Sarah and I met up in Santa Barbara for an overnighter. We get to see each other a few times a year at conferences, our families meet up at the zoo or we grab dinner. But an overnight getaway with just the two of us–that is a rare treat. The timing was perfect. I needed some downtime and I needed someone who completely ‘gets’ me and loves me unconditionally.

My friendships have changed as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve entered new life stages. When I was young, friendship was convenient. I played with the kids at school or the kids in the neighborhood–I didn’t need to coordinate or plan friendship, it just happened.
In college, I started to nurture deeper friendships. As I married, friendships became more complicated–did our husbands get along? Of course when kids entered the picture life becomes busier and there are more personalities at play.
The truth is, I work quite a bit, I have kids {one with special needs}, and it takes time to make dinners, do the dishes and wash the clothes. Friendships, although important to me, often take a backseat–other things demand my attention.
So how do we make time to nurture friendship {which in turn nurtures our souls}? I try to make time for weekly coffee dates with my local girlfriends. I chat on the phone with my twin sister almost every morning. I text my friends here and there to say I love them and I’m thinking of them. Most of all, I rely on patient friends, who are willing to pick up where we left off, and forgive me when I don’t return their phone calls quickly.
And when I get to sneak away for an overnighter, I soak up every single minute of it!

In the busyness of life, how do you make time to nurture friendships?