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.Bloom Necklace

The perfect piece to represent mama and kiddos. The larger flower represents mom and the smaller blooms are her children. Each piece is hand-stamped with a special word or your kids’ names. rectangle is 1 1/2″ long and made of genuine sterling silver. Strung on 18″ sterling ball chain with freshwater pearl detail. The center of each flower is a hole, hand-drilled. So sweet, so unique! $46

You’ll find it on the website under ‘something simple’.

And I’m giving one away. Leave a comment and tell us about one experience that has helped you to bloom and become who you are!

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  1. Katherine says:

    Having my twins made me the person I am today. It’s hard to believe I have had these gifts for almost 8 years. I was a horribly impatient and demanding person in business and personal situations (poor DH) until these little ones entered my life. God gave me 2 at the same time so I could learn patience and love and become the wife and mother I have become today. Things would have been much different and definitely not as good as they are now without the twins.

    I love your jewelry! I have one you made for Donna Downey’s Inspired event and I wear it almost every day. I guess I should figure out your website and order another so I can add some variety to my necklace wardrobe. : )

  2. Modest Mousketeer says:

    Having a sister with Down Syndrome is definitely something that changed my life. Learning to be patient and to get creative with her has been a good lesson for all of us and now that she’s nearly fourteen I can’t imagine our lives without her. One of my sister’s favorite things to do is to tell people they are pretty, how much better can it get than to have a number one fan always cheering you on and telling you “you’re pretty.” She’s remarkable and she’s also the reason I started learning sign language which became my life for several years. I worked as an interpreter and seriously considered continuing on that path and then I chose to keep it as a hobby and not a career. I still share a special bond with my sis though because of the language we spoke before she was talking to anyone else. Love your jewelry, you have such a great talent!

  3. jan says:

    I started teaching teenage moms and their babies and that helped me to bloom. They taught me more than I ever taught them. I was their life skills teacher at an alternative high school. We had childcare and provided transportation for them too. I also learned what an easy life I had had as a young woman from these girls. I am now retired and miss them a lot.
    Love your blog and your jewelry. Recently ordered one of your necklaces for my friend. It brought tears to her eyes as she read the saying….You are loved.

  4. Laura~ says:

    I would have to say that my children have shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve known no greater joy, pain, frustration, excitement, anger and love than with my kids!
    I love your jewelry Lisa, but mostly I love your honesty when blogging about motherhood. I come to your site to look at your new and beautiful pieces, but also to feel “normal” and inspired about motherhood! Keep up the good work!

  5. Melissa says:

    Therapy is helping me bloom…. I feel human and deserving of the love and kindness of others. I have always been a giver and doer for everyone but myself. I was also struggling with the “who am I” question. Besides a wife and mother- who am I? I’m finally figuring it out.

    I’m a deserving person with needs…I’m like plants who can’t survive without water, soil and/or sun.

  6. Hayley says:


    What made me who I am today?…

    I am 26 years old with 2 beautiful little girls who I adore, and a husband who I adore. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney cancer just before Christmas, and it has changed my life completely. It has made me find strength and Faith in God. It has changed the way I look at life, and the way I parent. I think it has helped me “bloom” into who I always should have been.

  7. Karen says:

    I think marriage has made me bloom and to continue to bloom . . .
    yes, I could have said parenting, but really, it’s marriage.
    Living with someone in a lifelong commitment is hard. It’s also full of fun and joy and laughter, but many days it can be difficult. I get in the way, he gets in the way, we get in the way.
    But we are committed to blooming together . . . to growing together instead of apart. We’re committed to growing in the direction of the Son . . . and so we will continue to trust Him to bring us into full bloom!

  8. Ann says:

    I posted this entry on my son’s blog on April 15, 2007 and it is just one example of how being the parent of four children, two of whom have special needs, has allowed me to bloom into the person I am today:

    I am a perfectionist and I am the parent of two children with disabilities – a tough combination to reconcile. Without reservation, I love my children with all my heart -profoundly and unconditionally. My greatest challenge, however, has been to reconcile my mind with my heart. My mind is always in overdrive, it relentlessly confronts me with the decisions I have made and with visions of what could have been, what is, and what will be. I am not only a perfectionist, I am a thinker of the first order. It is a constant struggle for me to turn off my thoughts and simply allow my heart to rule.

    Author, Anna Quindlen made the following observation: “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” Indeed. I am learning to measure perfection in relation to my child’s capabilities rather than by my standards. I am learning to allow my children to be who they are, not who I would have them be. I am learning that happiness is not achieved through perfection but through acceptance. With a bit more difficulty, I am learning that to give up my demand for perfection does not mean that I have failed. Yes, I am learning to accept things as they are, rather than as I want them to be. While I may not have the “perfect” children I once dreamed of, I have four beautiful children who are perfectly happy being who they are. I can’t ask for anything more than that. I have learned.

  9. Peggy Rice says:

    I have been a “blog stalker” for a while now! You have an amazing site and put life into perspective. My family and I recently relocated to Paris, France. There is a group here called “Bloom”. The motto is bloom where you are planted.
    It could not be more true. Paris sounds romantic and lovely, but live here for a while and try to find doctors, friends, the right bus and metro all the while two kids are screaming. It certainly makes for interesting days. So when life gets very “crazy” I blog and put it all back into perspective. Thanks for all your entries and pictures, they have given much comfort on days I just need to smile and escape from the city.

  10. the7gerbers says:

    I’d say the Lord has used my children–both the ones who are here, and the ones who did not survive in this world–to help me bloom. The “blooming” process has not always been easy, but I’m grateful for it anyway.

    the7gerbers at earthlink dot net

  11. Lou says:

    This following recent experience has shown me who I am! In the midst of having “fertilizer” unexpectedly dumped into my world, I “bloomed” and stood up as a strong woman who can call on God at the worst of times, and with His help continue to be a caring daughter/strong mother in my darkest valley. On the 13th May, 2008, my Mum had a head-on critical car accident. I live an hour away with 3 children and a husband of my own, but commuted to be by her side with my siblings and father every day for the first month. My Mum immediately underwent a 10 hour operation where six surgeons saved her life. She lay in an induced coma for 17 days in ICU and every day we were told she may not make it. That was my darkest valley. This is a situation where what is truly on the inside of a person, gets squeezed out and is revealed on the outside! I bloomed. My siblings bloomed. We stood up in this terrible storm and huddled together and remained strong because of all the years of parenting my Mum had instilled in us. She reaped her rewards. My Mum survived due to excellent care and thousands praying through prayer networks (we counted 8 countries)and now 8 weeks later, as I begin to wilt a little (okay, a lot), I rest in Him knowing that when my family needed me, I bloomed! I’m in Australia and probably aren’t eligible for a prize, but I wanted to share as a personal testimony. Keep blooming! And tell Chrissie to keep up the great flip flop blog!

  12. flurogoddess says:

    Oh crikey! That is a beautiful piece.

    I’m not sure my blooming experience is worthy after reading all those precious stories.

    Simply losing my “puppy fat” (all 60lbs of it) helped me to bloom, and become the fitness nerd I am today. But also realising that there is more to life than looking good, or working out. I realised that there WAS too much of a good thing, and reaching my black belt in mixed martial arts has helped me realise that. Starting on the road to my 2nd Dan will be a tough challenge, but I am ready to use that as manure to bloom further!

