Living in San Luis Obispo for the last 8 years has been such a blessing. There are so many beautiful spots around town and in the surrounding areas. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite spots. These are spots that a tourist might not know about, but the locals, or “SLOcals” love! Here it goes…

1. Secluded beaches in Shell Beach: Okay, so I went a little nuts with the first hidden spot. It was just so dang beautiful, I had to keep snapping pictures! There are two secluded beaches that us locals love. Here’s the first one:

This the view from a cliff of this spot in Shell Beach at Spyglass Park. The locals call this surf spot “St. Ann’s.” There is a big grass area and playground behind me and a bench overlooking the ocean. It’s a great spot to take the kids or spend some quiet time of reflection.

I love being secluded in nature. Maybe it’s the feeling of discovery. This place is seriously beautiful.

Here is the second secluded beach I wanted to share. It’s right off of Shell Beach Road below the Best Western. It can be tricky to find, but if you just follow the steps through the hotel and this is what you will find:

I love this picture of a seagull soaking in the sunset. I think we had the same idea.

2. Sally Loo’s Wholesome Café: I’m in love with not only the quality of their coffee, but the people who run this place. Everything is fair trade and seriously yummy. We invited Jen & Brandon, the owners, to bring their “wholesome hut” over to the workshop for a little coffee and scone break for our team.

That’s Jen and Brandon and here is their charming shop:

It’s tucked away on Osos St. right next to the Amtrak station. It also turns into a music venue occasionally! Check out their facebook page here.

Is this not the most adorable place you’ve ever seen? The atmosphere is so warm and inviting (And their menu is out of this world!)

3. Ruby Rose: Everything in this place is to die for…Ruby Rose is more than a consignment shop, it is like walking into the memories of those who came before us. From vintage to recycled…I have found so many treasures here!

The shop is “open for biz” Wednesday through Saturday. You can find this hidden gem wedged in between a couple industrial buildings on Walker Street on the outskirts of downtown.

Check them out on facebook! They are always posting pictures of new treasures.

Aren’t these displays so creative? The women who run the shop are always challenging each other and collaborating ideas. I get so inspired every time I come here!

4. Goshi Japanese Food: This place is hidden in the Creamery off of Higuera St. It is a little bit on the expensive side, but it is so worth it. All of the fish is fresh and the sushi is amazing.

Locals say this is hands down the best place to get sushi and I agree!


5. Dallidet Adobe and Gardens:  I had to share about this secret garden. The Dallidet Adobe has been here since the 1850’s as a home to Pierre Hypolite Dallidet and is now a historical center and California landmark. It is hidden behind Rite Aid with an entrance on Pacific Street and one on Toro St. It’s only open a few select days of the month.

It’s a great venue for weddings as well. There is an adorable outside lounge area with cute mirrors and decor, I love taking a moment to relax there whenever I go.

San Luis Obispo has a lot of history. I love to discover the little parts of my town that make it beautiful. I hope some day you get to come find the local spots and enjoy them as much as I do.

Tell us about an-off-the-beaten-path-only-the-locals-know-about-it spot in your town!