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backyard inspiration {updated}

January 28th | finding beauty, photography

we are hanging out in long beach at my sister’s comfy home waiting for the hospital

to call with a ct scan appointment.

it’s looking like it may not happen until monday.

so in the meantime we’ve been watching tv, browsing target

{i just founded the cutest pale pink flats},

playing with power rangers figures and munching on el pollo loco,

i took my camera into the backyard and really tried to think outside the box to capture something unique.



not sure why, but i think power lines can be quite lovely.  and i like the branches coming into the pic as well.

dandelions.  a flower that is usually overlooked but filled with tons of detail.

and the prettiest shade of yellow.




love the teapot sitting on the stove.  plus, it’s used to make hot cocoa.  yum.

i thought it would be fun to make the shadowed hand the center of the pic.




an airplane getting all tangled up in power lines

and a heart drawn on a dewy deck.




i don’t know what these pods are called but they have so much texture.

we used to call them ‘monkey guts’ when i was little.

i’m pretty sure that’s not their latin name.

and my black ballet flats (target, again) next to a brick walkway and some daisies.


i am so moved by your thoughtful comments and kind words.

i’ll post an update as soon as we know anything.

hugs, hugs to you all!

***CT scan today at 2pm!

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  1. Corinne says:

    I love that shadow picture… they’re all so pretty Lisa.
    Thinking of you guys
    (and slightly jealous of your not being around snow… I think a cross country move might be necessary for us!!) :)

  2. Carrie says:

    We called the prickle balls, Kyle calls them dingle balls which I dispute because they don’t “dingle”. They are horrid to roller-blade or skateboard around though! and we had bunches of the trees that make them in our neighborhood.

    I love power line pictures too, there is just something so simple and pretty about them.

    Praying for good news for David!

  3. Angela says:

    In New Zealand we call them Itchy Bomb Trees. Wishing you & your family all the best.

  4. Jennifer says:

    My mother in law calls them gumballs. Ugh, waiting on tests and results is so hard. Take care and have lots of fun visiting.

  5. Lena says:

    It’s called a sweet gum tree :)

  6. shana says:

    obviously i don’t really “know” you or your family. but i want you to know that i’ll be thinking of you and praying for all of you, especially your sweet little man . . . and, i pick my kids noses too. so glad to know i’m not alone!
    shana in minnesota (where you could draw a heart in the frost on your window, but not the dew on your deck. today it is about 5 degrees with a stiff, cold wind — not at all pleasant!)

  7. Megan Boragine says:

    always thought they looked like something from dr. seuss – don’t you think? they are super cool. not as cool as david… and the whole leonard fam for sure. blessings to each of you. praying for you. love you. holler if we can do anything here on the home-front. xoxoxoxo.

  8. Sarah says:

    As always, love your photos! I especially love the one of the shadow. So clever. And I was raised calling your “Monkey Guts” Gum Balls b/c they come from Sweet Gum Trees. :)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    monkey guts – I like it.

    my love and prayers also.

  10. Tina says:

    Oh I love your pics, my favourite is the one of your shoes next to the daisies. In our town in country Australia, the children call those prickly balls ‘bommy knockers’ I have no idea why??? But they make great winter wreaths (just stick them onto a wreath with hot glue…). Hoping David’s appt is not far off and you all have a lovely day Lisa – Tina x

  11. Kelly says:

    We used to have those trees in front of our old house. My husband called them “dingleberries.” Interesting, but not so much when you step on one barefooted!

    Been thinking about you & your sweet boy all day. Waiting sucks. Target helps!

  12. Jenn says:

    Love the pictures.

  13. Gina Cannary says:

    I’m pretty sure those are sweetgum balls. That’s what we called them growing up. They are as pretty as pinecones, I think. I love Tar-Jhay. Perusing the ends of the aisle where all the sale and clearance things are is such fun!

  14. kerry says:

    We always called them gum balls too. Haven’t seen one for the longest time. You have such an eye for beauty Lisa. Love your photos and your style! Hang in there. Glad you can be with family right now.

  15. Gina says:

    Target is like therapy for me !!!! hehe…..
    Wishing David well !!!

  16. Dena says:

    Yep, sweet gum balls from a sweet gum tree :o)

  17. Ellen says:

    Hey. Sending lots and lots of good vibes your way…. I just did a post on Tuesday about how Tarjay is my therapy, too. Whatever gets you through.


  18. Rhea says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Praying for David – he is too sweet!!! I don’t like waiting – God is trying to teach me to be patient, but so far I not doing very well. Target – oh how I wished we had one. I guess living in Canada has some good things, but I really think that I should have been born American. Too bad my parents didn’t immigrant to the US instead of Canada(they are from Holland). PS I love the pictures of you and your twin – I have twins, but they are boy/girl. Have a great weekend and try not to worry!!!!

  19. Angela says:

    Inspiration comes in so many forms.
    My sweet cousin has cerebal palsy, does not speak and endures rounds of shots at a time to be able to use his right hand and walk. He is 11 and very, very brave. I imagine David is also very, very brave. (and sweet)
    My 8 year old son is being sent to an endicronologist for testing on 2.15.10. I am hoping to have a small amount of David’s and my cousin’s bravery for my son.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Praying all is well for David.