  13. Julie says:

    Every new piece I see makes me gasp and add it to my list with all of the others.

    I was forced to bloom because we moved 7 times in the last 11 years. Prior to that, I was rather introverted. Being the new neighbor, and especially after my two kids were born, forced me to step outside of myself and make new friends in each new place. It has made me more confident, and my children as well.

    Beautiful work, as always.

  14. Monya & Rick says:

    Meeting my husband has helped me bloom because he has helped get me out of my shell. He is a very patient person who has helped me become the person I am today.

  15. plumtickled says:

    Gosh….. this is such a great question.

    I was married for almost 14 years to a man who wasn’t a very honest husband, much less very nice or repectful.

    After meeting and marrying my husband Darren, I must say that he has “allowed” me to bloom in any and every way imaginable. It’s crazy to think that feeling free to be who you are can actually help you bloom….. but it does!

  16. Anjanette says:

    I am so humbled after reading the already posted comments. Wow. Blooming for me lately has come as I face the potential diagnosis of my son with an autism spectrum disorder. He’s my amazing, wonderful, fascinating son despite any title or diagnosis placed upon him. But, what is amazing is how this is challenging me to more firmly dig my roots in to the idea that my children are not means by which I try to look good by dressing them cute, keeping things neat and orderly or by having their accomplishments appear somehow to have something to do with me. Rather, it’s all about them and their amazing qualities and how I can support them in becoming who they were created to be. And wow, what we get in return as parents. It’s incredible.

  17. Melinda says:

    I would have to say that moving 900 miles away from my family made me bloom. It was harder than anything I had ever done, and it is still tough to be away from them all, but it made me become me. I had to literally branch out and make new contacts and friends. I learned more about who I am and what my interests are. It forced me to become more independant and also reinforced how important my own little family is. I know that as long as I have my 3 kids and husband than I can go anywhere or do anything!

  18. Teri in CO says:

    Wow! What a cute necklace! What helped me bloom… and I’m a “late bloomer” is quitting my stressful job! I had a whole summer before I started keeping my infant niece to find out who I really was. Before that I was too concerned with image and how people looked at me. It was one of the most eye-opening summers! That was 2 summers ago and I’m still blooming!


  19. Jess says:

    wow…..amazing stories from amazing women…..I love how your blog asks such thought provoking questions and for 5 minutes out of my hectic day I can sit and reflect….after 4 years as a stay-at-home mom of two little ones…I am finally blooming…feeling content with where I am at in that moment…I haven’t always felt this….realizing that being fully present to my kids is the most important and not getting distracted by the chores or my “to do” list. Trying to simply live in the moment…that I should treasure this time with my children and there will be plenty of time later for “career”. One of our rituals this summer has been to walk around the yard every morning to see the new blooms…the children love nature’s surprises in something as simple as a flower in bloom.

  20. Cheryl says:

    I lived for my entire 49 years in a little town in PA with only one traffic light. We also lived next door to my inlaws for our entire married life. Well, my husband had a job opportunity about 500 miles away and we decided that it was a chance we needed to take. That move was the hardest thing I ever had to do. We left all of our family and friends. I had never even been to visit the area we moved to and never saw the house we moved into. Well, it was life changing. My husband I are closer than ever and our life has been fantastic. I am stronger and realize that I can do anything now. We are still extremely close to our friends and family as well as having made new ones. Thanks and I love your designs.
    Cheryl Sims

  21. M says:

    surviving cancer – physically & emotionally.

  22. Pinkalicious says:

    Wow! I enjoyed reading all the comments on here so far. There are some really great stories to read here (through teared up eyes I might add).

    My first instinct was to answer my daughter, Madeline. She definitely helped me bloom. I always wanted to be a mom. It sure is refreshing to see the world through her eyes. Her condition has introduced me to a whole new world I barely new existed and I have met a ton of new and interesting people.

    However, when I really thought about the question, I decided that a little boy named Evan deMello has really helped me bloom in the last year. Evan deMello had a heart transplant a little over a year ago and passed away last October. I have never met Evan, nor his parents (in person). Through the grace of God, I found his COTA site and now follow his parents’ blog. We have our own little blog family where we write inspirational things to each other and share our lives. Evan has helped me and many other parents out there to realize that life is short, kids are kids for only so long, and that there is good out there. I look at my daughter in such a different way now. I’ve let her splash in mud puddles, I’ve quit cleaning the house so I can make a fort and play in it with her, and I’ve really thought about the things I say and do with her. I am a different parent because of Evan. What this little four year old boy has done is amazing to me. People from all over the world come together on this blog to offer solace to Evan’s parents, offer solace to others with a crisis, and just share overall goodwill. Evan was an amazing little boy with amazing parents…..and he lives on through this blog. He has not only helped me bloom, but has done it for many others.

    Sara Koppes

  23. Nichole says:

    For me it would have to be experiencing the love of Jesus. Without his inconceivable grace I would never be the person I am today. I would be making the same mistakes my parents did. Jesus has helped me bloom into the wife, mother, friend, sister, and daughter I am today! I will always be so ever grateful!

  24. Carolyn says:

    Wow, what a bunch of touching and heartfelt comments! I had to “bloom” early because my mom died when I was 16 and my dad was left to raise a teenage girl all on his own. Losing her was tough but I think it has been even harder now that I am a mom because I miss her guidance and wonder how it would be if she were here. I then look at my daughter and feel so blessed because I have a second chance to have that relationship (except in reverse of course). I’ve learned to cherish every moment with them and not take for granted that God gave me such a gift of life.

    Your jewelry is so wonderful, I can’t tell you! My husband gave me a necklace with my kiddos names (Micah and Sophia) on it for Mother’s Day. It is the best present and I’ve worn it every day since! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you for using your talents to make other moms happy. :)

  25. Blissed Hippie Girl says:

    I stumbled across your blog thru Amanda’s and ‘fell in love’. :) especially with the pics of David on his b-day……his smile made my morning!

    oh my….having kids……Life as I thought I knew it came to an abrupt halt…..besides the long and lonely journey of pregnancy, my oldest son’s entry into the world was a dramatic one of intense and very long labor to arriving not breathing for ten minutes then racing to Children’s hospital in the Flight for Life ambulance for a ‘lovely’ stay at the neonatal intensive care unit for several days; he has been diagnosed with SPD which is not officially recognized so coverage for treatment doesn’t exist and all has been out of pocket (the closest comparison is Asperger’s Autism with which SPD is often misdiagnosed)….days can been filled with sunny smiles and snuggles or ‘melt downs’ of intense rage where he says he hates me and wants a new mother…….

