hello brand new week! Hello new beginning and fresh start! What are you saying hello to this week?