David hasn’t recorded any of his musical genius yet.  Maybe someday…

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three lucky people have some amazing (and encouraging) music coming their way!!

Beth Heynen

I think it’s so cool that you and Angie are giving away each other’s stuff!! :) Beautiful site you have here, and your jewelry is exquisite!

I love Selah’s music… their depth and simplicity are profoundly impacting, and one of their songs or another have been anchors in each season of my life since I first discovered their ministry. I am thrilled they released a new CD, and have loved the new songs I’ve heard on the web!



I’d love to have the cd!! Can’t wait to hear the music~


and Julie McDonald

I would love, love, love this CD!


email me your addresses ladies.  ( and we’ll get your Cd out this week.  Have a great Sunday everyone.