    My second son feeds much off of this vibe and I often have two for the price of one, lol, as he patterns himself so much on his big brother….. But I also see signs that he too has SPD though not as severely as his big brother…

    So where does this leave me in my own journey….always amazed at the capacity for Love, patience and endles creativity as I juggle Life…….and most of all, learning to forgive myself for being so less than perfect, yes my biggest and ongoing lesson is forgiveness; I want to protect my boys, make it ‘all better’, keep them safe and I can’t…. this is their journey and I can only do and be so much and I always feel as if I come up short and I need to know it isn’t necessary to be perfect, except perfectly who I am and to ‘lead by example’ of acceptance… forgive me myself for the days that no matter what I do they are simply ‘bad’ days and I did what I could and the this, the SPD, is not my fault, and that there is Love, my son doesn’t really hate me and want a new mom…:)….choosing my ‘battles’ and looking at Life with a completely different set of priorities….a trip to the grocerie store without an episode is cause for celebration! time is better spent quiet on the deck playing in muddy sand boxes and wading pools, sucking on freezie pops than racing around because we feel we need to ‘do’ something, go somwhere….there are as many tearful days as joyful ones…..

    drawing breath I realized that maybe that was more spillage than needed be, lol…..ah well…off to therapy now, today is a parent conference….:)

    love to all! :)

  26. Sallie says:

    The Lord has used so many people and experiences to shape who I am. One of those experiences was my liver transplant nine years ago. That taught me to never take one moment for granted and to not put things off for “one of these days”. Live life to the fullest! HE has come that we might have life and have it more abundantly! He has also used my marriage to my wonderful husband and the adoption of our precious daughter. I am blessed so many times over.

  27. Laura says:

    Beautiful necklace.. I love the necklace you made for me with my twin girls names on it. I wear it everyday.

    Now on to the question…

    It it hard to pick one experience that has helped me become who I am today since so many events have shaped me into me.

    Sadly the most devastating but also most life changing event had to be the death of my father. I was 22 years old and he was taken by lung cancer. Losing a parent at such a young age certainly forced me to put life into perspective. Now almost ten years later, I am married to my best friend, I have beautiful twin daughters and I have accomplished so much in my career as a nurse practitioner. I know that my dad would be so proud. Although many, many things are bittersweet in this life because he is not here to share in them, I know he is here.

    I like to think he helped me so much as a young girl and showered me with enough love and affection and guidance that I was able to bloom into the woman I am today.

    Love your blog….

  28. Kori says:

    My husband has made me realize not to take the little things for granted. We work are maiing memories in the now not the later. And with the boys it just makes everything better.

  29. Amy says:

    Learning that our adoptive baby was in his mom’s belly was what made me bloom. I took the opportunity to quit my full-time job and have the courage to start my own business that would allow me to stay home with my son. It has really made me happy and it changed my life as I knew it.

  30. The Smith's says:

    Everything that happens in our journey of life makes us who we are. I was raised by a single dad. He started raising my and my sister when we were 3 and 1 and my dad was only 22. Growing up without a mom in the house made me grow up real fast. Wen I was older I had to help with my sister a lot (getting her ready for school, cooking and cleaning) I had lots of practice on becoming a mommy with being a mommy to my sister most of my life. I married at 18 and that is when I finally noticed all the “moms” I had (my aunts helped my dad in raising us along with ladies in our church) I now have 4 children and do everything I can to give them a happy and memorable life. In 2006 I went to Romania and worked with visually impaired children. This has ipacted my life greater than anything. I was able to relate to thse orphans in a way I never dreamed possible! I too had grown up without my mom. I spent one week hugging them, praying for them and loving them. Something they rarely get (adult attention)This really made me BLOOM and taught my children a lot.(though they didnt go with me, they saw over 300 photos and videos of them and my 8 year old still prays for them at night)Everything in life makes us bloom, but had I grown up in the typical family with a mom and dad I might not see things the way I see them now and I may have never been able to relate to an orphan in Romania the way I did a few years ago.(I have photos of my trip on our blog, just look at the labels and click on Romania)


  31. Mrs. Darnell says:

    I am a military wife who has been given many great gifts that have allowed me to bloom. While separation from my husband for 3 years was frustrating, I know my love for him and how much our relationship means. While moving away from family time after time leads to tears, I get to reinvent myself in every new community and meet amazing people that I would change my life. Even though I am away from family I know realize more then ever that I cannot imagine this life without them. Everyday I am given gifts through way of people and experiences. What an awesome world we live in.

  32. Mandy says:

    Having a child with special needs has made me grow in imeasureable ways. He has taken me to my lowest of lows and also to my highest of highs to which I am grateful. I too feel it has helped my marriage grow stronger as we strive to give our son the best possible life he can!

  33. The Smith's says:

    Im sorry, I submitted that comment and didnt fix all the spelling errors! I even typed our blog address wrong!So sorry, I got caught up in the whole thing and was trying to type too fast! I loved reading everyones “bloom” stories- It is amazing what God brings us through and allows us to grow (bloom) through it all.

  34. Sarah says:

    Love the necklace, Lisa!

    Definitely one of the events that made me who I am today was becoming a mommy. You look at the world a very different way once you bring that precious one into your life!

  35. Annie says:

    Having a relationship with Christ has allowed me to bloom into something better than I can imagine. It’s like God took a thorn bush (which sometimes still makes an apperance) and allowed beautiful plants to grow through it. While, I still have to kill the thorns daily, the flowers are slowly blooming and expanding over it…Now, you see the flowers and not the thorns. Nothing is impossible with God.

  36. Paige says:

    The biggest “bloom” in my life was the birth of my little boy! He is such a sweet and wonderful child, and I love being his mom!

  37. Jen L says:

    What has made me bloom is my kids. Just yesterday I was telling my husband how selfish and lazy I was 7 years ago when I was pregnant with #1. I’m now reading a lot more, playing outside a lot more, and watching less TV. We’re homeschooling this year and I’m not finding my “me time” is reduced – I’m enjoying my kids! With 4 kids 6 and under that’s a hard thing to do!! =)

  38. joy says:

    it’s taken a long time to feel like i’ve bloomed, but i’d say that losing my mother ten years ago has helped
    me become who i am today. my mom always felt like such an anchor and losing her made me place my anchor in other places–i trusted the Lord more deeply, was able to meld with my husband in a more complete way. the Lord was totally able to use this loss as a way to grow me and i’m grateful. beautiful necklace!

  39. Sarah says:

    I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father. He was completely absent and my mom pretty much did it all. When I was 14, my dad had a “Road to Damascus” experience and has not had a drink since (21 years). He and my mother have now been married for 35 years and are best friends.

    My childhood was hard, but I wouldn’t change it. I look back on it and although there is pain, there is so much evidence of God’s faithfulness and presence. It is a constant reminder to me of the fact that God is in control and he is faithful

  40. Brianne says:

    Having a father that is a pastor has certainly helped me bloom into the person I am today. By having a father that is a minister, I was exposed to God, his love, his forgiveness, his blessings, and everything that encompasses our Great Lord at an early age. I became a Christian when I was 7, and have been going to church since I was born.

    However, that is not the only thing that having a preacher for a father has taught me. My family moved. A. LOT. I was uprooted from so many different homes and schools, and had to continuously make new friends all over again. One of the occasions was in the middle of my senior year of high school. I started out in the school I had been in since 6th grade. We prayed as a family in our living room for God to let us know what he wanted us to do as far as my dad staying in his current church, or moving. (Yes, it was a FAMILY decision, not just my parent’s decision). We knew my dad would be moving away, but I got to the point that I thought I would make it through the end of the year. In October, my dad called, and said that he had a place for us, and that we could come. That next weekend, my mom, brother, and I packed up our few belongings and moved. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my friends. It was extremely hard. But, in place of the hard situation, we got to spend the last few months with my paternal grandfather because he passed away six weeks before I graduated high school.

