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my sweet friend sarah (college roomie and very talented writer) is opening up about her marriage journey.  she is being REAL and vulnerable in the hopes that God will use her story to encourage other women.  it’s a beautiful story that brings tears to my eyes and makes me know that God is BIG and can heal broken hearts.  You can read the beginning of her story below–then link over to her blog to read more.


I can be stifling sometimes.

I mean there have been times in my life when I’ve chased people away because I’m so intense. I don’t mean to be; I’m just programmed that way.

No matter how many “times out” I take for myself, or self-analysis afternoons I carve out of my schedule; no matter what I actually change in my actions and relationships, when its all over, I might behave differently, but I am still pretty much the same person on the inside. I’m intense.

Its a good thing because so is my husband. He’s almost as intense as I am.

We match each other word for word, hurt for hurt, and love for love equally. We raise our voices together, we debate issues with intelligence, we both ask difficult questions of the other and expect smart answers in return. He’s never shied away from me and I’ve never backed down from my intensity for him either.

We are a good match.

And that is one of the reasons I got into the biggest trouble of my life about nine years ago.

click here to go to sarah’s blog.

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  1. Thank you Lis. I love you.

    And I love that you chose this picture. We had fun with you guys.

    You honor me.

  2. Melody says:

    Sounds interesting….going over to read the rest. :-)

  3. Sue says:

    Sarah is a brave lady. She write’s an amazing blog..thank you for linking.

    I was wondering…both of your blogs (visually) are so pretty..did you design them? I love how you have the little accent under your titles and how Sarah has the blue titles in different fonts, and the seperation bars in her comment areas etc.. I am about to have someone do a blog makeover for me and would love to have some thing like both of yours..clean, small accents, pretty. I use Typepad.
    Any tips would be appreciated :-)


    • lisa says:

      Hi Sue! My blog is wordpress with a custom template. Sarah had someone help her, too–I think she links it at the bottom of her blog. So fun! xo

  4. Kari Newsom says:

    Your Blog is amazing. Found you through someone elses (can’t even remember who). I love your layout, the photos, the content, the writing. Beautiful! Oh and your jewelry is amazing. God has blessed you with some major talent!!!!
    I’ll be back often!

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