this weekend we went up to camp ocean pines in cambria with the college leadership from our church.  a beautiful camp, near darling shops and the beach.  we had a great time hanging out.


while the students were meeting and planning we passed time at the park and the beach and eating ice cream.  it was really rough.


we got to witness (i’d much rather watch than participate) their dye war.  basically two teams with red or blue dye go at it.  you can see the before and after shots above.  everyone was covered in dye.  so fun.


but the main reason we went was to hang out with daddy.  he’s a good daddy.


getting to experience camp is just the icing.  i love this last shot of my boys walking to the dining hall.  what did you do this weekend?

*oh and come back tomorrow for a new design.  i love love it!!