    So…. having a father as a pracher has taught me to appreciate, and I mean really appreciate, what I have because when I turn around tomorrow, it could all change in the blink of an eye. But, I am able to appreciate the new situation that I am put in because I have had to start over so many times. This has also caused me to truly trust God, and to know that he IS IN CONTROL, and he is going to do what is best for us. I always tell people that my father being a pastor is what has made me the easy going, laid back person I am today. Not much affects me because I have learned to adapt, and appreciate any circumstance. It’s always fun to see what new road God is going to lead us down.

  41. Laura and the family says:

    I would have said either my husband (taught me to share with others due to being an only child) or my younger son with PPD-NOS known as autism (helped me to understand how the other parents felt about when they first found out what was wrong with the child.)But this is not the case.

    After I had a long deliberation on what it had really bloomed me, it started when I was a very young teacher aide. During my 20’s, I was a teacher aide for the deaf and hard of hearing program at a junior high school. Well, there was one particular student who came to America without any language including without knowing any Spanish language. (She does not have any communication access at home. Sad, huh? ) I started working/teaching with her from the bottom in all subject. For three years, she made a remarkable improvement. Guess what? Years later, she came up to thank me because she would not have graduate with a B.A. in Accountant without me. It touched my heart.

    Because of her, I went back to school and graduated with a M.A. in Communication Disorder: Special Education for the the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. From there, I have done a few times with my past and current students, who they often do NOT have any communication at home.(Facts: only 35% hearing parents communicate with their own children in sign language.)

    Who knows what or where my life would be if it was not for my first former student?

  42. Stephanie says:

    My daughter Kamryn Kaye arrived 8 weeks early – catching us all by surprise. On that day almost 2 years ago I learned that I had to bloom and be strong. I could have fought, could have asked “why” over and over again, but I needed to be strong for myself, for my husband, for our families, FOR Kamryn!

    Two weeks after coming home from her 23 day stay in the NICU she was back at the hospital with bronchial issues – she stayed for just 4 days. I wasn’t so strong during this stay – I wanted to be a NORMAL mom at home with her baby – I needed to bloom and didn’t…couldn’t…wouldn’t.

    Less than two weeks after that we were admitted again, this time to PICU for a severe case of RSV that kept us in the hospital for 16 days (and later put us on CNN for the worst documented case of RSV in the Atlanta metro area). While sitting in the ambulance on the way to the ER, while sitting in the ER for hours, and while sitting in the family waiting room waiting to be allowed into the PICU to see my daughter – I told myself I HAD to be strong, I had to BLOOM because if I didn’t, no one else would. I had to assure our families, our friends, my husband that things would be “ok”, that Kamryn was getting the best care possible.

    I look back at that jumble of time from August 27th-November 3 in 2006 and I realize that all that turmoil, the tears, the stress, the “why’s” – all of it made me bloom and become the mom & wife that I am today.

    As I sit here pregnant with baby #2 I wonder how I will be asked to bloom when this munchkin arrives – what I do know and don’t wonder about is that the growing I did with baby #1 has taught me so very much and I will forever be thankful for that.

  43. Mommy Toy says:

    My daughter was born prematurely. I was really sick and had to have an emergency c-section because my bowels were dying. I almost didn’t make it out of surgery that day. When I woke up on a ventilator I was scared. But I was demanding to see my baby. Seeing a picture of her fighting for her life in the NICU made me determined to get out of that ICU so I could see her. She has taught me so many lessons. Without her I wouldn’t be the women I am today.

  44. Jessica says:

    Getting married! My husband has helped to mold me and shape me into the woman I am today. He has truly been a tool in the hand of the Lord to challenge me and stretch me.

  45. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful necklace.

    I think one experience that helped me “bloom” was my parent’s divorce and our subsequent move from California to Texas. I was ten. I was confused. And everything had changed. It was insanely difficult to grow up as fast as I was expected to but in hindsight, I became a completely different person because I grew up in a home with my mother’s sole love and guidance and not the toxic environment of parent’s fighting and a father who was chronically unfaithful. I became someone different than I would have been if we had stayed in one unhappy home. So even though it was hard and painful and it left it’s own scars for me to look at for a lifetime, it made me who I am today (without a doubt). And that’s a person I really do like.

  46. UndertheTexanSun says:

    Simply walking with the Lord through my trials and joys has helped me become who I am.

    Andrea L.

  47. Christina Joy says:

    Beautiful necklace! I’ll have to agree with all the mamas out there- having a child, especially your first, definitely primes you to throw off a few more roses! I’m at the height of bloom #2 now, and can’t wait to see what kind of flower he/she will grow into!

  48. Karyn says:

    When my second child came along earlier than planned, I was so nervous that my first would miss out on being “the baby”. Lisa, you said these wise words to me that helped me process the quick change in our family…”one of the best gifts you can give your child is a sibling” So very, very true. That taught me that life has a way of working out and boy, I wouldn’t change the timing of my second child for the world.

  49. Jan says:

    For me, it’s grandma-hood that has really made me bloom. I loved being a mama and a school teacher — anything with children is what’s in my heart – but the grandchildren are the real opening of the blossom for me. They have made my life richer, more exciting and fun, and more full of love than I could have imagined. They are my flower garden for sure.

  50. Diane & Howard Smid says:

    Hi Lisa

    I think life if you allow it will make you bloom. I was once given the advice the circumstances in our life can make us bitter or better, it is our choice. My life hasn’t been terrible by any stretch of ones imagination but there have been bumps. With the confidence in a God who loves me and assurance of his care in my life, I choose to bloom.

  51. botterdaughter says:

    just yesterday I was in the hospital for some out patient surgery, no kids, just me and my husband together all day….when I woke up from my surgery I was crying, wanting my husband….I know this might sound silly but yesterday was quite an eye opener to me how special my husband is and how much I just love him….when you are in the “thick of it” raising young children I think you forget how important your mate is….yesterday I was reminded of the reason I fell in love with my husband, he loves me and takes great care of me and our kids…

    love the necklace by the way!

  52. Heather says:

    Having my son Samuel made me the person I am today. My son Henry was born 4 years ago and that made me a mom which I had longed to be. But after the birth of my son Samuel last August, that made me the compassionate person I needed to become. Samuel passed away when he was six weeks old after a long struggle with a blood infection that lead to meningitis. He fought so hard to overcome his struggles and he was so brave, living much longer then anyone expected. During his six weeks he opened our hearts and our minds to understanding that life is complicated and amazing regardless of how short or what condition it comes in. He taught us that we are all the same and that we all encounter amazing things to overcome and that with love, and hope, and trust, and a whole lot of help from unexpected places you really can overcome, survive, and live a fully beautiful life. I always felt like I was a compassionate person before Samuel came, but now I know a whole new level of compassion and love then I ever thought possible.

    Thanks for your beautiful blog and the stories you share about an unexpected life that has become the life you were meant to live. I enjoy reading it every morning. Thanks for letting each of us share our stories, too. What a great way to connect with other people. I think you’re great!

  53. JenD says:

    Someone who has helped me to bloom is my mom. After my second child was born with a rare genetic disorder she helped me in ways that I donlt even know how to put into words. She gave me hope and comforted me but beyond anything else she reminded me that God is taking care of our family. I needed that reminder! She also reminded me of my faith and that Jesus is with me. My faith became stronger because of her peace and trusting that Laine would be ok. Thank you momma!

