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soak or swim

July 8th | older posts


Matty is loving the pool this summer. He’s getting braver and we’ve got swim lessons planned for a few weeks this summer.
Gotta leave those water wings behind!!

David looks water ready. wetsuit…check! vest…check! good attitude…nope!

So we ditched the pool and soaked in the hot tub. Fine by me!

Oh Matty, what big muscles you have!!

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  1. Kira =] says:

    so cute!! My older two have a bad attitude about pools, too. Check out my latest post. After getting in a big pol at my Mom’s my son decided he didn’t want any of it and would rather sit in a chair. The sitting lasted only 5 minutes I could threaten my son with “if you don’t sit in the chair, I’ll bring you into the pool with me” He sat.

  2. Madison Avenue says:

    Lisa, I found your blog by way of and I just wanted to thank you for reminding me to look through eyes of joy. My own blogging has been particularly whiny lately and your blog is refreshing. Your boys are both beautiful and your posts have brought tears to my eyes in such a good way. Your jewelry is also creative and exquisite! I will be ordering a gift for my sis soon. Kudos to you on the pool–my 2 year old twins and I are still splashing in the water fountain! Baby Steps!

  3. Ellen says:

    Oh David. You don’t know what you are missing! Swimming can be super fun, just give it a try.

  4. Sheila says:

    Yay! I’m so excited for swim lessons with the boys! I hope your having a wonderful vacation! Maybe we can set up coffee or lunch in a couple weeks too on a Tues. or Thurs. Love, Sheila

  5. joy says:

    hope you’re enjoying vacation. looks like fun!

  6. Linda says:

    I love your photos!

  7. Rhonda says:


    I met a woman through a blog and she sent me an e-mail with your address because she recognized David as having the same syndrome that my son has. I had sent her a picture and she knew before she even read the name of the sydrome. My son, Sean, is 20 and has Cornelia deLange Syndrome. I am so touched by your words. I also have ordered the necklace that you created in honor of David’s birthday. It is beautiful. The words are so true. We never know what to expect in life but it’s how we react that defines us. It may not be the life we imagined but we create new dreams that can be achieved. Who knew that learning to drink out of a straw at age 5 would be so exciting!! You certainly learn to appreciate the small things that seem so unimportant to many people. Sorry to go on but, again, thank you for your beautiful words. You are an inspiration.

    Rhonda Harter, Springfield, IL

  8. Kelly says:

    Where did you find that life float for David? I’ve been looking for something similar for my special needs daughter, but haven’t had much luck! We need something like that to keep her head out of the water, but everything I find is for 30 pounds or less.

    As always, adorable photos!

  9. dedesmith32 says:

    Thank you so much for your posts. I just love reading about your family and the amazing way you are raising your boys.

    I nominated you for the Brilliant Weblog Award on my blog today!!

    Thanks for all you do!

  10. Carolina Mama says:

    Ya’ll are too fun. They are getting big. I kinda miss the “water wings” this year. 😉

  11. Melody says:

    Lisa, I am so impressed with how well you handle having a special needs child. Many people can’t find the balance that you have. I notice that you are wonderful with David AND Matt AT THE SAME TIME! I find that I have to constantly be watchful that I don’t neglect my Michael to my other kids or my other kids to Michael, since they are so different and have different tastes and capabilities. Oft times when I please one, the other gets left out. I hope that what I am saying is clear, because it feels jumbled, but I’m unsure of how else to say it. Congratulations on a job well done!

  12. Lisa Leonard says:

    Kelly–that water vest is from Costco. Rhonda–thanks for your comment. Email me, I’d love to connect and hear more about Sean. Everyone, thanks for your sweet words and encouragement. You are amazing!!

  13. Laura and the family says:

    Oh I know the feeling about the kids toward to the pool. It took them a long time to convince them to enjoy the water. Now, my older son needs to build his confidence to go to 5 feet deep (he is 4′ 3″) My younger son likes water, but he needs to learn to do both: kicking and using his arms to swim. Guess it takes either push and patience at the same time.

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