very bad day.


recap of yesterday.  i wake up late. rush around to get the boys ready.  the atm machine eats my card. feel like i’m gonna freak out.  wait inside the bank for 20 minutes. find out i’m waiting in the wrong spot. wait another 20 minutes.  feel like i’m gonna freak out. pick david up late from school.  almost run out of gas. feel like i’m gonna freak out.  david has a very ill-timed poopy diaper.  take both boys into handicap stall in store to take care of it. hear person in wheelchair complaining right outside the stall that people should leave handicap stalls open for people with disabilities.  feel like i’m gonna freak out.  come out of stall.  make sure she’s sees david’s two fingers and smile (because otherwise i’ll cry).  buy myself a gigantic diet coke.  breathe deeply. and repeat.