  54. Diane says:

    I would say that I am in the process of blooming. The recent loss of my Mother has made be realize how short and precious life really is; and how important it is to live everyday to it’s fullest. Her passing makes me realize what a wonderful person she was to her 5 (yes, 5) children. The experience makes me want to be thankful and savor each day, whether it be a good or challenging day with my child and husband because it can be over all too soon.

  55. Kristy says:

    Bloom. Wow what a powerful descriptive word. Looking back to pinpoint the ‘one’ thing that describes blooming in my life is hard to choose but the one thing that describes blooming would have to be my marriage. I met my husband when I was almost 18,he a few years older than I. We’ve been together for 15 years,married for 11. The love was there instantly, we had everything on commmon,same outlook on life and goals. But as we all know life doesn’t go the way we planned. Your never prepared for the little things that can truely make or break a marriage if you let it. We’ve had stress from a jobs,job changes, lack of money,moving,a heaping pile of bills,not having enough time for eachother,not making enough time for eachother. Rekindling the romance,dating eachother again. Struggling with infertility, finally having children,busy schedules,more job changes,surgeries,growing apart,lack of communications,at eachothers throats,would divorce be better? Rock bottom. Commitment. Determination! Rekindle the romance,date eachother,learn who we are as husband and wife at this day & age (not as teenagers)and also as individuals,our dislikes and likes,interests,learn who we are again and making it work-together. Life is good. Husband goes back to school after all these years (still in-it,will be a while),and still keeping a somewhat normal schedule at home with the kids,husband and as a family,but this time puting marriage on the top priority. It’s hard. But it’s working. And it’s good. I love who we are today. We can do this. I’m on top of the mountain,firmly planted in sweet soil and standing tall. I have bloomed!

  56. Darcie says:

    Love the necklace!
    My mentor in college helped me bloom. She taught me what it meant to love God and love others and changed my whole outlook on what my priorities should be in life.

  57. Sonja says:

    Wow, reading through the comments is enough to help you bloom right in your chair. Such amazing people out there! Life is a series of “blooms”. Right now, my 15 year old son is having a real struggle. He is so somber & stoic, getting him to open up is like pulling teeth. We had a real breakthrough the other evening though, that made my heart soar to see that under the tough exterior, the young man he is becoming is so gentle and loving. That was my “bloom spurt” of the week. :)

  58. AidensMom says:

    Losing my mother to cancer 4 years ago, and having my son 3 years ago, has made me the person I am today. She was the strongest, most beautiful person I know, and I live now to be just as good a wife and mother as she was.

  59. Taylors says:

    I read your blog often, this little space you have is quite thought provoking but your question is difficult, It really is.

    When my husband and I first got married we had the hopes of having children. Soon we found out through test that we would probably not have any. We had 3 miscarriages and then we got pregannt with our oldest. We started trying after him for another baby when he was 3 months old. Another 3 miscarriages and then got pregnant again. A few months after having the 2nd boy I had another miscarriage and we decided it was better to just wait and give my body some time to recover. After 2 years we got pregnant with our third and he is now 3 months old. None of these miscarriages were defining moments for me. All my kids were premature born a month early and with the last two I had to be on bed rest. Very difficult pregnancies. But to me the defining moment is when I came to realise that through the struggles of miscarriage and the horrible pregnancies I have learned to rely on my spouse. Instead of growing apart we became one. Our love was selfless and so was the relationship. There is also that bond with God, or whatever higher power one believes in. There has to be that trust and love and faith that things will workout.

    For me my defining moment was the moment that I realised that I was entrusted with these children, that they are a blessing to me and that they could have easily(according to doctors) not been in the picture. So on days that I feel like hiding or running away or that I’m on the edge like a lot of moms feel at home. I think of that.

  60. Carol Beth says:

    My husband had brain surgery about a year and a half ago for a brain abscess. Man, it was crazy; you don’t expect that stuff when you’re young. I was 29; he was 37. Recovery required quite a bit of therapy (since the abscess was in the motor center of his brain) but he’s totally healthy now.

    The reason it made me bloom is because at my weakest moment–watching my husband go through this while I tried to care for him and our 1-year-old–I experienced the love of God and friends in a greater way than ever before. To feel so loved at a time when I needed it so much…that was amazing.

  61. Yvette says:

    My husband and I are the proud parents of four children under the age of four. Our first two were 13 months apart and shortly after number two came, we decided to have one more. Well, one more turned into … SURPRISE … two more … TWINS. This was the shock of my life, but one of the most defining moments of my life. There are still days when I wonder why God saw fit to bless us twice over. This “doubling” of our children has taught me about patience, endurance and love.

  62. Linda says:

    I don’t have children, but I kind of look at that necklace and see Bloom where you’re planted! Very pretty.

  63. Stephanie M. says:

    I would say having a mother and step-mother was a great blessing. I flet so much love from both moms that I had a fantastic upbringing.

    Stephanie M.

  64. Amber says:

    It’s not necessarily one experience, but one person. I give a lot of credit to my husband for helping me become who I am today. He really opened my eyes to see things in a different light, after being so influenced by my family.

    The necklace is super cute! Great job as always!

  65. Heather says:

    Moving around a lot has helped me bloom. Over the past 8 years my husband and I have lived in several states usually only staying a year at each place. Being far apart from my family and friends has me look more inward and become more independant. When I lived closer to them I relied on them all the time. Now I just need my husband and daughter. Hmm not sure any of the made sense. Oh well. Blame it on the lack of sleep. :)

  66. Heidi @ GGIP says:

    I think quitting my job when my oldest son was born really helped me bloom. I was able to put away the dread of working and grow into a strong, protective parent instead.

  67. Elizabeth says:

    The one moment that sticks out in my head that really made me the mom I am today is when I was one week away from having my son, my first born, and my grandmother became very ill, and ended up passing the day before my due date. It wasn’t her death that affected me so much, it was her advice. She told me I would be the most wonderful mother, patient, kind, caring, loving, and that the obstacles and pain I would encounter, either from being a mom, or a wife, would never be unmanageable, as long as you keep a positive attitude and trust your gut. As a soon to be first time mom, it felt like I took the biggest, most satisfying breath of my life to hear her say those things. While I was extremely sad that she never got to meet my son, and now daughter, she did more for my confidence than anyone ever could have!

  68. Tamara says:

    The week before I was to have an ultrasound for our 3rd child, I was at my mother in law’s house and was being teased incessantly by my FIL (not overly nice teasing mind you) and the topic of twins came up. I said “I will DIE if I’m having twins!!!” and the subject was promptly giggled about and dropped…

    Fast forward 1 week to the ultrasound. I bring an 11 year old, a 7 year old and a 5 year old to the ultrasound (some friends kids and my oldest) as they had never been to an ultrasound…we were just going for a DATE CHECK…why not? So there we are in the ultrasound and the ultrasound tech is very monotone saying: “Oh, by the way, it is 2 babies” I said EXCUSE ME? She responded again monotone “it’s two babies…would you like to know what they are?” Um…YES!!!

    Fast forward 4 1/2 years, I am the ever so proud mommy to my four children, 9 year old girl, 7 year old boy and boy girl 4 year old twins…and nope, I didn’t die, in fact, I have bloomed…beyond anything I ever ever ever imagined!

