we drove to children’s hospital LA today

but they had scheduled david for a regular CT instead of a sedated CT.


3 hours in LA traffic and no answers.  big bummer.

did i call his doctor and give an earful?  um, yes.

i honestly don’t mind the time–i would drive anywhere, pay anything, and wait for hours

if it would help the situation.  it’s the lack of information and answers that’s wearing on me.

so we are scheduled to go in monday morning

they will admit him if he is still congested (he has a cold)

run a sedated CT and schedule surgery.

on a happier note,

i had the most delicious chocolate croissant and coffee this morning,

i found a cute dress at target yesterday

we had a blast playing at disneyland (gotta do something to fill the time!)

and david has been in pretty good spirits.

thank you again and again for your sweet comments, encouragement and prayers.

we are so grateful.  hugs, hugs!