  20. Karen Borges says:


    We are at CHLA constantly. It’s a very busy hospital, but it has GREAT doctors who really care. My son has cancer so we are there every 3 weeks (and usually more often than that). Coincidentally, I live in SLO and we are waiting for a CT appointment too (but ours isn’t supposed to be scheduled until the week after next). One tip while you’re there….the valet parking is worth it. It’s only $10 and to self park is $7. Good luck with the scan. I will pray that it is just a small little nothing that they can remove easily if needed. Take care.

    With hope and prayers,

    karen borges

  21. Erin Kaylor says:

    hopefully they get you in quickly! And its a lot of nothing! Love your blog and your family is beautiful… we live in Kansas and are getting a major snow storm! hoping for a snow day tomorrow:)))) hope david feels better quickly!

  22. Marilyn says:

    Just found your blog -through your jewelry. I love your pictures – I got a new camera for Christmas, but I just don’t have your eye. Good luck with your son. That is never easy.
    I am in TN and they are calling for a huge snowstorm for tomorrow — today was 49 degrees. Hard to believe. They have already cancelled school so I am so happy — I’m a teacher!!

  23. Whitney Hill says:

    Lisa – you should see the movie Everybody’s Fine – in theaters over Christmas – with Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, and others. Anyway – the cinematography was good and there is a constant theme throughout of power lines (Robert DeNiro’s character made it his life’s work). Anyway…just reminded me of that movie when you mentioned power lines. 😉 It’s a good movie – thought provoking, kind of sad – maybe not the lighthearted kind you are looking for to get you through the waiting the next few days. Peace to you – Whitney

  24. Kristi F says:

    I love dandelions but since my neighbors don’t I am forced to remove them. Sometimes though I wish I lived out in the middle of nowhere so I could just let them be! What fun photos!

  25. shannon stinson says:

    we couldn’t stay connected without them (power lines)! there is MUCH beauty in them for that reason alone! : )
    still praying for david. may you have a calm, peaceful, relaxing weekend. focused and not stressed over monday. we are praying and He hears us. there is comfort and beauty in that!
    you are loved and thought of.

  26. Sue H. says:

    Our kids call those pods “bommy knockers” – don’t know where they got that from, but that’s what we know them as now. The sure do hurt when you step on one in bare feet!

    Wishing you and yours a weekend of love and laughter. Hope all goes well next week.

  27. Gina says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks Lisa and just wanted to add my best wishes for David. Hope everything is okay.

  28. delicia says:

    hi lisa.. this is the first time i give a comment. i always read your latest story everyday. i love the way you become the mother for david and matty. you’re such a great mom :)
    i love your photography. i love your beautiful green eyes!

  29. Melody says:

    The waiting is the worst, isn’t it? I’m glad that you are having some fun while you wait though. Distractions are good. :)

  30. ann in indy says:

    sending prayers your way. . .

  31. rani says:

    love love love your simple yet rich photos!!!! sending warm healing thoughts your way!

  32. linda says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. You have such a gift for finding the extrordinary in the ordinary! I will continue to pray for you and your family in your waiting… waiting for appointments… waiting for results…waiting… You are truly amazing…David and Matty have been richly blessed to have such a patient, creative, compassionate mom!

  33. Lovely photos.

    Thinking of you all and your sweet David.

  34. Tiffany says:

    Such fun pictures!! You are so creative!! Hope you went to Disneyland – afterall it is the happiest place on earth!!

    I am so excited – I have a gift certificate to spend at your store!! I got it for my birthday and the only thing is, now I have to make choice…… and it will be so fun choosing one of your sweet creations!!

    Holding you up in prayer as you navigate through this time with David.


  35. beverlyk says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, David and your family. I know exactly what you mean when you say that life is moving on as usual, then that touch on your shoulder makes you feel apart. Today I am taking my teenage daughter for an MRI to hopefully rule out the possibility of a brain tumor. It is going to be a long weekend waiting for those results.
    Having all three of my children around my neck everyday on my jumble of charms necklace gives me comfort. I plan to order the you are loved necklace for my daughter to remind her everyday of my love, especially as we go through this difficult time.
    Wishing you all the best.

  36. Lauren says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and sweet David!

  37. Gen says:

    I hope David’s CT scan goes well & that they can quickly figure out what’s happening. Scary stuff as a parent! I always thank God that He’s in control & can sustain me no matter what life brings. Hope some of the burden is lightened for you today!

  38. Caroline says:

    So glad the CT scan has come quickly. Praying for you all at this time – and Beverley above too

  39. sonya mckelvey says:

    Hey Lisa 😀

  40. sonya mckelvey says:

    Hey Lisa 😀

    The McKelvey family is lifting up David and all of you, too in prayer. We are so thankful and in awe of the milestones David has reached over the few years we have known you and stand in faith and trust in the One who holds him.

    With love,


  41. Annalia says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I’ve always thought your jewelry was beautiful, but now that I’ve looked at your blog, I can see that your family is too. I hope everything goes well for your little boy.

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  43. Carol says:

    I love your photos, just found your blog through Soulemama and I am looking forward to looking it it more!

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