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errands on a saturday.

September 26th | older posts


it was a gorgeous day in morro bay today.  about 65 and sunny and perfect. the boys and i ran some errands

and thankfully things went much, much smoother than yesterday!


there is a darling bead shop called ‘beads by the bay’ where i get stuff when i’m in a crunch.  it’s also great for

inspiration. in the back they have a huge garden and she let the boys feed the fish.


i was about to take a close-up pic of this flower when a butterfly landed right on it.  what a show-off.


i found this tool box for $5 at one my favorite thrift stores

and we ate mexican food at ‘mi casa’ across from this painted wall.

next on my to-do list?  maybe a little snooze, then dinner with friends tonight.

happy saturday!!

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  1. Southern Gal says:

    Love the tool box. Ready for some of that fall weather here in the SE.

  2. Lynn Cliburn says:

    Oh so happy to hear you had a splendid day today! We have ALL had those nightmare days that seem to last forever. Fortunately, they don’t!
    I am a new follower and I love you blog and your gorgeous jewelry!
    Stop by my blog…we have alot in common as moms with a creative mind♥


  3. Corinne says:

    Gorgeous shots! Sounds like a marvelous day :) Have a wonderful dinner!

  4. JD in Canada says:

    Are those plants “Hens & Chicks”? I love those!! Sounds like a beautiful day. I’m trying hard not to envy your 65F weather, we’re hitting frost and fleece season here. It’s much earlier than usual…

  5. Amber says:

    Morro bay is fun…especially in the fall with less tourists! We like to go & treat ourselves to some fish n’ chips and/or clam chowder after looking around at the shops. My absolute favorite store there is the Garden Gallery….talk about inspiration!!

  6. Una says:

    It all evens out! :)

  7. Your photos are unbelieveable! Iam so thankful to have a creative outlet I’m my life also. There is just something about creating with your hands that is so satisfying. I make cards and, like your jewelry, I know that each one will make someone happy!

  8. Amy says:

    sounds like a perfect saturday! mexican food and thrift stores…doesn’t get any better for me!

  9. Penny Smith says:

    Great pictures!
    Any chance you will ever do anything with an owl on it?
    I am still so stuck on owls!


  10. Lauren Jordan says:

    The toolbox reminds me of one my dad had when I was a kid :) Are those mexican roses or hens & chicks? I have some hens & chicks in a pot on my patio. I love them. So glad you had a better day!

  11. Was a great day wasn’t it? I spent the day trail running, kayaking on the estuary and hiking across the sand spit with friends. There is no place on earth like Morro Bay.

  12. rani shah says:

    love MI Casa!!! It was a gorgeous weekend!!! I pinch myself that I actually live on the central coast!

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