  69. Cristi says:

    I guess we really find places to bloom in adversity, if we allow it. In January my daughter gave birth 9 weeks early to a 2 pound baby girl. Avery. We are blessed beyond belief to have her with us and healthy but the scariness of that time did help me to realize who I really am. So much more I could tell you but not enough room. This necklace would be given to my daughter, although it is beautiful and I would like to have it for myself. :) Have a great day. Cristi

  70. Michelle B says:

    I will have to go with the kids answer also. I did have miscarry twice before having my first son. The first miscarriage was a partial molar pregnancy – which was shocking and scary {google it!}. I was told I had to wait a year even to start trying again. I waited six months got pregnant only to lose that baby also. I was blessed with my Ethan a year later and then 22 months later my son, Owen. I think going through such circumstances made me realize how special a baby really is. How special each LIFE is. And therefore I bloomed as a person and as a mother.

  71. lifeinredshoes says:

    Caring for my Mother during her final years, yes, that helped me bloom.

  72. Allie says:

    A summer spent in Mongolia at age 17. It completely changed the way I think, the way I see the world, and the way I relate to God. Sure hope I win – that necklace is beautiful! :)

  73. Judy says:

    the decision to finally take the leap and get off the infertility bandwagon and to fill our our paper work to adopt…10 years later I have a beautiful daughter and son.

  74. Mindy says:

    This will probably fit under “weird answers” and I didn’t read what anyone else wrote so I wasn’t influenced but writing my blog has helped me bloom. It’s like my journal/scrapbook. Since I have 4 kids 3 years and under I don’t have time to journal in the traditional sense but in my blog I done a lot of soul searching and feel because it’s public I’ve gotten to “speak my mind” on a lot of subjects I normally wouldn’t.
    The necklace is really cute!

  75. Mom of 2 says:

    I am a teacher and a mom. Because both are important to me, I have struggled with WHEN to return to my career after having children. I gave up a dream teaching job because I felt so much heartache for my girls! I knew giving up that job was career suicide where I’m from but I had to follow my heart.
    Would I do it again? You betcha! I wouldn’t change my decision to stay home and BLOOM as a mom, woman, teacher, and person!

    I think all women deserve many chances to bloom and be the best people we can be!


  76. amy says:

    hi there. i am in awe reading the others’ comments. thank you for asking such wonderful and difficult questions.

    i too have struggled with a lot of the things the other women have discussed. I have a child with a disability, I have watched him endure open-heart surgery, I too fear for what lies ahead. And as much as his birth and life have made me morph into someone I didn’t know I really was (a much stronger and loving person that I ever thought capable), I think discovering blogland has really made me bloom in a much different and unusal way. I have discovered that many others have gone before me and have gone through much more than me. I have found an outlet, a place to realize all my fears and dreams and hopes and worries. I have found most of all, that I am not alone in all this. And knowing that has freed my heart and mind and I have bloomed.

    So thank you, thank you for sharing your’s and David’s story too (which is what brought me to your blog in the first place), and thanks for sharing your beautiful jewelry with us.

    amy j

  77. Beth says:

    Hi Lisa,
    This is beautiful and I LOVE your work!
    My second son was born with multiple midline defects, and had some significant health issues as a little guy. After having a trach for 18 months, many many surgeries and years of therapy, he is a fully functioning, typical 10 year old now. Even though there are things that we need to watch him closely for, people would never know that trials that we have been through with him. He changed our viewpoint totally. When we realized that he was emerging from the seroiusness of his health issues, we decided to look into adopting a special needs child. We later adpoted a little girl (through the county court system) who has special needs, and silimar to our son, looks typical on the outside, although has lasting effects of severe neglect and FAS. My husband and I both never would have guessed that we would have adopted a child, let alone a child with special needs, nor had we ever intended to have a third child. Only God knows the plan, and we have been blessed to have been chosen to be a unique story in his plan. We just hang on for the ride and be ready for the next curve ball!
    Thanks for your blog, I love it!!
    Beth in Colorado

  78. Wade&Debby says:

    HI! Having 5 kids (yes 5) :) has made me who I am today! I just LOVE my kids….I am usually an organized person, everything in order – a clean house, baby wipes in the car, ect… now I realize it’s my kids that matter, not the petty little things like a clean house, and everything in order…I can let my house go, the dishes go, let the phone ring…forget the baby wipes.. :)
    But my kids will be gone in a whisper, and I want to be there for them- to make great memories with them…I want them to remember the fun times- the board games, watching a movie with popcorn, the lazy days playing in the pool…They won’t remember the clean house (though I miss it sometimes), the day-old dishes in the simk…I love my kids (most of the time- haha)…and they love me! That is what has changed me – my precious, fun kids to be the laid back person I have become! NEVER thought it would happen in a million years! :)
    I want them to pass the fun times down to their children and make the precious memories with my grand children!

  79. Susanne says:

    Recently moving has helped me to grow personally. We used to live in a small town that was, while very nice, predictable and comfortable. We moved to a larger city for my husband’s job and it has really been a great experience. Sometimes, you get so set in your ways and so used to your surroundings that you don’t even realize the variety the world has around you. I think change every once in a while helps you to bloom.
    Love the necklace and all of your stuff!

  80. Darcy says:

    Love the piece too!
    What made me bloom is the experience of having a baby born with a birth defect that has a 50% survival rate (and he survived:). He was in the hospital for a month and I had to trust God completely for the first time. The result? He carried me through the tough times and showed me that if He can be trusted with the life of my son, he can be trusted with everything in my life.

  81. Denissa says:

    Wow, such amazing stories…
    What made me bloom was a horrible loss and a unexpected blessing.
    On Feb.17,2006 one of my husband’s best friends and fellow officer was shot and killed. A few weeks after his funeral we found out we were expecting. Our sweet baby boy was due 9mths to the day of our friend’s death.
    This sweet baby has brought so much laughter and joy to our family. He was a suprise to us, but definitely the Lord’s plan!
    I bloomed because I realized I could never let a day pass without praying for my husband and all his fellow officers for all they do to protect and serve all of us.
    And to soak up every bit of laughter and joy our sweet boy has given us!
    Thanks Lisa! I think that I found the “one” for me :)

  82. Jen T. says:

    Training for and running two marathons with Team in Training to raise over $12,000 for leukemia/lymphoma research, and planning to run another in honor of my new little friend Kennedy, within the next year.

  83. Jen T. says:

    Training for and running two marathons with Team in Training to raise more than $12,000 for leukemia/lymphoma research, and considering a third in honor of my new little friend, Kennedy.

  84. Wendy says:

    I love your jewelry! And your blog. Your photography is beautiful! How have I bloomed? I have four children. Three boys and a girl. My youngest boy was born last year and diagnosed shortly after birth with a genetic liver disease. Since the disease is genetic, we had the other children tested at the urging of our (now multiple) doctors. Turns out all three of my boys have the disease. Right now it is not life threatening although it has the possibility of becoming such. It has made me come to really appreciate the gift these children are and the unique and precious responsibility God has given me to nurture them.

  85. Shannon says:

    Helping my mother battle cancer and holding her hand while she died helped to make me bloom. More than anything else in my life, it taught me that life is precious and that even when I don’t understand why things are happening in my life- I need to treasure each and every single day and BLOOM.

