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shine project {join me!}

May 25th | adventures

For the next four weeks I am going to be partnering with the Shine Project in their Pass it forward project.  Each week I will be doing random acts of kindness for different people in my life and the next week I will blog about it. I would love for you to join me and then you can Facebook about it, or link up in the comments on each blog post.
Next week I will pass it forward to a family member and then I will blog about it!  So make a plan now to do something nice to a family member and get ready to tell us about it next week!

{stretching and fun!}

Here is what we will be doing each week…
week one: Pass it forward to a family member
week two: Pass it forward to a friend
week three: Pass it forward to a neighbor/coworker
week four: Pass it forward to a stranger
For more information about Pass it forward here is the blog post about it and here is where you can buy the cards if you want to!
Will you consider joining me in spreading a little love?

13 Responses

  1. Lovely! I think I will C:

  2. I love Ashley…thank you Lisa for the reminder…and the inspiration! What a powerful project!

  3. Johanna says:

    I love it Lisa! What a great reminder to step away from our own lives for a moment to make someone else’s day! I *LOVE* the t-shirt…where can we get one? xoxo.

  4. Kelli says:

    I just ordered my pack of cards and will definitely share the looove. Thanks for telling us about it!

  5. Nikole says:

    This is so great Lisa1 I am reading info on Honey Bear Lane right now in which the owner of this fabulous blog has lost her dear sweet young sister in law after she just gave birth a few days ago to her third child. This is very devestating for everyone and I so want to give to her brother and their three very young children. This is just perfect to pass along to everyone. Thank you for reminding us to share the love!!!

  6. Lea Culp says:

    What a wonderful, wonderful idea!!!! You are always a ray of sunshine!

  7. Sarah says:

    Absolutely- would love to pass this on! What a wonderful project…

  8. claudia says:

    you bet…a lovely idea worth sharing! carry on and shine on!

  9. Crystal says:

    This is wonderful! I just ordered my cards and a SHINE necklace! :)

  10. […] ordered a pack of 10 cards after reading about the project on Lisa Leonard’s blog. I decided to start the chain by surprising my family with a banana-split picnic in the backyard on […]

    • joan meyers says:

      What a great way to bring special people or indeed your family together. Our message in church last Sunday was about reaching out to others, make a difference in someone’s life. The ending was “Stay Home and share your banana’s.” What could be nicer than a Banana Split Party or Picnic? Sweet! And the idea in the Sunday message was to try to reach out to those who never expected it, not just to your closest people. It had to do with being encouraging to others. I love your idea! Shine on!

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