our easter {2013}

I just realized I haven’t shared our Easter pics with you! Our celebration began Saturday evening–we gathered at my sister, Chrissie’s home and had Beef Stoganoff {yum!!} and an easter egg hunt. Then sunday morning we went to church and had lunch at my younger sisters’ home. It was a sweet, relaxed time–my favorite way to celebrate.

Highlights from the day included David’s bowtie, cheesecake, my nephew Brandon’s silly smile and adorable Easter hat and time to talk and reflect on the resurrection. Before we traveled home, we all crashed and had a good nap. The perfect way to end a celebration, I think! I hope your Easter was wonderful, too.


  1. I found your page through The Pleated Poppy a few weeks ago. I just started scrolling, I think. Your words and pictures are so lovely. This last picture of your son and husband (I think that is who that is. Sorry.) Oh, it is so sweet. I am actually sitting here with big fat tears rolling down my cheeks. Such a beautiful moment captured. Thank you for sharing. Loved the flags for Easter too! So happy!

  2. So happy you and your family had such a delightful Easter. Imagine, we don’t celebrate Easter until May 5!!! By then, I’m not even going to be in the mood for bunnies and eggs:-(

  3. Looks like a great time was had! I have that same Anne of Green Gables book that my dad bought for me when I was little.

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