  86. Spencer Family says:

    Becoming a mom! I am so blessed to have such a sweet little boy–even if he is taking the terrible twos to a whole new level. :)

  87. Shealynn Benner says:

    Having kids!! They made me the way I am. Making me see the world in a new way, and I LOVE it! :) I think there have also been things within the last couple of years that has formed me, and continues to form who I am… my youngest daughter was born 10 weeks premature. She spent 5 weeks in the NICU. Not expecting to have a premature baby, and then having one almost gave me that “punch in the gut” feeling… it as a REALLY hard time, but it made me stronger, and has molded me a little bit more to be who I am today. :) Also, we just recently moved to Arizona from North Carolina. Moved away from my parents. We are here without them, and trying to make a life on our own here. My husband, my girls, and me. But, it’s made me stronger, made me depend on God so much more, which is what I needed. My husband plays a big role in who I am today. He supports me to no end and is here for me no matter what. He understands me [mostly- ha!] and loves me always. But, mostly. God has really truly made me the woman I am right now – this day. He has brought me so far, and taught me so much about myself, and about my life!! When I depend on Him and give everything to Him, he proves to me how amazing believing in Him can be. God is so gracious, and believing in Him has made my life just so much better!!

    Wow. thank you for doing this! It has made me reflect on myself and who I am, and why I am. I don’t know all the answers, but I do know that my family, and the Lord has made me the best person I can be! Even if I don’t win, I just reminded myself of so many things. :)

    I truly love your jewelry, and getting a peek into your life. You’re an amazing person!

  88. Earen says: many things have allowed me to bloom in my life, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that the greatest bloom of who I am today was meeting my precious Savior & Lord. It wasn’t fancy….I was little – 4 to be exact. On my hands and knees asking Jesus to come into my heart under the kitchen table…no drugs & rebellious life, but without Him I would not be blooming. He’s who made me the woman I am today…& He continues to cause me to bloom everyday.

  89. Gabrielle says:

    Starting and leading a ladies group at our church for bible study, fellowship and encouragement has really helped me to “bloom” in my faith.

  90. Jenny says:

    My dd was/is a high-need child. She’s always needed more, nursing, holding, touch, everything. I mean MORE. I never knew such a type of child existed. So many folks have said leave her be, put her in school, spank, etc., but I let her lead a lot of the way. She’ll tell me what she needs. Indeed, by homeschooling her and letting her come out of her shell around others, she has really bloomed into a wonderfully charming 8 year old delight. Patience is key and I’ve learned so much from her. Our mantra: Progress, not Perfection.

  91. Kristen Borland says:

    the auto immune illnesses i grew up with (18 yrs now) completely changed who i am. God used it in so many ways, but in particular to help me develop a heart of compassion and mercy.

  92. angie's pink fuzzy says:

    GORgeous piece.

    What helped me bloom: after dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder that disabled me from working or having a normal life, I trained for, ran and finished my first ultramarathon (31 mile race) after losing 70 lbs due to gallbladder disease. This taught me I could rely on myself; I learned how to keep moving through the pain; I learned that PTSD didn’t have to keep me so scared; I blossomed into an outgoing, healthy person who eventually went on to complete 2 more ultramarathons and stayed a one job for four-and-a-half years (and counting), getting two major promotions along the way.

  93. tania says:

    being loved unconditionally by my husband has helped me bloom. After leaving an abusive marriage, being a single mom for 4 years and then remarrying, i can honestly say that Owen’s daily, unconditional, self sacrificing love for my family has dried up the cracks in my heart and allowed it to bloom. Iknow this sounds super corny but I honestly think this way about him all the time, not just to “get” a free necklace. Love your work Lisa!

  94. Traci says:

    Going through a terrible divorce where my kids’ father terminated his rights simply to get out of paying child support has helped me bloom. What I learned and continue to learn every day about myself, the strength and determination I have to survive, has definitely helped me blossom into the person I have become. Terribly happy to be able to have been blessed beyond measure with the simple fact that I still have my kids and get to look into their eyes every single day.

  95. Wendy says:

    That’s so lovely!!!

    I started to bloom as a person when I began to realize that life is not something that just happens to you. You can’t sit back and wait for things, and then think “oh poor me” when they don’t happen. I’ve started to really LIVE. To be intentional. To plan for things. To make things happen.

    Yes, the unexpected things do still pop up and make hash of my plans, but there’s always something good to be salvaged. Sometimes things even turn out better than they might have. Who knew 😉

  96. my4littleangels says:

    My mom. She was just diagnosed with cancer at 61. She has nutured and cared for all her children and grandchildren. She taught me how to be the best mother to my four children. She is currently the legal guardian of 2 children ages 2 and 3. She is currently working with “mentoring” the childrens mother to show her how to love and nuture her children and regain custody of them. Crazy things happen to the best people. I definately would not be the person I am today without the love and guidance from her.

  97. Meg says:

    When my husband and I moved across the country away from both of our families I had no idea how it would change our lives. We miss our families soooo much but being here while my husband goes to medical school has brought us closer as a couple because we depend on each other more and I have been able to develop new talents, make INCREDIBLE friends, and enjoy being a stay at home mom. I feel like the Lord blesses us with new experiences so that we can “bloom” and grow.

  98. Belinda says:

    I love it!
    Becoming a mum has caused me to bloom in ways I could not imagine.
    I have had to learn to stop and truly look at the world around me in order to share it with my little one – smell the roses, watch the wind whistle through the trees, observe the change in seasons. I have stopped to really consider what I will be leaving behind for my son and am trying harder to respect the earth, thrift, freecycle, compost, conserve water. Less rampant consumerism, minimal throw away. I never thought I had a creative juice in my body but now I feel myself opening up to new and exciting things – sewing and photography to name a few. In short I feel a new person is developing and I really love her!

  99. Alicia says:

    My son, Ethan, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer last July….1 year ago today in fact. It’s brought life into a completely new perspective. What we once thought was important really isn’t. We treasure each and every moment with our kiddos, not that we didn’t before this, but something like this really makes you think about what is truly important in life!

    This has all changed how I think and how I evaluate things. I try to not let the little things bug me as much. One of my most famous lines to use anymore is that it can always be worse. I’m typing this from a hospital room and even though this isn’t home, it could be worse. Our son is feeling good and we should be home soon. I wear the necklace that I ordered from you daily. It says, “BELIEVE IN MIRACLES”! I can’t tell you how much I love this necklace. You do marvelous work.

    Thanks so much for sharing so many of your life stories….you are truly inspiring!

  100. Jonathan and Sara says:

    Living in Israel, away from family and now having a 10 month old baby with whom I am spending many hours at home with as my husband continues in ministry. I am learning to bloom at home with my son as I lead him to become a blossoming young man! Thanks for the great visual as I embark on this journey of motherhood!

  101. Amanda says:

    As a mother of three young daughters, and a wife of a constantly deployed soldier…I have learned to “bloom where I am planted”. I may have grown up with a mother who was less than interested in me, but I use that as my measuring stick to be the very best I can be for my girls. I must say, I absolutely love your design on this one. There is no better lesson to learn or teach than to just bloom where you are planted, and you will succeed!

  102. Missy says:

    bloom! i love the necklace. i’m this close (see the inch i’m making w/ my fingers?) to ordering this piece and the CdLS piece. my cousin’s son was just diagnosed and i think it will be the right amount of charm he and his wife need to lift their spirits.

  103. Sheila says:

    One of the big things that have made me bloom and become who I am today would have been meeting my Irishman 19yrs ago. We did 5yrs of long distance before we got married and I became someone much stronger and more confident. And I have completely bloomed in his encouragement and support. Even when I am doubting me he sees past it and helps me grow!!

