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random thoughts for a thursday

March 15th | older posts

i’ve been busy with this and that…we got shelves for the garage. i am hoping we get some good time to organize out there this weekend. this necklace is the one i’e been wearing lately. it’s just large sterling key on a thick chain. i dipped it in liver of sulphur to antique it. the results are fun, but the process is stinky (literally). then i put out some easter eggs and this bunny on the table with a new runner. feels fresh and springy. both the boys had a great day at school today and i had fun getting mommy time! what’s on your agenda for this weekend?

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  1. lindsey says:

    i’m kind of on an organizing kick lately too – nesting? spring cleaning? our master bedroom still has boxes piled full in the corner, and we moved here in september – pathetic! so my goal this weekend is to clean my room. now i know i never said that when i was a kid!

  2. Ellen says:

    Relax, rest, read. Unfortunately I need to grade one stack of essays. Hopefully I can power through them in a few hours. I have been unbelievably busy–running around like a mad woman. Work has been so busy I feel like I can’t catch up. Fortunately the weekend is coming soon.

  3. chrissie says:

    I want to clean the bathroom, go to the grocery store, and catch up on the laundry. The laundry is a never-ending battle. We’re also planning to go bowling at this cool place where you sit on couches and eat dinner while you bowl. Fun!

  4. Karen says:

    Mine: Work. :-(
    My husband’s: Shovelling snow. Again. :-(

  5. annie says:

    Friday: take care of my 11 year old niece (actually, she takes care of my children, so it’s a bonus) and then to a friend’s house for pizza at night.
    Saturday: I get to hang out with my girls and do varying outside projects(like sit around while my girls play), while my husband has to go to work. Oh yeah, I can’t forget going to the donut store on Saturday morning and going for a run!
    Sunday: go to church and then my husband will change my oil and continue making our girls their two story playhouse with slide (how exciting is that!) My oldest has already asked to have a sleepover in it when she is like ten or eleven!

  6. lisa says:

    annie–sounds like your having the most fun, except chrissie is going bowling!

  7. Kristen Borland says:

    ooo, i like the bowling idea! i haven’t gone bowling since thanksgiving. i wonder what the boys would think of it. i need to clean and organize too. uck! i’m trying to figure out the best way to have the most space in our house… not an easy task!

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