  104. Woodard Gang says:

    My husband has helped me bloom…but I had to be willing to receive the “watering and fertilizing”…

    FYI…I wear my family tree necklace all the time! It’s my favorite piece of jewelry.

    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  105. grey like snuffie says:

    The couple in my college church who kind of adopted me and taught me about family and love. The walls came down and love finally had room to grow.

  106. katarinas mama says:

    My parents who came to this country to raise me in an air of freedom. They taught me that being an independent, educated, headstrong woman is a Good Thing.

  107. Katrina says:

    I can only bloom with the help of God. It is only because of his grace and promises that I am able to do anything :) He has blessed me with three wonderful children and an amazing husband. Life is good.

  108. Krista says:

    Okay, your header is making me crave blueberries…

    My first impression is the phrase “bloom where you’re planted”. One of my friends has it up at her house. I guess I’m just reminded that in any situation or circumstance we have a choice to make, to make the best of it and bloom anyway.

    And I’d actually really like to see this necklace go to Piper of Bliss in Bloom if she’d like it.

  109. Jessica B says:

    I think the thing in my life that made me bloom was moving out of state by myself 7 years ago. One of my college friends did move with me but we both moved away from a small town and all of our family. I made a life for myself, went back to college and got a second degree, changed careers, made amazing friends, and met my husband after the move. It was nice to know that I could do all of these things on my own by making my own connections. This really helped be to build my independence. Sure I miss my family and can see myself moving closer to them in the future but I have made a family here too and they make me very happy.

  110. Bobbi says:

    Having children has definitely made me bloom and become who I am today. I love my teenie tiny initials necklace and where it everyday to have my kids close to my heart. I get so many comments on this necklace and am constantly passing on your name and website.

  111. Dawn says:

    My parents helped me bloom by provided a supportive family in which I always felt secure. My brother and I were their top priority. I am trying to do the same thing for my girls and spend as much time with them as possible, even when working full time. Not all kids were as lucky as I was.
    I love my necklace I recently ordered from you with my girls names on it. It helps remind me exactly what is important in life!

  112. bakingmomma says:

    I thought I knew who I was when I was younger and met my husband but after 11 years together and 2 little girls I’ve realized that the person I’ve become is a constantly changing and growing entity. I’m more comfortable in my sknin now than 10 years ago, and I look forward to being even more “myself” 10 years from now!

  113. Carolina Mama says:

    My relationship with Jesus Christ has not only helped me bloom but has helped keep me centered. And blogging with friends like you and others helps. As a writer, I bloom while writing. Thanks!

  114. Andrea says:

    Becoming a mom and wife, have helped me to bloom I never knew I could love somebody and be upset with them all in one emotion. I couldnt picture life with out my family!

  115. Erin says:

    Three things all in the same year: having my first child, losing (almost) everything and getting closer to God. All very challenging experiences but of course I would never change a thing.

  116. Christine says:

    Lisa I love the new design, its perfect.

    My daughter has been the best gift God has ever placed in my life. She reminds me daily of God’s sweet grace, his sense of humor, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, strength, and so much. She is the reason why I fight through the days when I just want to give up. Over the past 3 years our journey has included huge sickness, serve lost, rape, shame, humliation, homelessness, but through it all… God has given my daughter whoms only 6 yrs old a strong loving and amazing personality. Its been hard on her to watch her mommy fight for her life. But its because of her that I fight for a wholeness. Our lives have changed so dramtically over the past 6 months, we’re still on this journey by all means but the healing, strength and breath of God is totally blowing over us. So much that I’ve been able to just breathe, think, love and live in a different mindset. Shaylin is my daughter and she is the most amazing gift to watch grow daily.

    Lisa, I can’t say thank you enough for amazing opening your heart to the world. Its amazing to see how the blogging world has opened such an amazing outlet for women {and men} to truly be themselves and share it with the world. Pay it forward has been redefined… Write it Forward!

    Much Love and Thanks!

  117. Mommy to Girls says:

    My kids are a huge blessing from God, having kids was not always something doctors were should I would be able to have. They have taught me to have faith and hope, and have Showed me what amazing things Christ can do in us. They have truly made me “Bloom”

  118. Khristy says:

    Oh I love it!!! Having my daughters has made me a new person. Each child has taught me so much more than I will ever be able to teach them.They have taught me the true meaning of Love is patience and kind. They have taught me to love each day and moment as if it were your last and to Dance as if noone were watching. I lost my mother when I was 2 years old now i truly understand the love that a mother has for her children and the bond that is shared. I love my girls and miss my mom each day!

  119. Michelle says:

    Being a mother of four children forced me to “bloom” where I was planted. I wanted these children… but they came so quickly. The oldest was 7 when the 4th was born. Over the years I have learned so much from being their mother. They are truly a gift and have taught me so much.

  120. Monica Kaye says:


    “Bloom where you’re planted” is one of my favorite quotes. It reminds me to live fully no matter what the circumstances or challenges (too much sun, too little rain). I love this necklace! I just found out today my cousin Esther is getting a baby girl, Anela Rose, after waiting almost two years to adopt. I ran home to find her a necklace. Bless you! Monica

  121. jaclyn says:

    staying true to who i am,& not apologizing for being me!

  122. Suzanne says:

    Calling off my wedding to the wrong guy led me to the right guy. I had been unhappy but afraid to admit it to myself. He was right on paper, wrong in my life. Just saying it outloud allowed me to let go, which in turn helped me to ‘become and be happy’ with me. I blossomed and my now husband fell in love with that girl. A hard-won lesson and one I am so grateful to have learned.

  123. Jennifer says:

    Wow, do I want to go into this on your blog? :) I would say that where we are right now has caused me to ‘bloom’. Getting married, moving, new jobs, church, state, etc. has challanged and changed me in so many ways. We’ve lived here 6 years now and I’ve learned to lean on and trust in God in so many different ways. One of the best things is seeing gifts I didn’t even realize I had bloom. I struggle with being a ‘secretary’-I went to college, but I am so blessed to have a job where I can stay home (I work 10 hours) with our little girl and at a place I love (our church). I’ve really seen my administrative gift grow so much and I’m able to use it to serve Him in so many ways.

  124. Amanda says:

    I am not a mom, but my 22 year old sister is a mom of two. She became a mom at an early age and she is a completely different person now. She has really blossomed from being a child herself into a woman of maturity. She has become a woman of devotion and love. She has become a woman who is careful and watchful. She has become a woman who now thinks about others before herself. Who she is, is shaped because of her children. Because of love. It has been so awesome to see.

    I have been wanting to get her a piece of your jewelry because she just had a birthday and just graduated from high school as well. This necklace is perfect.

  125. The Taffy Box says:

    I am a military wife and that can only mean one thing…many moves! In fact, we have moved 13 times in 23 years in the Air Force. During one particularly difficult time for me, my mother could see that I was having trouble transitioning to our new home in Texas. I had left my husband’s family behind after having our third and fourth child born in their home town and living near them for 5 years. I just couldn’t seem to find roots in our new location and it was hot. (By the way, in case you’ve never been there, Texas is HOT!) My mom gave me a plaque that hangs in my kitchen still and it said BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED. That says it all! We won’t always like where we have to go, but we can flourish there if we just BLOOM!

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